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Our latest news from our ministry in Sir Lowry's Pass Village

 Sir Lowry's Pass Village -July 2012

Dear Ones, We hope our news find you well! Thank you so much for partnering with us, - as a team we do it better! As mentioned the Lord miraculously provided a projector for the ministry, and here, in photos 1 & 2 we had an event for approx. 200 children. We showed Bible cartoons, made fun balloon sculptures andled them in prayer to receive the Lord as their personal Saviour. 

Rita leads aprox 200 Children to the Lord

On the 14th of July the heavy rains during the night and previous days caused flooding in Sir Lowry’s Pass village. It was broadcast on the early news that approx. 500 people had sought refuge in the community centre. We brought warm dry blankets and some food supplies, which was much appreciate

The children at Emily’s soup kitchen are rejoicing and giving thanks to the Lord and us for the nice Weet-Bix! A yummy treat for all!

The best support is the Lord! Philip is faithfully ministering the Word of God's to the less privilege people in the soup kitchen on a weekly basis in order to build up their faith and teach them to look to the Lord for their help and strength.

The Soup Kitchen gets need it items:  Hygiene and cleaning supplies

More about our ministry 

Our Prayer Ministry: This month we had people who came to know about us via the internet contact us, asking if they could please join us in our ministry. They expressed their dissatisfaction in “just being part of a coffee drinking group”, as they put it in referring to their cell groups. They joined us in Sir Lowry’s Pass, as well as at our hospital ministry, and they were very thankful for the opportunity to pour out and minister to others, as well as to see some awesome answers to prayer. We have previously had others join us in this way as well, until they felt ready to go out on their own. We are very happy to be able to help like this as Jesus said that the labourers are few and that we are to pray for more labourers. As a result of our prayers at the soup kitchen, many have been freed from pain and various sicknesses. We also pray for many to be set free from addictions, and try to help them change their life style.


We prayed for someone who had a twisted swollen ankle and could hardly walk. After the prayer the foot was 100% - even the swelling was down, and she walked without as much as a limp.—When at a market a young child nearly choked on a piece of hard candy. The father had the boy upside down, banging his back, etc. all to no avail. After commanding the candy to be dislodged immediately in Jesus Name, the boy promptly swallowed it and all was fine.– A man with a severe burn and in great pain was healed and released from hospital only a couple of days later. A man was admitted with severe pain in both knees awaiting an operation. He was miraculously healed and released a few days later w/o surgery.

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