Changing the World July news 2019

Dear Ones,

       We hope this finds you well. Thank you so much for being part of the team. You are highly valued and much appreciated!
       In Titus 3:14 (ESV) it says, " And let our people learn to devote themselves to good works, so as to help cases of urgent need, and not be unfruitful".
       On the following pages you will see the photos of a place in Sir Lowry’s Pass that was brought to our attention, that is in "urgent need".

       The house belongs to an unemployed mother that is alone with 7 children, one of them now a single mother with 3 children,
       The roof is in such poor condition that water comes into each bedroom and the kitchen. It runs down the inner walls and makes everything wet. The only room that is dry is one small central room (the original RDP house) that all the other shacks have been added on to which are now very broken down and dilapidated! The small RDP house is also the only one with proper flooring. The rest is standing directly on the dirt ground. This is especially a problem when the water runs in from under the outer walls,
       This family also barely have any furniture. They are doubling up in beds, have no closets, or kitchen cupboards, dining room table and chairs etc. With the water coming in their blankets have been getting wet
ans this far we have only been able to help with a couple of duvets, and some food items, but the most urgent work needed is:

· To replace all the roof sheets (most of which are asbestos and in some places too short to overlap the outer walls).
· Cementing of all the floors (except the central room),
· Eventually we would also like to be able to replace the outer walls with brick walls that can withstand the wind and weather.
· Eventually we will also be needing paint, etc, etc. -The list is endless!
· And last but not least we are looking for finances and volunteers that are capable and would like to offer their services to ensure we do a good and lasting job.

When God calls you He usually always calls you for something that goes beyond you and your own capability. But once He gives the vision He usually also raises up a team to help support the vision. We are trusting Him to do just that!

       If you feel called to help specifically with this project, and would like some more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

        When God calls you He usually always calls you for something that goes beyond you and your own capability. But once He gives the vision He usually also raises up a team to help support the vision. Together we can make the needed difference!

       The following pictures show the present state of this family’s house:




 This month we started a new project by setting up a Food Bank! We selected a team of local trustworthy women who have proved themselves so over time. Their job is to rightly discern and distribute the food, and ours, together with you our faithful partners, is to ensure that the Food Bank never runs dry!

The team of ladies selected for managing the food bank have also started regular home visitation. They will visit the most needy people that have been brought to our attention in order to evaluate their situation, see what we might be able to do to help improve their situation to get them back on their feet again, offer prayer and food to help them through the difficult times they are presently facing.


We are very thankful to have been receiving many nice clothes from our precious Gracelife family and friends. This far we pretty much made distribution right away to the best of our knowledge. However, we have realized the need to have a small depot of extra clothing on hand for unforeseen needs, and we have slowly started working towards this goal. This will again be managed by some of the local ladies. We are also accepting blankets, pillows, etc. and should you want to contribute towards this or any other project please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to collect.

We presently run:
· The Bible School
· The beginners class: Rooted
· 2 Bible study groups
· A regular leaders meeting
· And have two busloads of church attendees

Emily taking an active part in leading the Bible School through making announcements, opening in  prayer, etc

   One of our leadership meetings which this time was held at Emily’s house

The three first students seen here will soon have completed the basis course. We often have visitors sit in. When this happens we always make sure to give them the opportunity to receive the Lord as their Lord and Savior!


   As mentioned above we never like to have someone join us without giving them the opportunity   to   make Jesus their Lord and Savior. They usually happily oblige and often come back to continue to study with us.


 This month 6 of our students were water baptized, There are more that have expressed a desire to be baptized, but we have to take them in smaller batches for due to our mode of transport.

After everyone were baptized we spend about an hour playing around in the pool, swimming, etc. On the way home we celebrated with a nice box of chocolates.

And at our next meeting we handed out Certificates of Baptism to help this special day not be forgotten when they took a stand for Jesus and identified with His life, death and resurrection!


 We want to thank each and
everyone of you who are assisting us in helping to provide much needed clothing to this needy community.

A special thank you goes to Wendy who upon hearing of the pain the cold weather was causing in the legs of this poor amputee (seen above), promptly set out to knit her a warm blanket for extra warmth and protection from the cold when she has to go outdoors,

Dear Wendy also her one of our students with a cough and sent her a woolen sweater, and hand knitted scarf. Thank you so very much! We have also received jerseys and warm scarves for many of the children from Wendy.

We also want to thank our friend from the Oude Libertas market who kindly donated some nice warm hats —-as seen in the photo below. The socks also came from Wendy!

Thank you to all of our precious Gracelife family who never ceases to bless and assist these precious people!


 14 large boxes of Weet-Bix were distributed between Nomzamo and Sir Lowry’s Pass, The boxes seen her were for some small back street Daycare Centers that it is difficult to reach by car, Emily’s Play School, and our students.

 Here the children at Bright Stars in Nomzamo are receiving milk (100 liters were distributed between them and Sir Lowry’s Pass). They also later received Weet-Bix as we usually always try to include them.

  Here the children at Mila’s Angels are receiving milk, They also received Weet-Bix (not pictured here).

Sunshine Kids in Sir Lowry’s Pass receiving milk. —And some Happy Helpers came out to assist! Haha!

 Philip assists Emily in collecting food from Checkers when she cannot find transport.


 We thank Ter for regularly assisting us with food products that are distributed according to the need.


 We are very pleased with four of our young men from Sir Lowry’s Pass who readily volunteered their services at the church to set out and clean the chairs, etc. Ashely Terradez from the States was the guest speaker. He spoke about the God’s Immeasurable Supply! As seen below there was full house. that evening!


 In closing we want to thank all of our precious friends, partners and supporter. You are what makes this all possible.

If you are reading this and are not already a partner with our ministry we would like to urge you to please prayerfully consider becoming so. As shown here the needs are many and the more hands on deck the more we will be able to make a long lasting needed difference!

We pray for each of you, our partners and are honored to have your backing, love and support.

If you like to be part of our work and partner with us please contact us at:

Great and Amazing News for the Month of June 2019

Dear Friends, Partners and Family!

           We want to thank you very much for honoring us with your faith and trust and for laboring with us in reaching out to expand & establish the kingdom of God in hearts of the many that without our united efforts might never have heard the Good News or find the hope and comfort that has been extended to them through our ministry.
           “Jesus said unto them, So is the kingdom of God, as if a man should cast seed into the ground; and should sleep, and rise night and day, and the seed should spring and grow up, he knoweth not how. For the earth brings forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear. (Mark 4: 26-28). Our work in Sir Lowry’s Pass, Nomzano and other areas is often just like that. A night and day, night and day seemingly uneventful endeavor; but the blades are now budding forth and we are expecting to soon reap a great harvest! And you, our faithful partners and supporters, will be sharing with us the benefits of that great harvest. 


This month we had a Wednesday night united event for all those that attend our various study groups as well as those that simply attend church with us on a Sunday morning— everyone was invited. The aim was to bring people together and to have a time of fellowship, Word and worship together.

Philip prepared some worship songs via video and also arranged for some of the disciples/family to lead part of the worship a-capella! This led to a lively train of dancing which is very customary for the people in Sir Lowry’s Pass.

Afterwards we taught on, The Six Life Foundations: Understanding God’s love, Your Spiritual Make-Up; Your Identity in Christ, the True Nature of God and Your Spiritual Authority. Time did only permit us to briefly touch on each one, and to demonstrate Spirit, Soul and Body. Many were touched and and came to thank us saying they learned a lot!

We also led many new souls to the Lord this month. People that were invite in out of the cold not only left the cold to enter His warmth, but also left the Kingdom of darkness to enter the kingdom of His dear son!

These all stayed with us for a two-hour class after first having received the Lord.

Philip brought all the supplies needed for a hot meal to be served for all the attendees

And some of the precious ladies labored tirelessly to prepare 50+ meals for everyone attending! Meat, potatoes, rice, etc. The ladies themselves planned the menu and did ll the needed preparations.


Rather than eating there, which would have cut back on our time for the Word and worship, the meals were packed in take-away containers and handed out at the end of the evening.


Adults and children alike were happy and thankful to be able to leave with a warm meal to enjoy afterwards.


As usual we ran the Bible Scholl in the main hall while teaching the Rooted (beginners basics) to the new students in an adjoining classroom.


We start out with a united time of worship which we also use as an opportunity to make announcements that pertain to everybody. We are thankful for the growth we are seeing and the lives that are becoming much more solidly established in truth!

We run a Thursday night study group as well as a Thursday afternoon Rooted group on a weekly basis. This photo is taken during one of our Thursday night teachings.


Bright Stars - Nomzamo!

Sunshine Kids - Sir Lowry's Pass!

Emily's Play School - Sir Lowry's Pass!

Mila's Angels - Sir Lowry's Pass!

We thank all of you who assist us in reaching out to bless and assist others in a tangible way! God loves when we give and wants to give more through us than what we can imagine. He is the biggest giver of all!

We also received several office chairs and this sweet lady took the opportunity to have a fun swing-around before the chairs we redistributed to their final destinations! :)

In the photo above we are collecting the food and in the photo below that people from Joyce’s soup kitchen are busy  helping Philip unloading the food. We are very thankful for this assistance.

        In closing we would like to ask you to please stand with us in prayer. There are changes on the horizon for us (we are not planning to leave Sir Lowry’s Pass or stop the mission—nothing like that), but the Lord has indicated that there are some changes ahead that we trust till lead us into greater fruitful ness. Please pray with us for clear guidance, the Lord’s wisdom and wise decision making! Thnk you so much. We will keep you updated as things develop.

           Last, but not least we want to express our deep gratitude to those of you that is helping to make it possible for us to continue our ministry here. Thus work is only made possible as we continue to labor together. Thank you so much for your love, encouragement and faithfulness.
Concerning the minibus we are still trusting the Lord to bring it in His perfect time. Meanwhile we re staying on the look-out!                             

 Much love and prayers, 

Philip and Rita