April News 2019

Dear Ones,

           We trust that you have all celebrated a wonderful and meaningful Easter, realizing all that is now ours because of the sacrifice Jesus made in laying down His life for us. For those of you that are partnering with us, we thank you. Together we are establishing the believers in the the faith and we are happy to report that they are growing strong and that the work is expanding—the fruit of our united efforts!


           As shown in the pictures below we had a beautiful time attending our church celebration (Long Friday and Easter Sunday). There was a beautiful dance illustrating the crucifixion and the power to overcome that the believers now have as a result.
After the service on Friday morning we had a picnic and the children were treated to a fun Easter Egg hunt led by Shayne and greatly enjoyed by all the children!


The photo here and below were taken right by our apartment on the N2! There was unrest for several days due to an attempted land grab. Because of this the N2 was closed and all traffic was redirected.

The unrest resulted in us not being able to get to the Sir Lowry’s Pass village as the traffic was backed up for miles and crept along at a snails pace. But we are happy that the situation now seems to have returned to normal.


Prior to the above mentioned incident we experienced a period of load shedding that caused our Bible School teaching (which is done via multi media DVDs) to grind to a halt. At the time there were no promises of the load shedding stopping, but rather the opposite was indicated. This led us to invest in the electricity power system seen here, which by the way was quite costly and we thank you our donors for helping to make it possible. We also invested in a couple of battery operated lights (not pictured here). We were determined not to allow these things to hinder us in ministering as we realize the need for the people, and all of us for that matter, to grow strong in the Lord and to know whom we have believed!
- This system here is battery operated and does not make any noise or require any petrol.


While we ourselves were not able to enter the village, we contacted a couple of our leaders there who took up the torch and gathered everyone together for the Word and prayer. We are happy to see the strength and determination the Lord has infused into these people and rest assured that the work will one day be able to carry on with or without us there!

When possible we always work together two by two and here I am present while one of our leaders are teaching!

Philip and the Bible students enjoying a time of worship before starting the Bible School teaching. The students have just completed a module (consisting of 8 DVDs and a test) on Discipleship Evangelism. This far they have completed 6 modules and the Lord has added new students as well.

Following are pictures of our Life Group which is busy studying through different study guides by Andrew Wommack, We just finished the Water Walker, and are now studying about keys to Staying Full of God.

Another group just completed their study of Rooted and we are now and will have their graduation together with the rest when everyone has caught up. We expect there to be 15-20 students completing the course soon.



Every month we collect 100 liters of milk which is then distributed to various ECD centers (Early Childhood Development) and soup kitchens.



We are also happy to announce that the house we are assisting with the building of is now nearing completion. The inside walls still need painting, and some outside security walls are also being worked on.—This precious family is realizing the fulfillment of a dream they never thought would come to pass. We want to THANK our specific donors (you know who you are) that are instrumental in bringing this to pass. Praise the Lord!


Besides the 100 liters of milk we also have a twice weekly food pick up from Woolworth's.
We assist the kitchen by collecting and bringing it to them once a week, and they then do the second collection.


Here Philip is seen with a bakkie full of Dis-Chem supplies and milk. Our leaders in Sir Lowry’s Pass are now helping us to divide and distribute these supplies as they are often more aware of people specific situations and needs. From time to time the supplies goes to Nomzamo where we also assist with milk and other things, all according to availability.


From time to time Philip also assist in collecting food from Checkers. Here is a van full of food ready to be off loaded and sorted at Emily’s Play School!


After the Long Friday Easter service there was a picnic planned where everyone brought their own. We had two bus-loads full of people and brought hot dogs, hot-dog bun, tomato sauce, mustard, grapes, etc. for everyone to ensure that no one would go without. We had a wonderful time sitting around on the grass and enjoying the warm sunshine and fellowship.