April News 2023 F4G!


Dear Ones,          

Thank you so much for being part of our team. Our main aim is to establish the kingdom of God on earth, which is the solution to all of man’s longing for love, purpose, fulfillment, etc. In Luke 17:21 Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within us. Therefore one of our focuses is to build up the inner man with the truth of God’s Word...as a man thinks in his heart so is is (Proverbs 23:7). We thank you for your love, encouragement, support and for partnering with us in this ministry. And we know that Jesus ministered to the whole man, and to the best of our ability we strive to do the same!


In the photo above I, Rita, am teaching on not being ignorant of the devil’s devices. Below Philip is teaching on, “A Better Way to Pray.”


We want to thank the Lions’ Club Gordon’s Bay for their generous contribution of Easter eggs.They were distributed by two soup kitchens, and to our Gracelife Kids’ Church kids, as well as to the children passing by in the street!


We once again thank the Lions’ for  our teamwork and cooperation together. We also thank S.A. Harvester for their weekly assistance and generosity. Philip and I are the designated team to help collect and distribute the weekly supply from them. It is used to assists several kitchens located in places such as: Sir Lowry’s Pass, Temperance Town ,and Nomzamo,


Yet again a big shout out to the Lions! Through them we receive a weekly contribution of bread, pizza-bases, etc. which we again distribute in Sir Lowry’s Pass and Nomzamo!

These little ones put great pride in, and insisted on helping, to bring in the delivery of pizza-bases to the home here that distributes them to the families in their immediate neighborhood.

And we continue to, on a monthly basis, collect and distribute 100 liters of milk to several ECD (Early Childhood Development) centers, and the Angels' Kitchen, seen below, that also serves breakfast for the children before they go to school.


The photos here are just a small glimpse of the many people dependent on and benefiting from the kitchens and ECD centers we assist in some way on either a weekly or monthly basis!


The Weet-Bix we distribute on a regular basis continues to be a big blessing to several EDC centers and the Angels’ Kitchen. We are also able to assist the Lions with some as well as some cooking oil for their projects, from time to time.


These precious people received the Lord at the end of one of our Sunday gathering. They are eager to start their personal journey with the Lord and we are thankful that we were able to bless them with a Bible each.
PS: Many Bibles have been distributed this far as they are handed out on a regular basis!

This is our early Monday morning meeting with the staff as Nomzamo, Bright Stars. We are seening them growing and becoming more knowledgeable in the Word, and skilled in looking up the references referred to. 
In closing we again want to recognize and thank each and everyone of you who are part of, and in some way enable our ministry to continue to flourish, and bear great fruit. A body cannot function with one part only. All the parts are necessary and needed to operate properly, in the place and function assigned to them, in order for the overall outcome to be fruitful and beneficial.Together we are bearing beautiful fruit for the kingdom of God!

We realize that we, without you, would not be able to carry out this ministry. Therefore we thank and honor you, our precious friends, partners, supporters and loved ones.

With much love and appreciation,

Philip and Rita

Antonios Michalitsis, FNB, Branch: 200912 Account no. : 62633037082
Rita Olsen, Nedbank, Branch Code: 114145  Account no.: 1043639810
PayPal: force4good.ministries@gmail.com

            For those of you that are abroad and would like to contribute, please be aware that besides PayPal, there is also the SEPA option as we have an account in Europe:
Rita Olsen
Danske Bank
Branch: 1551
Account: 3719943470
IBAN DK28 3000 3719 9434 70

If you are new to our work and want to partner with us monthly, we invite you to contact us for further details. We look forward to hearing from you.