2019 Yearly Review and January News Letter 2019

Dear partners, sponsors, family and friends,

             We want to inspire you with the great progress of the ministry. In the first photo below are some of our precious helpers that faithful help every Sunday to prepare and clean up after church. On the photo immediately below are some of the core team, the “engine” so to speak behind it all. The Lord is raising up an army of active participants getting ready to truly change the world for Jesus. There are still many un-reached and the Lord wants to mobilize all of us, His children, to reach out to others. We are on an exciting mission that we will never finish along as there are un-reached people. Thank you so much for your participation in whichever form it takes. For those of you who may not know it we are partner and sponsor supported and would not be able to get the job done without our wonderful network of people! And if you would like to also partner with us we welcome you on board to the wonderful work the Lord is doing! Together we have definitely made an impact on Sir Lowry’s Pass and the surrounding areas, and Sir Lowry’s Pass will be know as the “City of Joy”!


In the photo below Emily is teaching at one of our Life Group meetings. The Lord is raising up local leaders to where they will one day be able to keep the work going with or without outside assistance. A lasting work!

Below: During one of our services Christiaan asked if there were people present who had never seen a miracle? He then called them up front for a better look and to be actively part in praying for the legs of two people to grow out to equal size. These ladies both complained of backaches and as it turned out it was due to one leg being shorter that the other. An undeniable miracle took place in front of all and the Lord was greatly glorified!

In the photo above Philip is teaching from Galatians 5 and gave an interesting insight into the fruit of the Spirit.


Sadly 7 shacks in Sir Lowry’s Pass right next to Emily’s Play School, where we hold church, burned to the ground this month. As Gracelife reached out with a sustainable amount of food for the families, as well as nappies and baby clothes. We were also able to bring a couple of sacks of adult clothing which the Lord had just miraculously provided the day before.

Thankfully the government brought new building materials for the people to be able to rebuild and get a roof over their heads soonest possible. The following day after the fire we also had quite a downpour that pretty much lasted the whole day, thus helping to ensure that nothing would flare up again.

In the photo below 6 of the heads of the families that suffered loss received the Lord. There were 7 families who lost their homes, but one was not able to come and so others brought him and his family their share of food, etc. We plan to follow up on these people and see whether they have further needs, but in the midst of the sorrow it was heart warming to see how the community pulled together to each try to be of assistance.


We are so very thankful to Woolies who have assisted us over the years twice weekly. On this particular day the pick up was especially large and it was in fact a bit of a puzzle to fit everything including the plant into the back of the bakkie. We thank the Lord for His goodness and the abundant life which He longs to share with all.
In the photo below Joyce and her team are busy sorting and preparing the food for either distribution or a meal.

This month we also assisted various ECD centers with milk, cooking oil, flour, millie meal, and other food stuffs. (As seen in the photo above which was taken at Mila’s ECD).

In the photo below the staff at Emily’s Play School are emptying the bakkie after Philip assisted them in collecting food from Checkers. We, Force4Good, help with their pick-ups as needed!


During the Christmas/January holidays we continued to hold meeting and minister to the students and their families. In January we also started Bible School which we ran for a year. We were also blessed with many supplies some of which are seen here being sorted and distributed by locals.


We continued teaching several Life Groups a week, running Bible School, assisting with supplies, etc and attended a Business Leaders conference for further training.

MARCH 2019:

14 large boxes of Weet-Bix were collected and distributed to various Daycare Centers and individual needy families in Sir Lowry’s Pass and Nomzamo. Besides that other food and milk was distributed and the teaching was continued and we again attended a conference for more training.
APRIL 2019:

Disclaimer:The picture below taken from the news paper( not reflecting our views,)

  In spite of a lot of unrest, load shedding and us not being able to access the Sir Lowry’s Pass village freely, the Lord kept us and all of our students safe and raised up leaders from among the students who kept things going!

MAY 2019:

The special event this month was a three days outreach with Gracelife church reaching further into the communities, teaching some of our students with hands-on-training how to reach out to others and present the Gospel. Gracelife sent an amazing and dedicated team. Other than that we carried on teaching and assisting with supplies. And many were healed during the special outreach days!
JUNE 2019:

We invited all our students from the various groups to a big united event. Over 50 hot meals were prepared and served. Regular supplies like food from Woolies, milk for the daycares, etc was also provided that month.
JULY 2019:

In July we set up a Food Bank, started the repair of a very dilapidated shack (see August), continued to assist with food and clothing, had some students water baptized and continued to teach our regular evening classes
AUGUST 2019:

This month we replaced the roof, bought cupboards and provided floor covering for one of the shacks in SLP. 
We also had a very special event on Women’s Day and we ourselves attended a Leadership Camp with our church, Gracelife!



September was one of the highlights of the year as a new Gracelife church was planted in Sir Lowry’s Pass. The establishing of a lasting work independent of any one individual! Exciting!!!

17 students completed the 22 weeks Rooted course, and we had a great celebration. More people were baptized this time and the end of a morning service. And we started a Skills Training course for unemployed women in SLP!

With Gracelife we started a new course for all the students, called Growth Track—and completed it. We also started did a Baby Dedication course as several families with younger children requested it.


We had several beautiful events during the month of December, and on the 20th we, Force4Good, served a delicious Christmas meal and gave a message on the unopened Christmas gifts that Jesus brought that many have not yet looked at or left unopened under the tree!


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