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Here is Philip teaching at the Encounter Meeting. Philip taught on John 15 and had group discussion questions to challenge everyone to get involved and find personal application.
Sadly the Encounter Meetings had to be temporarily closed down. Meanwhile we have been asked to stand in the gap by hosting weekly Bible studies in our home which we are very happy to do.


Photo # 1: When A, arrived at our Bible study she was in pain—headaches, neck and shoulders as well as her heart. Philip reassured her that he would pray for her but suggested that we first spend time together in the Word. By the time we finished all A’s pain was gone and she didn’t need prayer! Praise the Lord for the healing power of His Word! Photo # 2 K. came to us and stayed over 3 hours. She was very broken and in need of lots of ministry. Her boyfriend had ended his life 8 weeks ago and not really knowing the Lord and His love she was under a lot of guilt and condemnation. Photo # 3. J. a very precious friend from Iceland was coming over every Monday for the last couple of months or so. He left for Iceland as he want to study to become a doctor but did not find and opportunity here. However, the day before he left he received news that he passed an entrance exam so he might return!


Reaching out to people on the walking street in Odense. We will be looking for a suitable place there for us to meet weekly, with people from our church as well as new people being reached. In the 2nd photo above Philip is distributing tracts (Ukrainian on one side and Russian on the other) — at least one new one a month, sometimes more!

We have been working on producing a variety of tracts to use in our street outreach. We have produced one brand new tract on “Does God Exist?” a very current question for many here. Other tracts were produces while we were in South Africa, and we are now working on translating some on a variety of subjects into Danish. As seen!

Every Friday night there’s a Women’s Club meeting in the mall by our house. As the name of the meeting indicates it is exclusively for women. For that reason I have started attending these meeting on my own. They are very informative as far as knowing what activities, courses, etc. are made available to help the foreign community. As you can see here it is mainly people from Arab nations attending. I made real good friends with someone from Iran and am looking forward to her in a couple of weeks when she returns from Copenhagen.
Meanwhile we have also been getting together with our dear friend from Lebanon. She opened her heart about how she has to be extremely careful about what she says to whom due to the various Muslim fractions present. We shared how we as Christians likewise need to be careful as a dear friend has received threats due to his beliefs.

We really appreciate the custom our new church here has of eating lunch together at the end of every Sunday service. It makes it so nice and easy to get to know each other and form more friendships as we don’t seek to quickly get out the door but have some nice incentive for staying to fellowship...and having had a worm meal
means that we don’t have to cook at home on a Sunday.
Philip now helps out regularly at the bar selling juices, etc, and I take regular turns translating the Danish sermons into English!


This month we celebrated Philip’s birthday. We took the bus to a nearby city located on the coast. We found a restaurant right by the water and enjoyed some delicious sandwiches!

The Vinyard church produced this poster to advertise our Bible studies. It will be on the church's billboard!
OUTSTANDING NEWS: This is a most glorious PRAISE REPORT! For almost two years we have been fighting in prayer for and with our precious South African friend S. She was diagnosed first with colon cancer, then cancer of the lungs and lastly cancer of the brain. The two different types of chemo did not work, and it was now suggested that she undergo radiation. S. went through so much suffering  in vain from these treatments. However she never let go of her faith and would call upon us and other friends when she needed a special boost. She also went to prayer/healing meetings and the last time she went she was completely delivered and healed. She is no pain free and able to fully function. Praise the Lord!
Email: force4good.fvs@gmail. com

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April 2024 News Letter.

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Dear Ones,
           We want to  THANK you our wonderful partners. Friends and family. You are a big encouragement to us and together we are  establishing the kingdom of God in the hearts of men.
           This month we have many breakthroughs, all of which we will share on the following pages. The biggest and most fulfilling breakthroughs are the progress made in our ministry.
Another breakthrough is that we were able to get some more furniture so that our previously sparsely furnished home now is better set up and more pleasant and accommodating!
We also  got a TV for our personal studies and future Bible studies! Praise the Lord!


One of our dreams and longings have been to start a (or more if needed) Bible study group. We held the first such group in our home this month. Attending were 5 people (4 from Greenland, and one from Croatia, along Philip and me). Our first subject was on the importance of the Word in our lives and that of laying a firm foundation built on our knowledge of Whom we have believed by coming to a knowledge of truth. Although everyone has been born again for years their knowledge of the Word is very limited.


We are so happy to have been able to start forming a network of new friends of fellow believers. We  seem to automatically end up in a Bible study each time someone visits. (And we’ve had 3 such impromptu Bible studies this month) We see that there is a deep hunger in the hearts of people to know more and go deeper. One of our visits which was from a lady from Greenland impressed me a lot. We sat for at least an hour exchanging miracle stories and supernatural intervention from God in our lives. It was exciting and inspiring to see and realize the unconditional love of the Lord in action for all of us regardless of who we are where we are and what we know of don’t know. _ Just knowing to call upon His Name seems to be enough!
Besides these impromptu Bible studies our good friend from Thailand whom we have not seen for about 20 years visited as well. To give you a glimpse of the international community here this month we had visitors from: Greenland, Iceland, Croatia, Romania, and Thailand. Praise the Lord!

J. visited us and ended up in an impromptu Bible class with us. He was especially interested in the healing ministry. On Sunday, someone needed prayer and J. brought her to Philip. Philip, however, asked him to pray for her himself, which he did. She said she felt heat and that the pain left her! Praise the Lord!

A. At the last Encounter Meeting asked me, Rita, to pray for her. She did not know any promises to claim and didn’t know what to expect. So we shared the Word with her and helped her raise her expectations. When prayed for it was like she was “being delivered”, and at the end she felt the pain and discomfort had left her!

F. was prayed for for his leg and against asthma. We saw him two weeks later and his leg was fine and he had had no more problem with asthma! Praise the Lord!

M. had knee pain and had decided to go to the doctor. We brought him to the best doctor, Jesus, and M. felt better.

K. was struggling with some breathing problems. Philip prayed for her and she felt better. She since then always seeks out Philip when needing prayer for something, esp. her dad who has not been doing well.

R. Had some wheezing and tight chest. After being prayed for by Philip it was gone and did not return.

Praise the Lord! He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Healing is the children’s bread!


Besides the above mentioned nationalities we also have a large community of Ukrainians here. As some of you may know we used to work in the Ukraine over a period of five years before we went to South Africa. During those years we brought several tons of aid from Denmark to various places in the Ukraine. Therefore we have an infinity towards them.  Philip was especially impressed upon to reach this needy community.  Because they came to Denmark as war refugees they were allowed to go straight into the work force without having to go through the usual procedure first attend language school in order to learn Danish. This has however made it quite difficult for them to communicate with us and us with them. Philip found a way to bridge the gap, at least for now. He manages to print out some salvation tract in Ukrainina in one side and Russian on the other (some parts of Ukraine are Russian speaking and not knowing which part people are from he decided to print in both language. The following week he followed up with a tract on the Holy Spirit. After having distributed the tracts and seeking to smile and be friendly with the people, many as they were leaving came by and padded us on the shoulder as to thank us for the effort put forth.


The Encounter meeting takes place twice a month. At the last one Philip was able to share some healing testimonies. Philip was also asked to lead the next meeting, which he is looking forward to. At the last meeting I, Rita< prayed for woman for healing. When I asked her what promise she wanted to claim she didn’t know. When I asked her what she expected the Lord to do, she had no expectations. This prompted a mini-study right there and an invitation to the study we later had in our home.

We are happy to say that we have been asked to assist more as staff in the Vinyard church. Here Philip is overseeing the Sunday lunch meal and attending to the distribution and sales of the beverages. I helped translate the Sunday teaching from Danish to English. It was about having open hearts and not allowing anything to keep our heart closed. It was based on John 4 about the women at the well and the various reason she gave for Jesus not associating with her: Her being a Samaritan, a woman, etc.


Bi-weekly we have been attending what is referred to as “The Family Network”! It is hosted by a church called to “Jakobs Kirken”. The aim of the club is to minister to the poor and needy by providing a free warm meal and a tme of fun and fellowship. It gives people the opportunity to build friendships. Seen here the competition was to build the highest tower possible out of spaghetti and marshmallows! The winner won a bag of candies. (Our team however did not win the candy, but we had a lot of fun!
On another occasion there was a lecture on MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship!) it was very interesting to hear how this international organization started a ministry of assisting missionaries in isolated parts of Africa with needed transportation i.e. transporting sick people to hospitals, bringing supplies, etc. And next time we are looking forward to a pastor sharing how he and his wife started about 30 churches on Greenland.
In closing we want to thank you for your continued prayers and support. Your labors in the Lord are not in vain.

Much love and appreciation, Philip and Rita

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Thank you so much for your understanding and continued support!



Dear Ones,

We would like to first of all wish you a very Happy New Year 2024. We thank you for your continued love and support. It is an honor for us to have you partner with our ministry.
This month has been a month of vacationing and bonding with our loved ones, an opportunity that we greatly treasure and value.
Following is a review of the year that passed. We have tried to mainly highlight the special events that took place each month.
Some things were weekly, such as: Collecting and delivering food from S.A. Harvester, Woolworth, and the Lions' Club. We also ran three weekly Bible study groups and assisted as elder in Gracelife, which included overseeing the Kids' Church!
One a monthly basis we collected and distributed 100 liters of milk, shopped for two soup kitchens (Nomzamo and Sir Lowry's Pass),and  picked up coffee for 4 missionary bases, etc
We would also from time to time get and distribute Weet-Bix, cooking oil, toilet paper, etc.
For the review we are only highlighting the extra activities throughout the year. However, things like outreach, which was a regular "as-you-go" event may be highlighted for when we teamed up with others.
Thank you for all that you helped us accomplish and for your love and support in the new year as we enter into a new phase of our ministry. We are excited to see what the future holds and are believing the Lord for great fruitfulness!

We also both attended a one-year Ministry School course with Gracelife, our church!


We started the year out reaching out to the people in Sir Lowry's Pass. Every time we went out many souls were won and everyone returned with amazing testimonies.

We helped supply basis stationery for 100 children in Sir Lowry's Pass as part of their preparation for the new school year.
As mentioned above our other regular activities of teaching, training, collecting and distributing food all took place as well.


Philip and I both taught at the church on a regular basis throughout the year.

I would also take turns with the other teachers teaching the children.

We also attended a get-together of all the local Gracelife campuses.

And we attended a conference with guest speaker David Youngren on: the Transitional Gospel!

MARCH 2023:

Teaching at one of our three weekly Life-Groups

One of our weekly food collections from Woolworth. This, however, was an especially large contribution.

Again a weekly contribution of bread and pizza-bases. Shown here is an especially big contribution and at least 10 different charities benefited. And in our case, the portion allotted us, was distributed in two townships, Sir Lowry's Pass and Nomzamo.

APRIL 2023:

For Easter 3 large boxes of Easter eggs donated by the Lions, were distributed by 2 soup kitchens and Gracelife church. We had extra and went outside to bless the kids passing by.

Thanks to our generous donors many Bibles were distributed throughout the year.

Here we are collecting the monthly milk contribution which was shared between several daycare centeres in Sir Lowry's Pass and Nomzamo.

MAY 2023:

Nomzamo outreach: We did outreach together with the staff encouraging them to step out and take the lead. We are overjoye3d with the results as they a few months after were sharing testimonies of the people they had led to the Lord. We helped serve in order to free some of them up to minister.

This photo was taken in Sir Lowry's Pass.  Whenever our Gracelife team went out a lot of souls were won.

One of our regular Campus gatherings with Gracelife.

JUNE 2023:

Outreach in Nomzamo. Zoleka did a tremendous job of gathering all the chilren, (theyu had school holidays) and ministering to them in Xhosa.

Here Philip is during one of our monthly shopping trips for the two main kitchens we supported.

Once a week we would collect food from Woolworth for Joyce's kitchen. Here we are sharing extra supplies, which we would do as much as possible. We also assisted the kitchen in doing their admin with one of their main donors.

JULY 2023:

Mandela day: We provided for and helped cook and serve a big meal for the people coming to the soup kitchen in honor of Mandela Day. And we did outreach with the staff.
We also had a bog youth outreach in the community hall in Sir Lowry's Pass. We shared the message, had fun and games and ended with a nice meal and chocolate treats.

Gracelife turned 13 yeards old and we again celebrated with a wonderful faith building message and a nice warm meal and treats.

AUGUST 2023:

For Women's Day we were blessed to have Marna, the wife of our lead pastor, Shayne Holegrove, come and minister. We also had games and prizes and a beautiful photo booth was set up for everyone to use.

We did more outreach in Nomzamo and all the regular food distribution and teaching was covered as well.


Sir Lowry’s Pass was badly affected by sever flooding.  We were able to assist financially towards some of the much needed repairs of the homes.

For Heritage Day the Lord again supplies for a nice meal and treats.

And we were blessed to have yet another Campus gathering where we had the opportunity to meet with people we otherwise would rarely see, and enjoy a good message.


We donated two 2 curricula for Nomzamo: a Character Building set as well as a Foundation of Faith set.And we were able to bless them with large A5 sheets of white paper for the school.

We continued teaching the kids and the adults in Sir Lowry's Pass.

And we attended a 'Multiply' conference with guest speaker Isaac Lamack from Zambia.
Again while carrying on our feeding schemes and teaching.


We were very honored to receive the Louis Volks Humanitarian Award from the Lions in recognition of our labors in the townships over the years.

And we were likewise very honored to receive a warm farewell from our Gracelife family. The venue was a  nearby vineyard and people traveled from near and far to wish us good-bye. We also received a book where everyone wrote a few words of love and appreciation..This book was a great treasure that we are carrying with us.

I had been heading up the Kids' Church which Anthea, the wife of the local campus pastor, will carry on. Here we are praying for her wisdom, strenght and insight.


This month we have been blessed to take a vacation and spend it with our loved ones. In the photo above we were attending a Christmas Eve service in the church they attend. From the front we have our son-in=/-law, Mike, our eldest daughter Elizabeth, me, Philip and then our youngest daughter Joy.

Our precious family all together celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Between Christmas ans New Year's we had a beautiful excursion to the 'River Walk' in San Antonio a couple of hours drive from here. We also saw the Alamo (from the outside) and had a delicious Mexican meal by the River Walk.

We ran into a group of young people there ready to share the gospel with everyone and anyone. Philip paused to encourage them in their mission.

During this year that passed we both attended  Gracelife Ministry School as well. One of the subjects was apologetic with the aim to equip us for greater fruitfulness in reaching the lost. On the 2nd of January we will be leaving for Europe, which is a very needy mission field.  This month has been a wonderful time of rest and reconnecting with our loved ones.
In the Cape Town airport we led a young man to the Lord, but other than that this has been a time to relax and spend with our family. A precious time that we treasure very much.
We look forward to the next chapter of our ministry and will keep you updated on our mission in Europe. Although we finished GLMS (Gracelife Ministry School) while here we have continued to study in preparation to reach the Muslim community there. We studied some videos via YouTube and listened to amazing testimonies of Muslims coming to Christ.

Much love,

Philip and Rita

Antonios Michalitsis, FNB, Branch: 200912 Account no. : 62633037082


If you are new to our work and want to partner with us monthly, we invite you to contact us for further details. We look forward to hearing from you.