August News Letter

Keith, the son of Joyce who runs the Soup Kitchen, is loading up meaty soup bones, soft drinks, clothing etc. to take to the soup kitchen.

Every morning before the food is distributed the people attend a short devotions and then end with some booming and heart warming singing!


Here the special treat, soft drinks, which Dis-Chem so generously donated, are being distributed.

Philip is helping prepare the bags for the sick and elderly before they are to be distributed.

Clothing distribution. A big help to the people there!

Marcos, our colleague from Brazil is in the kitchen praying for a sick lady. We never leave the place without first offering to pray for the sick, those in need of jobs, with difficult circumstances of any kind in the homes.

Sunshine Day-care Sir Lowry’s Pass,very thankful to receive Weet-Bix for the children’s breakfast.

Lathi-Tha, Sir Lowry’s Pass were all very thankful to receive Weet-Bix for the children’s breakfast.

Emily’s Soup kitchen, Sir Lowry’s Pass, were all very thankful to receive Weet-Bix for the children’s breakfast. We would like to thank the Weet-Bix company for their generosity.

Our daughter, who together with her husband and 3 daughters live and work as a fulltime volunteer in Pretoria, visited us here for a few days. We found a sale on hats and she sweetly bought us one each!

SPECIAL PRAYER REQUEST: The soup kitchen started out the year without electricity. It was off for six months, then on for one month, and it is now off again. Please pray for the electricity to come on and stay on! Thank you! They are also about to loose some very important equipment: deep freezers, an industrial baking oven, etc. We plan to approach different companies for help to replace the equipment and would like you to please back us up in prayer for this as well. Thank you!

Our regular projects such as: ministering to the support group, youth group, having Life Team meetings in the home, Bible studies, etc. were also carried on and we are inspired to see how the life-giving words of Jesus changes, strengthens and encourages many who before were left with little or no hope.

In closing we want to thank all of you who have chosen to partner with us and thereby have become an indispensible part of the work. Without your assistance we would not be able to devote the needed time and effort to this work. We pray that the Lord will bless and prosper you in all that you do and that you may know that your labours of love are not in vain. Thank you so much! XXX!


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