April 2024 News Letter.

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Dear Ones,
           We want to  THANK you our wonderful partners. Friends and family. You are a big encouragement to us and together we are  establishing the kingdom of God in the hearts of men.
           This month we have many breakthroughs, all of which we will share on the following pages. The biggest and most fulfilling breakthroughs are the progress made in our ministry.
Another breakthrough is that we were able to get some more furniture so that our previously sparsely furnished home now is better set up and more pleasant and accommodating!
We also  got a TV for our personal studies and future Bible studies! Praise the Lord!


One of our dreams and longings have been to start a (or more if needed) Bible study group. We held the first such group in our home this month. Attending were 5 people (4 from Greenland, and one from Croatia, along Philip and me). Our first subject was on the importance of the Word in our lives and that of laying a firm foundation built on our knowledge of Whom we have believed by coming to a knowledge of truth. Although everyone has been born again for years their knowledge of the Word is very limited.


We are so happy to have been able to start forming a network of new friends of fellow believers. We  seem to automatically end up in a Bible study each time someone visits. (And we’ve had 3 such impromptu Bible studies this month) We see that there is a deep hunger in the hearts of people to know more and go deeper. One of our visits which was from a lady from Greenland impressed me a lot. We sat for at least an hour exchanging miracle stories and supernatural intervention from God in our lives. It was exciting and inspiring to see and realize the unconditional love of the Lord in action for all of us regardless of who we are where we are and what we know of don’t know. _ Just knowing to call upon His Name seems to be enough!
Besides these impromptu Bible studies our good friend from Thailand whom we have not seen for about 20 years visited as well. To give you a glimpse of the international community here this month we had visitors from: Greenland, Iceland, Croatia, Romania, and Thailand. Praise the Lord!

J. visited us and ended up in an impromptu Bible class with us. He was especially interested in the healing ministry. On Sunday, someone needed prayer and J. brought her to Philip. Philip, however, asked him to pray for her himself, which he did. She said she felt heat and that the pain left her! Praise the Lord!

A. At the last Encounter Meeting asked me, Rita, to pray for her. She did not know any promises to claim and didn’t know what to expect. So we shared the Word with her and helped her raise her expectations. When prayed for it was like she was “being delivered”, and at the end she felt the pain and discomfort had left her!

F. was prayed for for his leg and against asthma. We saw him two weeks later and his leg was fine and he had had no more problem with asthma! Praise the Lord!

M. had knee pain and had decided to go to the doctor. We brought him to the best doctor, Jesus, and M. felt better.

K. was struggling with some breathing problems. Philip prayed for her and she felt better. She since then always seeks out Philip when needing prayer for something, esp. her dad who has not been doing well.

R. Had some wheezing and tight chest. After being prayed for by Philip it was gone and did not return.

Praise the Lord! He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Healing is the children’s bread!


Besides the above mentioned nationalities we also have a large community of Ukrainians here. As some of you may know we used to work in the Ukraine over a period of five years before we went to South Africa. During those years we brought several tons of aid from Denmark to various places in the Ukraine. Therefore we have an infinity towards them.  Philip was especially impressed upon to reach this needy community.  Because they came to Denmark as war refugees they were allowed to go straight into the work force without having to go through the usual procedure first attend language school in order to learn Danish. This has however made it quite difficult for them to communicate with us and us with them. Philip found a way to bridge the gap, at least for now. He manages to print out some salvation tract in Ukrainina in one side and Russian on the other (some parts of Ukraine are Russian speaking and not knowing which part people are from he decided to print in both language. The following week he followed up with a tract on the Holy Spirit. After having distributed the tracts and seeking to smile and be friendly with the people, many as they were leaving came by and padded us on the shoulder as to thank us for the effort put forth.


The Encounter meeting takes place twice a month. At the last one Philip was able to share some healing testimonies. Philip was also asked to lead the next meeting, which he is looking forward to. At the last meeting I, Rita< prayed for woman for healing. When I asked her what promise she wanted to claim she didn’t know. When I asked her what she expected the Lord to do, she had no expectations. This prompted a mini-study right there and an invitation to the study we later had in our home.

We are happy to say that we have been asked to assist more as staff in the Vinyard church. Here Philip is overseeing the Sunday lunch meal and attending to the distribution and sales of the beverages. I helped translate the Sunday teaching from Danish to English. It was about having open hearts and not allowing anything to keep our heart closed. It was based on John 4 about the women at the well and the various reason she gave for Jesus not associating with her: Her being a Samaritan, a woman, etc.


Bi-weekly we have been attending what is referred to as “The Family Network”! It is hosted by a church called to “Jakobs Kirken”. The aim of the club is to minister to the poor and needy by providing a free warm meal and a tme of fun and fellowship. It gives people the opportunity to build friendships. Seen here the competition was to build the highest tower possible out of spaghetti and marshmallows! The winner won a bag of candies. (Our team however did not win the candy, but we had a lot of fun!
On another occasion there was a lecture on MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship!) it was very interesting to hear how this international organization started a ministry of assisting missionaries in isolated parts of Africa with needed transportation i.e. transporting sick people to hospitals, bringing supplies, etc. And next time we are looking forward to a pastor sharing how he and his wife started about 30 churches on Greenland.
In closing we want to thank you for your continued prayers and support. Your labors in the Lord are not in vain.

Much love and appreciation, Philip and Rita

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