Force4Good Newsletter June 2012

Dear Ones, welcome to the June edition of our newsletter.
We hope it finds you all well, in good health and prosperous.

Philip and Joyce are testifying of the Lord’s goodness as the electricity was turned back on in the soup kitchen after a 6 months wait! God is great and answers prayer!

Thanks to Dis-Chem we were able this time to bless the staff at the soup kitchen with a warm blanket each.

At the crèche “Sunshine Kids” we delivered blankets and 2 boxes of nappies.

Emily’s soup received nappies and hygiene supplies.

Thanks to Clara (Kingfisher Hallow) we were able to deliver a box of beautiful hand knitted baby clothes and blankets to the HH hospital. We had seen a notice on the door asking for assistance in this way.

We were met with great thankfulness and taken to the nursery and mothers room where some single and teenage mothers each gratefully received some blankets and baby clothes. There was still some left which we asked to be given to the next needy mothers.

Needless to say we also took the opportunity to pray for all the babies kept in incubators, some of which were born premature and very underweight.

During the school holidays the Soup Kitchen is, in addition to the cooking they are already doing, making a warm meal for all the school children. They gather the children in a nearby church hall for the meal and keep them there for games etc. thus helping to keep boys like these off the streets.


A big THANK you to a nearby Spar for assisting the soup kitchen when possible. It has happened at times that there was not enough food for the staff and that the bread/food from Spar would arrive as a great comfort to the hungry staff.

A Promotion! By David Brandt Berg
 I don't like to use the word “die,” because it's not really death. Actually, we who believe in Jesus don't really die, for the Bible says “whosoever lives and believes in Me [Jesus] shall never die” (John 11:26). It says in another place, “They shall not see death” (John 8:51). And in another passage St. Paul says, “Death, where is thy sting? Grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin” (1 Corinthians 15:55-56).
 For us, death will have no sting because our sins are forgiven, and the grave will have no victory because we have conquered the grave through Christ and our salvation and our eventual resurrection. Our spirits are immediately free to go to be with the Lord, so it's not really death for us in the same way it is for others. We don't really die in the sense that they die.
 That's why I don't like to call it “dying” or “death.” I prefer to call it “graduation,” “passing on” or “promotion.” It's just like passing from one room to another, and it's a very beautiful experience for those who know and love the Lord.
Just make sure you're prepared by receiving Jesus as your Savior. Then you will be ready when He comes for you, and in the meantime you can live life to the full, knowing you're safe and sound and Heaven-bound! Receive Jesus today!  -- By David Brandt Berg

Our vision is to “go into all the world”. To accomplish our mission well and to attract as many as possible we need a generator so we can go anywhere anytime and not be hindered for lack of electricity.

We are looking also for a spacious station wagon, diesel, maximum 5 years old! Our present station wagon Ford 1998 runs on fuel, which is now becoming quite costly, and it is in constant need of repairs. We believe it is now time for a good strong vehicle for the Lord’s Work.

A special THANK you goes to Marius and family for the projector! And, only two days after receiving it, we already have our first event! On the 12th of July there will be a special event for approx. 200 children in Sir Lowry’s Pass. Showing a film had been part of the program, but the person had to cancel. We are thrilled to be able to stand in the gap! We will also be entertaining with balloons, etc. and will be showing some very inspiring Bible based cartoons. Please keep this event in your prayers, thank you! -

A company in Johannesburg has said that they might be able to assist us with a generator in about a month’s time. We have also contacted a company for help with the needed screen, and it is presently under consideration. Please keep all this in your prayers for a positive and speedy outcome, as well as for the PA system and vehicle.
A portable PA system will draw many as we know the Lord to hear the message. This will also be used for praise and worship, teaching, preaching, etc. Also a portable screen suitable for in/outdoor use and large to small gatherings.

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