October News 2012

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Dear Friends, Thank you so much for upholding us and our many projects, and busy Christmas preparations in your prayers. God is answering in marvellous ways, and we would like to start by first of all thanking the RITE CUTS company for their generous donation of 10 boxes of chicken for the Christmas feast! THANK YOU! # 1: The chicken is safely stored away by Joyce and Philip for the big event! Good progress has also been made on the needed Food Hampers for which we thank Ter at the Trumpet Tree restaurant in Sterllenbosch.# 2: Special prayers and blessings for the children. # 3 & 4: Every evening, 4 days in a row, Christian movies were shown at the soup kitchen, followed up by prayers for the sick and otherwise needy, many were healed, and many gave their hearts to the Lord during these days as well. #: 5 & 6: Junho, our South Korean friend who joined us in our efforts in Sir Lowry’s Pass some time back, is seen in 2 of the 4 day-care centres, that he has been assisting with breakfast cereal, sugar and milk for the past few months, thus ensuring that all these children have a good start on the day! As a team we are bringing lots of help and encouragement, and want to thank the whole team that assist us every month and from time to time. 
“Nothing that the heart gives away is lost. It is kept in the hearts of others”!
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Photos #: 7-12 were all taken at the HH hospital where we now seek to assist with baby clothes as much as possible! Here we would like to thank June Coppenhall for the beautiful hand knitted and store bought baby clothes that were delivered here. As you can see the mothers were very grateful. This hospital often receives new teenage mothers that are in desperate need of supplies for their new arrivals. While there we naturally took the time to pray for each of the babies.

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 # 13: A big THANK YOU goes Henry de Ruyter for his generosity in kindly donation a large mobile projector screen. An amazing answer to prayer. We might soon have a generator as well! We are excited about the new possibilities this presents us with! TY for your prayers!

From our Healing Service at Sir Lowry's Pass

We have had three fantastic evenings of healing services in Sir Lowry's Pass soup kitchen, and today is the last and fourth one for now. We have had a lots of healings and deliverances - the Lord healed them ALL. Tonight the "Jesus" movie will be shown in Afrikaans at 7pm, and that there will be a call for healing and salvation. Tonight our life team will meet there! See you. PS: Last night we had full house - about 60 people showed up and about 26 received the Lord. Thank you Jesus!


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Dear Friends and parteners

Thank you so much for all your support and for upholding us in your prayers. This month the Lord enabled us to assist 4 Day-cares with new clothes and shoes for the children. There was also Dis-Chem supplies for all, a large box Weet-Bix, and our dear friend, Junho, who himself is a student here, and who has now worked closely with us for several months, supplied a month’s worth of breakfast cereals and milk for 2 of the Day-cares prior to us receiving the Weet-Bix. Photos: # 1: Soup Kitchen; # 2: Lathi-Tha; # 3: Mila’s Angels; # 4 & 5: Sunshine Kids; # 6: Lathi-Tha - all located in Sir Lowry’s Pass village. — We are in need of your help to make this year’s Christmas a special event. Some that helped last year are not able to assist again. If you would like to help, please see the following pages for further details.

Specific Needs for Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching we are now faced with the challenge of bringing some Christmas cheer to this impoverished community. We would like to set before them a nice Christmas meal. For this we will need:

10 boxes of quarter leg chicken
30 kg mince
20 kg rice or 30 kg pasta
Red and green veggies
100 ltr. Juice
Desert, etc.

This year there are about 10 fulltime volunteers at the soup kitchen. These women work long hours for little or no pay. For Christmas we would like to be able to offer them a nice food hamper for them and their families. Almost anything would be welcome for this purpose. Some suggestions are:

I whole chicken per family

2-3 kg of either: rice, pasta or potatoes

Canned goods


Millie meal

Cooking oil


Fruits and veggies

Tea and coffee

Etc, etc.

Besides the volunteers there are approx. 15-20 sick and elderly that we would like to offer a hamper to as well, consisting of some of the same items as listed above.

How can you HELP?
`If you would like to help you can either do so via donations (you can specify how you would want it used), or you can already start contributing with non perishable foods that we will set aside for this purpose. All donors will receive a special picture page of the event and distribution of the hampers. We will also highlight your name and business in our January newsletter, should you so desire.

You can write at: force4good@mweb.co.za