Outstanding Month of October 2020


Dear Ones,

We are so very thankful for each and everyone of you and a special thanks goes out to our partners and supporters who are faithfully keeping the ministry going. Thank you and may the Lord bless you!

This month we will be presenting our work in the following order:





This month we again set up a Food Bank in Sir Lowry’s Pass. We heard of a couple of very needy families, the mother of one who was on the verge of ending it all due to the stress, etc. and the other also in deep depression. We know someone whom we love and trust who lives nearby these families in whose house we set up a Food Bank. Help will now be readily available for those in dire need. We also helped the first mentioned lady set up and run her own little pop-corn business in order to generate some support for herself and her family. She is very encouraged by well it is has been going.



In our last newsletter we mentioned about the increased number of people dependent upon the Soup Kitchen due to the lock-down, and for the urgent need of a bigger pot to be able to adequately meet the demand.  A BIG THANK YOU to our precious supporters who enabled us to meet this need with a 200 liters cooking pot!



We thank Woolworth for their faithful support over the years, which continues to be a big help and blessing.





This month we completed our part in the building project in Sir Lowry’s Pass. Ceiling boards were put up and a carpet, which we were able to acquire for a give-away price was laid. This family has now gained a whole section of their living quarters,  which before was completely useless. Praise the Lord!




A special thanks goes to our dear friends who were an instrumental in us get a washing machine and dryer for Emily’s Play School! 

 And we are very thankful for the generous provision of kg 50 bulgar wheat for Joyce's soup kitchen!

The funds for the teachers and volunteers was/has somehow been tied up this far this month. Thankfully we were able to help with a small gift voucher for each one to help fill the gap till


The milk was, as usual, distributed among several ECD centers and not in one place only, although that is all shown here.


All four tires on the Bantam bakkie were replaced with new ones this month. Praise the Lord! 


And Philip was able to replace his glasses after five years. Both he and the bakkie are now in much better position for service! :)


We are very thankful to the Lion’s Club in Gordon’s Bay  for their continued support in the form of sliced bread and pizza bases. These help fill a big need and are a much appreciated by many families!


Joyce's Soup Kitchen Sir Lowry's Pass




As you know we are now able to meet again in our Gracelife church in Sir Lowry’s Pass. On the top photo Philip was privileged to welcome everyone and in the Photo below as I given the honor of sharing the Word of the day. The previous week we had talked about the love of God and since His forgiveness is such a manifestation of His love, I shared on the subject of forgiveness!


This is our Dream Team, the team any church would dream of having...the ones that help make it all possible through their faithful service. Here we are starting the day in prayer!  Many peoples lives are being touched and transformed through the Word and the continued ministry and are testifyingvof the Lord’s miraculous working on their behalf.


On the photo above the teachers of the ‘Kids Church’ are being  introduced and prayed for as well as shown some appreciation for their labors of love. As seen below the kids are having lots of fun!





One of the big benefit of the lessening of the restrictions are that we are again able to meet in person. Philip and I are at the moment leading 4 different groups while working on developing more groups.


We are especially happy to report that many new groups are developing without our involvement. The Word is spreading and people are moving from religion into relationship and are being renewed daily.



We would like to start by saying that everything that gets accomplished , is a testimony of God’s goodness and glorifies Him. And at times there are things that just seem a bit more outstanding than the usual.

—One of such testimonies is what happened to G. She was diagnosed with throat cancer, which was needless to say quite disheartening. She attended some of our Bible studies where we laid hands on her and prayed for her healing. About 10 days later she was due for another check-up. And yes, you may have already guessed, she is COMPLETELY healed. We are so thankful and overwhelmed by the goodness of the Lord.

—We were invited by a family to come and pray for the 82 year old grandmother, who had many healthy issues, she could hardly walk,  had heart problem and problems with her sight. When she was called, she had to be supported and very slowly dragged one foot after the other to come and join us in the living room. We first led her to the Lord and when we laid our hands on her she was immediately ‘slain in the spirit’ and we had to carefully place her on the floor. When she came to a few minutes later she repeatedly said, “I am healed, I am healed” glorifying God. When time came for us to leave, she insisted on walking us outside, which she did unsupported, placing one foot in front of the other!

—T’S ARMS HAD BEEN PAINING HER NIGHT AFTER NIGHT CAUSING RESTLESS SLEEP. She asked us for prayer and when we saw her a few days later she told us how the pain had lingered for yet another night, but then was completely gone and did not return for several nights in a row resulting in her getting some good much needed rest.

—We received a text message via What’s Up from P. telling us she was sick in bed and that her whole body was full of pain. We prayed for her over voicemail and a few hours later heard back from her she was much better and that the pain was gone.

—The same happened with E. She has a pain in her neck. Via voicemail we prayed for her and the pain was greatly diminished. We encouraged her to lay her own hands on her neck and pray again and to not settle for less than the best.

—We also ministered to E. in person previously. He arms very painful. And again, after prayer she felt much better.

—We are also happy to say that 5 souls were led to the Lord this month. The wonderful part is that most of these people are now beginning to attend Bible studies and grow in their relationship with and knowledge of the Lord. All on their way to transformation!

—We are also happy to say that many people are signing up to our What’s Up ministry where we send out comforting faith building Word. And we are being told that many are themselves forwarding the messages they receive . Knowing the truth will set up free (John 8:32) and there is a great need for people to find comfort and refuge as going through life without is especially difficult during these trying times



—Jesus the greatest miracle than any other. So awesome to have such a loving Father to walk with Him, believe His word and obey it. Therefore l can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I can enjoy all things pertaining to life and godliness. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!

—Yes! Amen, l have a right to prosperity and health because l am prospering in  my soul, l am free from sicknesses and disease because they were all carried by Jesus Christ for me. Wow!

Thank you Lord,  I'm  walking  in power, I'm walking in miracles , and I am what the word says I am!

What a powerful confession! Wow this is powerful! You know what ? You are a blessing ( an angel )  GOD sent  my way. I have learnt a lot from you ... definitely forwarding this.

—This is encouraging and helpful. Awesome and so true.

—Indeed fear is not good and as a child of God you must not fear. He is there for us!

—Thank you again for what you sent this morning. I have just finished reading it and am looking forward to including what you are going to send into my quite time in the mornings.

What we confess is what we possess. I am free in Jesus. Fear has no part in my heart. Thank you Jesus. Powerful and strong word as always.

Thank you for this reading again this morning. I'm going to reread it a few times so that it sinks in.

Thank you Lord for your true word. When you say ask, and it shall be given, it’s true whenever l ask you give me.

—I'll spread happiness wherever I can.  Sometimes I struggle a bit....but then I realized, I am so blessed with so much, then I try again, positive attitude help a lot.

Amen. Thank you for these lessons I am learning a lot.

This scripture  means a lot in our trying  times....

Wise words. Amen!

Amen the Lord is the strength of my life, l think strength, l believe in the Lord's strength, I talk strength, l am strong as l speak the word to my spirit. Praise the Lord!

What a powerful message it is. The security and faith  that we can do in the Powerful Name of JESUS. —Powerful and profound, amen.