MARCH NEWS 2013 page 1

Dear Ones,
We send many thanks and much appreciation to ALL of you who participate in our work in one way or the other. All that is being accomplished is only due to the Lord’s miraculous supply, and a large net work of people that have committed themselves to making a difference. It is an honour and pleasure to work with you!. 

Picture # 1

Picture # 2
  Picture # 1 & 2:  This month we were able to bring the following items to each of the 4 day-care centres that we assist: A box (w/many packages) Weet-Bix cereal, milk, sugar, millie meal, rice, eggs, cheese, fish, beans, pasta, nappies and hygiene products. 

Picture #3

# 3: The main soup kitchen received 20 sacks (approx. 400 kg meaty soup bones), chicken, eggs, sugar, flour, cooking oil, dish liquid, rooibos tea, 6 boxes of hygiene products, etc., This month we were also able to bless each of the volunteers with a cash donation, which was very much appreciated

Picture # 4 

 # 4 New friends from Holland visited, here they are meeting one of the ladies that we hired to help tend to care for the vegetable garden

Picture# 5

 # 5: Michel, Annette, Kees and Tilly visited each of our projects in Sir Lowry’s Pass and were a big blessing to al

Picture# 6: Michel, Kees and Philip exchanging ideas.