With the 2020 COVID lock-down many have lost their livelihood and are more urgently in need of help than ever. We would like to be able to serve a delicious Christmas meal for the most needy in Sir Lowry’s Pass:
Some of the needs towards this are:
20 kg mince
30 kg quarter chicken legs
50 kg potatoes
12 heads of cabbage
15 kg carrots
20 kg onions
20 kg rice
20 kg pasta
5 liter tomato sauce
5 kg mayonnaise
5 liters cooking oil
40 liters juice
PS: You can help by either providing some of the above items or finances towards it, which would be the easiest if possible.  We thank you in advance for your kind consideration. If you assist financially please specify: Christmas meal.

During the holidays between Christmas and New Years the Soup Kitchen staff is usually given time off for a much needed break and to be with their families. We have for many years aimed to provide food parcels for some of the most needy. This year the need is especially big and we are hoping and praying to be able to include more families due to the COVID lock-down this year and the resultant consequences.
We would like to be able to provide Food Vouchers to the value of R 250 each for at lest 50 families, or more.
We may also provide some food parcels but mainly for the household where it would be better to provide the food than a voucher. Generally speaking vouchers will be easier for us to handle.
If you would like to contribute towards this need please used the banking details on the last page, and please specify: Christmas Food Vouchers. Or CFV
Thank you so much!

Christmas is especially an exciting event for the children, which they anticipate with lots of hope and excitement. For this reason we like to contribute towards meeting some of these expectations. For the past many years we have sought to help ECD centers (Early Childhood Development centers).
We are aiming to help provide special treats for the groups to enjoy on the day of their Christmas celebration. + 350 children.
Some of the needs are:
And/or the like!
Funds can be designated for the Children’s Christmas. Please use the banking details provided on the last page. Thank you!


We, Philip and Rita, are born again Christians. We have been doing missionary work most of our lives in many countries around the world. We believe in preaching the Gospel in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, as well as being a practical sample of the Lord’s love and care, by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and healing the sick. Isaiah 58:6-7; Matthew 25: 35-40. We invite you to be part of this exciting work by partnering with us!
We are active all year round helping and assisting the underprivileged.
Some of the ways we go about this is:
· Helping to improve living conditions
· Bringing supplies: food, clothing, etc.
· Educational materials for ECD centers.
· Preaching the Gospel and establishing new believers in the faith.
· Weekly Bible studies, based on Charis Bible college curriculum, and the Gracelife teachings.
· And we have have helped plant a Gracelife church in Sir Lowry’s Pass with local indigenous leadership.
For more information please visit our website at:     
and/or Facebook:
“Force4Good” Family Voluntary Services
NPO#: 019-673

Write us at:
Philip:  074 165 75 70
Rita:  072 134 27 31