February News 2013

Dear Friends, and partners.
            Many thanks to all of you for joining with us to enable us to again bring hope and encouragement to others.  We could not do this work without you.!!

  Photos # 1: Some of our friends from abroad, who visited our various projects in Sir Lowry’s Pass, were touched by what they saw and expressed a desire to ship a container of humanitarian aid down from Europe. We are looking into the requirements to see if it will be doable on our end. Please keep this in your prayers

Photo 2: Philip and friend looking at the plants in the newly planted veggie patch.

The Pastor and the kids helping to unload the chips.

  # 3&4: Thanks to some of our fellow missionaries we were able to bless the people depending on the soup kitchen and all the children in the 4 crèches that we assists, with a special treat of chips.

# 5: Thanks to our new friend, Leon, we received a massive amount of duck carcases this month, enough to bless each of our projects..

# 6: We also brought cleaning & personal hygiene products to the main soup kitchen, just in time for them to make distribution to the stroke support group that meets there on a regular basis! 

# 7: At Mila’s Anfels we were enabled to provide nice new flooring for the babies room. Dear Mila has been striving to make lots of nice improvements for the children. God bless her

. # 8: Dear Junho bought food for each of the four crèches: milk, millie meal, sugar, and rice. Besides that we  also brought a large box of Weet-Bix and a box of nappies to each of the centres. 

# 9: Part of our faithful Life-team in front of the soup kitchen. Many have committed to showing up regularly to help minister to the poor people there. People are getting healed, finding jobs, etc. and generally encouraged to know that others truly care. In the front row you see the parents of one of our members. They visited from Pretoria and have decided that they would like to contribute something regularly towards helping ensure that continued progress will be made for the betterment of the most needy in Sir Lowry’s Pass!  We are encouraged by our growing net-work of people and would like to encourage any of you who read this and feel led to likewise participate to please feel free to contact us.