Join us celebrating our June news 2023

1-3         Shopping supplies for two kitchens
4-7         S.A. Harvesters
8-11       Bread and pizza-bases    
12-17    Nomzamo outreach
18-20    Gracelife Sunday gatherings
21-22    Life-Groups

 Fore4Good affiliated with Gordons Bay Lions club.

 Dear Ones,
                  Today we would like to start off with a big THANK YOU to you, our faithful partners and supporters, who are enabling this ministry to carry on.  We are honored to have your backing. Thank you! May the Lord bless you with “treasures where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.” (Matthew 6:19-21)
In the photo above we are shopping for two kitchens. The trolley with all the rice is for the kitchen in Nomzamo. After going there to do outreach several times, while the people gathered for their only warm meal of the day, we were heartbroken to see time and again that by the time the last ones in the queue got their turn the food would have run out and they were left with some bread only, but nothing warm to fill them. We determined to do something about it and so bought three times the amount of rice that we usually buy. We hope to be able to continue to do so for as long as it is needed so that all may be warmed and filled! We thank those of you who are already contributing towards our feeding scheme.

The second trolley is for the Angels’ Kitchen (geared for kids) in Sir Lowry’s Pass! We also bought adult nappies for a stroke victim, sugar for a school that requested it, etc.

Delivering supplies to the kitchen in Nomzamo. Since their need is so great we encouraged them to apply to Food Forward. Sadly their request was declined as they will need a separate NPO # for the kitchen—the one they have for the Daycare Center is not acceptable. However, once they get that in order they were encouraged to apply again at the end of the year. Please pray they will succeed as it would enable them to  provide much more abundantly for the needy.


  Delivering  the shopping to the Angels’ Kitchen in Sir Lowry’s Pass. As mentioned this kitchen is geared mainly for children.

We are very thankful for the help S. A. Harvesters are offering the Lions’ Club and thereby us. We were impressed when hearing of their faith and determination to get supplies to the warehouse—which they themselves collect from the farmers. Due to the heavy rains we have had they made several attempted trips that failed, as the roads were closed. They had to seek alternative routes, etc. They also repeatedly  tried to meet up with key people that ended up not being available at the expected time. All this to say that a lot goes on behind the scenes and we are impressed with and thankful for the hardworking dedicated and determined team at S.A. Harvesters! And as seen they did manage to provide once again a truckload of wonderful supplies for which we are very thankful
Thank you!


Delivering supplies from S.A. Harvesters to the Angels’ Kitchen in Sir Lowry’s Pass! When there are ample supplies 3-4 kitchens share the supplies brought. Jessica, who runs the kitchen we deliver at, divides the food and then calls them to come and collect from her. The  fresh produce is always highly sought after!


Here we delivered supplies from S.A. Harvesters to Bright Stars' Kitchen in Nomzamo. These are bi-weekly supplies as we rotate between Sir Lowry’s Pass and Nomzamo


Occasionally we have had enough supplies from S. A. Harvesters to also assist Joyce’s Soup Kitchen in Sir Lowry’s Pass. This is the biggest kitchen in the village as it feeds more people/families than any other. They also assist stroke victims with food parcels.

We are very blessed to be able to deliver bread/pizza-bases, and at times croutons or rotis to the various soup kitchens. In Nomzamo, they have time and again run out of soup before all were served, but thankfully they were able to at least give a couple of pizza-bases  to the last ones. Please also pray that this of bread and pizza-bases supply will not run dry or diminish as it has saved the day many times.Thank you!


Elsie's Soup Kitchen Sir Lowry's Pass!


Here pizza-bases, bread and milk (the brown boxes, 5 of them with 6 liters of macadamia nut milk) was delivered.  During the school holiday they have up to 80 or more children come to the kitchen for breakfast.


Mila’s Angels Kitchen, Sir Lowry’s Pass! As usual it is not possible to show all the places that are benefiting, but let is suffice to say that the pizza-bases are a tremendous blessing to many, many people!

Twice a month we have started to go to Nomzamo when the soup kitchen there opens. We minister to the people for about half an hour or so (from the time they start arriving) till the kitchen opens. Cari and Zoleka, two precious sisters in the Lord from our Gracelife community, have been joining us and have been a big blessing to our efforts there! Many souls have been won to the Lord and encouraged to pursue their relationship with Him. We see a lot of potential for starting a Bible study group there and are praying and looking for a suitable venue where we can meet to minister to those who would like to go further with the Lord! Please pray with us for this!


 There are many very precious and needy people out there to be reached. By the grace of God we will make a difference to as many as possible!


Due to the school holidays there were a lot more kids than usual. Zoleka, who speaks Xhosa, had them all sit down (more than 50) while she ministered to them and led them to  the Lord. The kids were very interested and need a lot of input! We had an amazing time!

While Zoleka ministered to the children, with the help of some of the staff at the ECD/Kitchen, the rest of us went and ministered to the adults. About 10 adults received the Lord that day. Praise the Lord!


The week before this approximately 20 people prayed with us. We seem to have a wide open door of opportunity here. Please pray for the Lord to further open the door so we can begin to help disciple these people and help them get further established in the truth.  We would appreciate your prayers for the Lord to lead and guide us so we can take full advantage of the opportunity,


At our Gracelife church we are presently going through the book of Ephesians. Here I was teaching from Ephesians 2 about our destitute state before salvation and the immeasurable gift of salvation.


We had a time of laying hands on the sick. We not only prayed for their physical ailments , but for the healing of broken hearts as well. Praise the Lord for Jesus and the difference He makes. We were also very encouraged to receive testimonies from several church members of how they had encountered a needy person and had laid hands on them and seen them healed. Praise the Lord!

During our times of prayer we are always encouraged to tune in to the Lord and possibly receive a word of encouragement and or direction for the body, or perhaps an individual. Here Philip is sharing such a word he received during our united prayer time.
Again time and space fails to tell of the wonderful times we had together i.e. on Fathers' Day we were able to treat all the fathers to a nice chocolate treat and cappuccino. We also attended an all-campus meeting with our Gracelife community, etc. In short it a a great blessing to belong to a local church and if you are looking for one to join we welcome you to join us. You can write us for more information!


Here we are with one of our LifeGroups. It is always such a source of inspiration to meet up together. We presently have 3 LifeGroups, and we believe the Lord has a lot more in store for us, Time is short and we need to be equipped and help equip otherS for the days ahead.


Our LifeGroup in Nomzamo.  Cari and Zoleka have joined us for our early Monday morning classes, and for the outreach there. It is wonderful to see the inspiration they have added. The staff at the ECD/kitchen have also  connected with them very well, and we are all working together to make a difference and have an impact on the community there.

In closing we would like to thank each and everyone who is participating in our ministry in one way or another. You are helping make it all possible. More and more we are realizing the strength and fruitfulness of working together as a team. Together we are bringing  hope, love and a better quality of life to many, not to mention the gift of everlasting life! Praise the Lord! Thank you for being part of the team.

Much love and appreciation,

Philip and Rita
Antonios Michalitsis, FNB, Branch: 200912 Account no. : 62633037082
Rita Olsen, Nedbank, Branch Code: 114145  Account no.: 1043639810

            For those of you that are abroad and would like to contribute, please be aware that besides PayPal, there is also the SEPA option as we have an account in Europe:
Rita Olsen
Danske Bank
Branch: 1551
Account: 3719943470
IBAN DK28 3000 3719 9434 70

If you are new to our work and want to partner with us monthly, we invite you to contact us for further details. We look forward to hearing from you.

Fore4Good affiliated with Lions Gordons Bay.

Good News May 2023


Dear partners, supporters, family and friends,   
         This has been an exciting month with new pioneering and miraculous healings. Together we are having an impact in this world for the kingdom of God. And we thank you, each and everyone, for whichever part  you may have played, small or great.  Our united efforts are being blessed! We thank the Lord for each and everyone of you. May you continually be mightily blessed and used by the Lord to reach out with the love of God to a cold and needy world!
1. Shopping for two kitchens
2. Weekly food collection and distribution from S.A. Harvesters
3. Weekly Woolies collection
4. Monthly milk contribution
5. Weet-bix collection
6. Nomzamo outreach
7. Weekly pizza-bases/bread collection and distribution
8. Outreach in Sir Lowry’s Pass
9. Gracelife Sunday gatherings
10. Gracelife Campus Meeting
11. Life-Groups
12. Healing testimonies.

Shopping for two kitchens to help alleviate the hunger. We  are also working towards more spiritual ministry for the needy coming to the kitchen in Nomzamo.

Once a week we, along with the Lions’ Club, collect and distribute food donated by S.A. Harvesters and distribute it between 4-5 kitchens depending on what and how much has been received. This is a tremendous help and much appreciated


We are thankful for the nearly daily assistance of Woolworths! Here we are sorting, weighing, and packing before delivering to Joyce’s Kitchen in Sir Lowry’s Pass!

4. MILK:

We are very thankful to Sonnendahl for their faithful assistance over the years. Here 100 liters of milk is being delivered to  5 different Day-cares/kitchens!

Here we are collecting 14 large boxes of Weet-Bix to be distributed in Nomzamo and Sir Lowry’s Pass!

Everyone gathered outside the gate waiting for their names to be called and bowls to be collected. Still some managed to sneak in some extra bowls while others’ bowls went missing! So many are desiring larger portions and more to eat as this is their only warm meal for the day, and with the cold weather setting in, and children to  feed as well,  it is not an easy situation for them to be in!

Lending a helping hand and meanwhile realizing the pressure the staff is under to be quick and efficient as the people are eagerly waiting outside for their bowls to be filled so they can be on their way again. Some of them arrive way early to ensure they are not the last in the queue as they don’t want to risk that the food runs our before their turn comes. Some were served pap, and when that ran out others got pizza-bases.

In order for everything to go smoothly the plates were brought to the front and then only certain ladies, who knew the people would serve. Sadly we did not get enough time to truly minister the them all.

Towards the end one of the staff members brought this young man in to be ministered to. He was very receptive and eagerly received the Lord. We also invited him to join our Monday morning Bible classes which start at 7 am. He told us that he usually wakes up at 8 o’clock but really wants to come and will make an effort to do so. He seemed very sincere and look  forward to minister to him further.

While the children nap, the staff sacrificially cook, serve, clean and prepare for the following days meal. They get little if any rest themselves and yet they serve with big smiles and joyful hearts. They are also eager to learn how to minister to others and lead them to Christ. We are pioneering at the moment and seeing what works and what doesn’t. We were all kept quite busy just dishing out the food and when all was done, the people were gone. But some souls were won and we are devising a plan and strategy for how to be more effective. The Lord has already shown us a few things that we can improve on. Small beginning, greater ends! Please keep our efforts here  in your prayers. Thank U!

As soon as one days meal is served the preparation for the following day begin!

Weekly distribution of pizza-bases/bread is made in Nomzamo and Sir Lowry’s Pass provided the supply is sufficient. This is made possible in cooperation  with the Lions’ Club  in Gordon’s Bay.



On this particular day 52 people prayed with our team to receive the Lord! Praise the  Lord. We met for prayer before and after!

The sick were prayed for and ministered to as well.

While ministering to this young man he received a call. He politely excused himself as he was  “in an important meeting.” He then went on the receive the Lord!

Our lead pastor, Shayne, and his wife Marna, visited. Here the elders are being prayed for and JB our local pastor is being prayed in. 

Here I, Rita, am teaching on keys to keeping the faith and staying strong in the Lord!

Here Philip is being prayed for on his birthday, 14th of May, which also happened to be Mother’s Day this year.

For Mothers’ Day we provided small chocolate bars and sachets of cappuccino. They were served with  Scriptures from Proverbs 31 about godly women and the blessing they are to their households!

In Kidz Church we learned about the tower of Babel. We also saw how the Lord had taken away man’s common earthly language, but now has given man a common heavenly language —tongues. We also practiced praying in tongues all together. — In the photo the tower is getting higher and higher!

In Kidz Church we learned about the tower of Babel. We also saw how the Lord had taken away man’s common earthly language, but now has given man a common heavenly language —tongues. We also practiced praying in tongues all together. — In the photo the tower is getting higher and higher!


Our Life-Group in Nozamo have just about finished their basis course. We will carry on with other lessons while also  encouraging them to start reaching out to others with the love of God! - In this photo we are teaching the children John 3:16 in song and motions!
In recent times we have been experiencing more and more of the supernatural. It seems to us that miracles are occurring more frequently and we are excited to be a part of this great move of God. And to have you, our precious partner and supporter as part of the team.
             We prayed for a young mother of two, who had been diagnosed with cancer of the colon. She was prayed for and encouraged to get in the Word and fight the good fight of faith. When she went for her next check-up the colon of the cancer was GONE! However she was told that she now had cancerous tumors on her lungs. Whe she later returned for a follow-up check up she was told that they could no longer find any cancer in her body. However they insisted that she come again the following day for a check up as they were baffled and simply couldn’t understand how this could be! —- We praise the Lord for His supernatural healing that passes all understanding.
I, Rita, was one day cleaning my teeth with a toothpick when all of a sudden one of them fell out!! I shot up out of my chair, pushed the tooth back outr and said, “No, you don’t!” I then began to jump for joy and praise the Lord. In the days following I reminded my tooth that it was healed by the stripes of Jesus! — You might wonder why the great hype over one small tooth! But, it was not just over one small was my full persuasion, my confidence in the Lord’s ability and willingness, my faith! I took a stand and refused to come off. It is now 3 months later and the tooth is still in place!
S. while at work all of a sudden began to feel dizzy and loose her eyesight. It was not getting better, so she decided to go home. However when getting back she decided to go to her neighbor. But before letting her leave her neighbor insisted on prying for her and in the same instant she was totally healed. Praise the Lord!

We would like to  again express our sincere thanks and appreciation to each and everyone of you who play a part in making our ministry possible. Please know that you are in our prayers, and if you have any specific prayer requests that you would like us to help with, please do not hesitate to let us know.

For those of you that are new to our ministry and would like to support or get involved in some way, please find our contact details below.

Antonios Michalitsis, FNB, Branch: 200912 Account no. : 62633037082
Rita Olsen, Nedbank, Branch Code: 114145  Account no.: 1043639810

            For those of you that are abroad and would like to contribute, please be aware that besides PayPal, there is also the SEPA option as we have an account in Europe:
Rita Olsen
Danske Bank
Branch: 1551
Account: 3719943470
IBAN DK28 3000 3719 9434 70

If you are new to our work and want to partner with us monthly, we invite you to contact us for further details. We look forward to hearing from you.