The Day Care Centers

Our hearts were touched when the Lord first drew our attention to a small poverty stricken center with scarcely enough space to house their many children (they had about 30-40 little ones in one small Wendy house).

We started assisting this place, first with material goods (esp. food), and we later also got involved in teaching and spiritual training of the little ones.
This place was eventually closed down, but we are now assisting four other centers as the Lord enables us.

They are Lathi-Tha, Emily’s Soup Kitchen, Sunshine Kids and Mila’s Angels.

Lathi-Tha is located in Sir Lowry’s Pass. We have assisted this Daycare for the past 2 years or so, from before they got registered. Besides helping with food and other necessities, we got a company to repaint the place inside and out.

Emily’s Soup Kitchen is are among one of the largest Daycare Centers in the Sir Lowry's Pass Village. This is a Day Care that initially was just a soup Kitchen for children, ensuring that they all would get one warm meal a day. It has since developed into a Daycare and they are in the process of getting registered as well.

Sunshine Kids: We only recently started helping this Day Care as well. As above we brought some food and daily necessities as well as toys. With time we will see how to get more involved.

Mila’s Angels is a Day Care opened fairly recently. When we first visited they were so poor that they had no furniture of any kind and barely managed to feed the children. With the Lord’s help we were able to get tables and chairs as well as a nice big toy chest for them. We regularly assist with food and other necessities as well.

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