Fantastic month of February 2021!


Dear Ones,                   
Thank you so much to everyone who helped me (Rita) celebrate my 70th birthday whether in person or otherwise. I am very grateful to the Lord first of all for the many exciting years He has given me as one of His children, and to each of you who have/are enriching my life in so many ways! A BIG THANK YOU to all!


As you can see, I was also celebrated by the church with flowers and chocolate as well as a beautiful birthday song led by Hetta.

We have been having “full house” (as full as we can while still respecting the social distancing regulations) every Sunday since we reopened.

People are stepping forward for prayer,

The little ones are being trained up in the way they should go, 

and our dream team is faithful to pitch up early in order to set up and prepare for everyone—after a word of prayer, etc. and to stay back and help clean up before leaving.


This month the Sir Lowry’s Pass Food Bank was restocked. Many families are still struggling,  as many have been laid off and some never having work to begin with.
This is part of our faithful team presently handling the Food Bank on our behalf.We couldn't do it without an amazing network of people all around. Together we are having a great impact and being a force for good!


Again a HUGE THANK YOU to Lion’s Gordon’s Bay who this month at times called us up to three times a week to load us up with pizza bases, sliced bread, croutons, cereal, etc, for distribution.

We currently have eight distribution points, seven in Sir Lowry’s Pass and one in Nomzamo. Here we are delivering to the "Light House" soup kitchen in Sir Lowry's Pass!

 When seeing the delivery in Nomzamo, (photo above) some children from the street  immediately started queuing outside the center in eager anticipation before we had even left! (photo below).


Top photo: A generous supply of samp, beans rice, weet-Bix etc. was contributed by Lion's Club GB and force4Good Second photo: Here approx. 50 sacks of fresh pizza bases are being delivered to the Joyce’s Soup Kitchen! Third photo: We thank Woolworth's for their faithful support of the impoverish village of Sir Lowry's Pass.


Emily’s Play School is one of our distribution centers from which not only the families of the children attending, but also the nearby Rasta Camp dwellers, and surrounding neighbors are assisted with bread for them and their families.

The screen (seen in the background) was donated also and is a big blessing at Emily’s Play School!

The “Soup Houses” which started out being only for the children now also assist many adults. Again the bread, pizza bases, etc are very much appreciated. Again we THANK our donors.


 Six boxes of Weet-Bix and 100 liters of milk was also distributed between various places in Sir Lowry's Pass and Nomzamo.

International Aid: This month we were called upon to help not only locally, but abroad as well. We sent aid to Malawi where people were being hit by hunger and food prices (esp. maize as seen in the sacks here) skyrocketed; we also assisted someone in Greece, prayed and ministered over the phone to someone in France, and assisted local families living outside Sir Lowry’s Pass. Besides assisting financially and with food, we also helped reload electricity for a few families. And we were able to help pay the enrollment fee of a child who otherwise would have not been able to go to school due to a lack of finances. And we assisted an adult by paying the first semester of this adults school fees– thank you!

Healing: Two weeks back A. pulled me aside after the Sunday service to show me that her whole belly area was very swollen and. She told me that she was barely able to eat, only very small amounts at a time, and asked me to please pray for her, which I did. The day after I went to see how she was doing and she told me that after getting back from church she had been able to eat a full plate of food...for the first time in a long while. We also brought her Scriptures on healing, and encouraged her stand on the promises and claim her healing. Now, two weeks later all the swelling is completely gone and she is back to eating normally again, praise the Lord..
A Friend of our visited and together we ministered over the phone to three of her relatives in France. The results was that the three of them received healing in their bodies and the two, that had not already done so, received the Lord. His Spirit knows no boundaries and reaches out to all regardless of where they might be.
Eight young men in Sir Lowry’s Pass were led to the Lord this month as well. Two were met randomly as we were about the Lord’s business. The other six were an amazing testimony of the Lord’s love and mercy and showing that He is in charge and can certainly get the timing right unbeknownst to us. One of the six boys in particular had caused a lot of trouble, swearing and being very uncooperative to Emily, who then decided the call the boy’s father. However things between the two did not develop well and she then decided the call the police. However, before the police arrived the young man quickly repented and told Emily that he was very sorry. Just then the police arrived and when they wanted to take the boy and Emily to the station Emily said that the issue had been resolved as the boy had apologized and she had forgiven him. The boy was literally dumfounded at these words. Emily then called him in her office to speak to him privately and ended up giving him a big hug. He responded by literally clinging to her seeming very love-starved. However Emily had and appointment and by now her ride arrived and she had to run. Right then Philip and I walked through the door and all she had time to do was to ask us to please minister to the boys. We knew nothing about what had just taken place but were able to lead all of them to the Lord and to being filled with the Holy Spirit. We are hoping and praying to be able to further minister to they very needy young men.

In closing we want to thank you for partnering with us in the ministry. Together we are making a difference and having an impact, even around the world.

With love and appreciation,

Philip and Rita

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