April News 2019

Dear Ones,

           We trust that you have all celebrated a wonderful and meaningful Easter, realizing all that is now ours because of the sacrifice Jesus made in laying down His life for us. For those of you that are partnering with us, we thank you. Together we are establishing the believers in the the faith and we are happy to report that they are growing strong and that the work is expanding—the fruit of our united efforts!


           As shown in the pictures below we had a beautiful time attending our church celebration (Long Friday and Easter Sunday). There was a beautiful dance illustrating the crucifixion and the power to overcome that the believers now have as a result.
After the service on Friday morning we had a picnic and the children were treated to a fun Easter Egg hunt led by Shayne and greatly enjoyed by all the children!


The photo here and below were taken right by our apartment on the N2! There was unrest for several days due to an attempted land grab. Because of this the N2 was closed and all traffic was redirected.

The unrest resulted in us not being able to get to the Sir Lowry’s Pass village as the traffic was backed up for miles and crept along at a snails pace. But we are happy that the situation now seems to have returned to normal.


Prior to the above mentioned incident we experienced a period of load shedding that caused our Bible School teaching (which is done via multi media DVDs) to grind to a halt. At the time there were no promises of the load shedding stopping, but rather the opposite was indicated. This led us to invest in the electricity power system seen here, which by the way was quite costly and we thank you our donors for helping to make it possible. We also invested in a couple of battery operated lights (not pictured here). We were determined not to allow these things to hinder us in ministering as we realize the need for the people, and all of us for that matter, to grow strong in the Lord and to know whom we have believed!
- This system here is battery operated and does not make any noise or require any petrol.


While we ourselves were not able to enter the village, we contacted a couple of our leaders there who took up the torch and gathered everyone together for the Word and prayer. We are happy to see the strength and determination the Lord has infused into these people and rest assured that the work will one day be able to carry on with or without us there!

When possible we always work together two by two and here I am present while one of our leaders are teaching!

Philip and the Bible students enjoying a time of worship before starting the Bible School teaching. The students have just completed a module (consisting of 8 DVDs and a test) on Discipleship Evangelism. This far they have completed 6 modules and the Lord has added new students as well.

Following are pictures of our Life Group which is busy studying through different study guides by Andrew Wommack, We just finished the Water Walker, and are now studying about keys to Staying Full of God.

Another group just completed their study of Rooted and we are now and will have their graduation together with the rest when everyone has caught up. We expect there to be 15-20 students completing the course soon.



Every month we collect 100 liters of milk which is then distributed to various ECD centers (Early Childhood Development) and soup kitchens.



We are also happy to announce that the house we are assisting with the building of is now nearing completion. The inside walls still need painting, and some outside security walls are also being worked on.—This precious family is realizing the fulfillment of a dream they never thought would come to pass. We want to THANK our specific donors (you know who you are) that are instrumental in bringing this to pass. Praise the Lord!


Besides the 100 liters of milk we also have a twice weekly food pick up from Woolworth's.
We assist the kitchen by collecting and bringing it to them once a week, and they then do the second collection.


Here Philip is seen with a bakkie full of Dis-Chem supplies and milk. Our leaders in Sir Lowry’s Pass are now helping us to divide and distribute these supplies as they are often more aware of people specific situations and needs. From time to time the supplies goes to Nomzamo where we also assist with milk and other things, all according to availability.


From time to time Philip also assist in collecting food from Checkers. Here is a van full of food ready to be off loaded and sorted at Emily’s Play School!


After the Long Friday Easter service there was a picnic planned where everyone brought their own. We had two bus-loads full of people and brought hot dogs, hot-dog bun, tomato sauce, mustard, grapes, etc. for everyone to ensure that no one would go without. We had a wonderful time sitting around on the grass and enjoying the warm sunshine and fellowship.

Newsletter March 2019

Dear Ones,
           We want to thank you for joining forces with us in furthering the kingdom of God and helping to make a difference in the lives of many. As things intensify and the world around us becomes darker we realize more and more our need for the Lord and His light and power in our lives, and for Him to increase so that the things and situations around us that are not of Him may decrease. The Lord’s heart and desire for us is to become rooted, grounded and established in Him so that we may be more like Him while still in this world and may be able to overcome the things that come against us and stand triumphant because we are rooted and planted in Him. That is why we are aiming to carry on our life-giving ministry of building up others and ministering to them as we also have been ministered to. And our prayers are with each of you to likewise be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!


 Our Bible School students enjoying a time of worship.

 Some of our students busy helping us to distribute chicken (below) and Weet-Bix (cereal) after Bible School.

Some of the happy and grateful recipients! We all thank the Lord for His goodness!


Emily busy teaching “Rooted” to her group of students.

 Philip’s Wednesday night group going through Berry Bennett’s Healing School course.

 Rita’s Wednesday nights “Rooted” group!

Our united Thursday night Life-Group that has gone through many study guides by Andrew Wommack and are presently concluding the “Water Walker” study, having learned more of the laws of faith.


 We thank Dis-Chem for their continued support over the years. Here we are delivering supplies to Nomzamo’s “Bright Stars” ECD (Early Childhood Development) center which has approx. 80 children.


We thank Ter for his faithful supply of an assortment of food monthly for our distribution in Sir Lowry's Pass according to the need.

 Every so often we receive a van full of Weet-Bix which is then distributed to various ECD (Early Childhood Development) centers and soup kitchens in Sir Lowry’s Pass and Nomzamo! (See the photo below of the “Bright Stars” in Nomzamo!)

 E. receiving supplies for her Play School of approx. 80 children.
M. receiving supplies for Mila's Angels ECD which has approx. 50 children.


100 liters of fresh milk is distributed monthly. Here are 30 liters along with a mini fridge, office chair and lamp on the way to be delivered to one of the daycare centers in Sir Lowry’s Pass.


 We also thank Woolworth’s for their faithful support and consideration for the plight of the poor. Twice weekly they contribute food for the main soup kitchen in Sir Lowry’s Pass. Many people depend upon their good-will and we are very thankful for their assistance. In the photo above we are collecting and in the photo below we are delivering the food to the kitchen!


The pictures here show a building project that we have been very privileged to assist. It is always our joy to see the poor being uplifted and assisted in whichever way the Lord may lead, and to play a part is an honor.


The conference was led by our lead pastor, Shayne (seen here) and there were guest speakers from abroad ( as seen below).

The happy recipients at the conference now with new vision and vigor ready to go win the world for Jesus!


 We were on the receiving end of many treats this month, which also included a visit from the pastors of our church plant in Albania. We all gained an interesting insight to the work there and some of the many obstacles that they have had/are having to be overcome for the work to thrive and the hearts of the people there to be established in truth.


Will Graham and his wife Barbara ministered in great lengths to the pastors and elders of Gracelife as well as several Sunday congregations. They also joined the one week conference where they envisioned and inspired everyone with the great things GOd has in store and how to work strategically and with a plan.


We are happy to be able to say that we are getting closer to achieving our goal of getting a much needed van for the ministry. We are however realizing that the type of vehicle we are looking for is not easily available. Please pray with us for the Lord to guide us supernaturally to the right vehicle and for us to be able to get it very soon. Thank you so much especially to those of you who have/are contributing towards this, as well as to those of you joining with us in prayer for a speedy manifestation of the van the Lord has for us. Thank you! 

Newsletter February 2019

Dear friends,

           Thank you so much for your partnership and support. We are very thankful for all that the Lord is doing through us as a team.

          This month we are happy to report that six new souls were led to the Lord and started attending our Bible study groups. 


The picture above and here feature our weekly Bible School students busy at work. 

While Philip runs the Bible School, I Rita am teaching Rooted (the basics) to a group of people in the adjoining classroom. The two young people in the front just very recently received the Lord and joined our group.


The study group shown here and below are studying principles of faith (How to Become a Water Walker) every Thursday. On Wednesdays we run two other groups (one each in two different locations -- sorry we have no pictures this month).

Here is another group studying Rooted at Emily's house. We meet with this group every Thursday afternoon before the evening study group seen above.


 We want to thank Dis-Chem for their support.

 Mila’s Angels ECD Sir Lowry’s Pass, as they happily receive the much needed supplies.

 100 liters of milk — on the way  to being distributed in Sir Lowry’s Pass and Nomzamo!

20 loaves of fresh bread from the market being divided between our approximately 40 students after church  Sunday!

We were asked to help provide the chicken needed for a meal of approx. 60 people for a crime prevention workshop in Sir Lowry's Pass. It was attended by social development, the crime prevention unit Somerset West, the police and the magistrate court. The aim was to address the youth and to also offer them forms to fill out for job applications.


This month we were blessed to learn about how the finished work of Christ has given us an advantage we could have never secured for ourselves!

We also attended a Business Leaders’ Conference co-hosted by Pieter Weenik and Gavin Cox. We all went home with some good Food for Thought!

Due to the local Woordsfes our church is meeting in a tent on the lawn for the next couple of week. We are now needing two buses every Sunday to transport the people from Sir Lowry’s Pass.


· During the past few weeks six new people were led to the Lord and have attended our Bible study groups. As in the days of Acts the Lord is adding daily such as should be saved! (Acts 2:47).
· H. had developed a cataract in her eyes and was struggling to see and read. Philip prayed for her and when he saw her the following weeks she testified how her eyes have been steadily improving and that she is now able to read again without any problem.
· Philip noticed a mother walking along holding her daughter’s back (she was about 7 or 8 years old), as the daughter was struggling to walk and needed support. Immediately after they prayed the daughter was back to normal and walked completely unaided!
· M. was suffering from back pain due to a surgery he had some years ago. He came to Philip for prayer and while they prayed he felt heat in his body and testified that the discomfort was gone.
· During a service at the church Philip had a word of knowledge that someone had chest pains. About fiv e people stepped forward for prayer and one of them also received prayer against a spirit of fear!
· E. arrived early in the morning at the market feeling completely exhausted, not sure if she would be able to make it through the day. Philip prayed for her, and she immediately felt better. She later testified that she had gone through the whole day at full strength. Praise the Lord!
· During another service Philip got two different words of knowledge that he did not get the opportunity to give out load. So he went into the congregation asking the Lord to lead him to the people he had received the word for. It turned out to be a couple who both were struggling with different things in their bodies. The wife had suffered a neck injury due to an accident. This caused her to feel dizzy, lose her balance and be in pain. When Philip shared what the Lord had shown him she began crying, After prayer the pain immediately left her. Philip also felt led to twirl her around and she did not get dizzy or lose her balance!
· For the husband Philip had had a word about a hip pain, which also turned out to be right on. After prayer he likewise felt much better!

We praise the Lord that we are healed by His stripes and that He is the same yesterday, today and forever — still healing! Thank you JESUS!