March 2013

To preach the gospel “in season and out of season”. 

We organized a big 3 day event with guest speakers: Christiaan, Gerda, Kees, Philip and Rita; Christian movies (Bible cartoons for the children and a different section of the movie “Jesus” each night). We had full house every night! All 3 nights we served juice and sandwiches, and on the last night everyone also took home a delicious hot meal of rice and chicken curry. Over 130 hot meals were handed out and there was still requests for more. In fact the event was so much appreciated, esp. by the children, that we were asked to have such an event every weekend. Sad to say we are not able to do it that frequently, but hope to have a special event at least once a month. : Big Friday celebration at the soup kitchen. At this event only Philip and I were available, whereas before we had lots of hands on with most of our Life-team members! But the event went well, I, Rita, shared the Word, we showed the last section of the Afrikaans movie Jesus, and after special treats such as: juice, home baked cookies, marshmallow chocolate covered Easter eggs, lollipops, a steaming hot meal where double portions were served out, etc we had a good word of prayer where many eagerly opened their hearts to the Lord, and some renewed their commitment. We want to send a special THANK YOU to: The New Africa Juice Bar for their very generous supply of top quality juice for the 3-days event (6-9 pm) as well as our Easter celebration in the Sir Lowry’s Pass village! In fact without the love and dedication of a vast number of you, all this would have not been possible, and we want to send a special thank each one! In closing we want to ask you to please keep the supply of electricity for the soup kitchen in your prayers, as well as the needed supply of finances. With love and appreciation, Philip and Rita

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Dear Ones,
We send many thanks and much appreciation to ALL of you who participate in our work in one way or the other. All that is being accomplished is only due to the Lord’s miraculous supply, and a large net work of people that have committed themselves to making a difference. It is an honour and pleasure to work with you!. 

Picture # 1

Picture # 2
  Picture # 1 & 2:  This month we were able to bring the following items to each of the 4 day-care centres that we assist: A box (w/many packages) Weet-Bix cereal, milk, sugar, millie meal, rice, eggs, cheese, fish, beans, pasta, nappies and hygiene products. 

Picture #3

# 3: The main soup kitchen received 20 sacks (approx. 400 kg meaty soup bones), chicken, eggs, sugar, flour, cooking oil, dish liquid, rooibos tea, 6 boxes of hygiene products, etc., This month we were also able to bless each of the volunteers with a cash donation, which was very much appreciated

Picture # 4 

 # 4 New friends from Holland visited, here they are meeting one of the ladies that we hired to help tend to care for the vegetable garden

Picture# 5

 # 5: Michel, Annette, Kees and Tilly visited each of our projects in Sir Lowry’s Pass and were a big blessing to al

Picture# 6: Michel, Kees and Philip exchanging ideas.