Newsletter May 2018

Dear Ones,
           Welcome to an exciting glimpse into what you, our precious partners and friends, and we, accomplished together during the month that passed: the Gospel is being preached to the poor, the brokenhearted are being comforted and the sick are being healed. In Luke 17:21 Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within. Everything we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3) has been deposited in our spirits, and together we are learning how to draw it out and to glorify God through our answered prayers (John 14:13).


Our Bible students are now nearing the end of their 2nd module (each module has 8 lessons). At the end of each module there is a test and they will soon be taking the second test!

The study group (below) is going through a study called ”The Believer’s Authority” by Andrew Wommack.

Everyone singing and praising the Lord. Philip and I have learned many new songs from our students and also  been able to advise them to not sing certain other ones that do not jive with the Gospel Paul preached!

The new group of students that was started last month in Sir Lowry’s Pass has meanwhile doubled in size. Last week six new people were born again and filled with the Spirit, and this week three children likewise received the Lord. The Lord is building His church and we are privileged to be instruments in His hands and to have each one of you part of the work. Top photo: The new group before. Below: The group now.


We were able to bless these students with ducks. A big THANK you to Leon’s Duck farm for the donation!


Thank you to Leon and family for a van-load of ducks. Altogether we received 30 boxes of ducks. All were distributed to soup kitchens, ECD centers and private families in Sir Lowry’s Pass and Nomzamo: 2 kitchens, 5 ECD centers, and approximately 30 families received ducks.

Bright Stars - Nomzamo!

Peal's Soup Kitchen and aftercare - Sir Lowry's Pass!

Joyce's Soup Kitchen - Sir Lowry's Pass!

Sunshine Kids - Sir Lowry's Pass!

 Our Bible School students receiving ducks for them and their families!

Thank you to Dis-Chem for assisting with personal hygiene products, nappies, etc. All was distributed between Sir Lowry’s Pass and Nomzamo.

This month approximately 200 liters of milk was distributed all around as well!

Bright Stars - Nomzamo!

Lathi-Tha - Sir Lowry's Pass!

Mila's Angels - Sir Lowry's Pass!

Sunshine Kids - Sir Lowry's Pass!

We thank Woolworth who for years have been assisting us with food twice weekly for the main soup kitchen in Sir Lowry’s Pass.

During the first heavy rain this year the floor of one of our Bible Students was fully submerged in water. Here we are offloading 8 sacks of cement to be used for raising the floor level sufficiently to prevent it from happening again.

Thanks to a dear friend D. we were also able to bless the family with some nice carpet so that everything will be made fresh and new!

Here Philip is seen dividing a 25 liter cooking oil into 5 liter containers. We thank our missionary friends who donated this for us to distribute. A big help and blessing to many.

Five Food Hampers were made and distributed (although all did not receive cooking oil as it was mainly given to the EDC centers (Early Childhood Development) and kitchens). We thank Ter for his assistance!

Joyce's Soup Kitchen - Sir Lowry's Pass!

We previously assisted this family with some garden tools and this month we added a hoe to the equipment. Their hopes and aspirations are to grow enough vegetables not only for their own needs, but also to sell. We are encouraging the students to assist each other by buying from one another, support their hair dresser, who just started up her business, etc. We are building community and learning to care for each other.

Our precious Gracelife family (church) has been our main provider of clothing which is always greatly appreciated and needed.Thank you so much!


This month Gracelife church ran a four week course called “Growth Track” promoting personal growth as well as the vision to reach out to others. Eight of our students attended the course.– Many also attended a one day conference on how to “Live Your Dream” and how to meditate and come to a deeper realization of God’s love.

In closing we want to thank our precious friends from the Stellenbosch Oude Libertas market who time and again have assisted us with bread enabling us to make sandwiches for the students for after the service and before the training session starts on Sundays, as well as at times bread for them to bring home for their families.

We are trusting the Lord to supernaturally provide a van in order for us to be able to provide safe and comfortable transportation for our students. Here some of them are seen in the back of the bakkie. 

If you would like to partner with us and/or help with a once off gift, please use either of the following ways:

Antonios Michalitsis, FNB, Branch: 250655 Account no. : 62633037082

Rita Olsen, NedBank, Branch Code: 11414500  Account no.: 1043639810

For international contributions please use either of the following:

 Danske Bank,  Account no.:  3442652759, Branch: 3230, SWIFT: DABADKKK