January News 2013

Dear Friends , partners and all
Thank you so much for the year that passed, and many thanks and appreciation to all of you who have assisted us faithfully. With these news we would like to share some of the amazing things that God, with your help, has enabled us to do. In spite of many obstacles the projects are still rolling. The soup kitchen is in full operation, feeding the poorest of the community that without this assistance would not mange. Every day these people are also being ministered to spiritually and there is a bog emphasis on pointing them to the Lord, through feeding Word, prayer and thanks giving. Through our prayer many are getting healed, finding jobs and coping with difficult situation at home. We are seeing that a little bit of love goes a long way. Photo 1 & 2: In December we donated some compost and arranged for a lady to tend the garden. As you can see it is thriving and we are excited about the fruit it will yield. # 3: Junho, who returned after 2 months of visiting his family in Korea, did a big shopping for each of the 4 day-care centres in Sir Lowry’s Pass. # 4: Thank you Liesel (from Voedingsaksie in Stellenbosch) for all the nice canned fruit and the veggies that were used for the Christmas meal # 5 We were able to donate a beautiful Jungle Gym to Mila’s Day-Care, thanks to Jungle Gym World located in Pretoria. # 6 Mila’s Angels also received many boxes of Dis-Chem supplies, and food, a large box of Weet-Bix, etc. (which each of the Day-Care centres likewise were blessed with). We want to THANK ALL our contributors. You are awesome! And a special thanks to those who assist our missionary centres and enable us to keep going, although we may not be highlighting you, you are a very, very important part of our work. Be blessed!




Photo #5

Photo # 6

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# 7: Lots of Dis-Chem supplies were donated to the main soup kitchen who in turn re-distributes to the most needy in the community.   # 8: Sunshine Kids received their share of supplies as well, as well as a complete set of character building VHS videos (26) for the children. They usually borrow the neighbours video machine and will benefit greatly from this wholesome input. # 9: Our prayer ministry in Sir Lowry’s Pass remains one of our most important jobs. There are many desperate and broken-hearted people there, and we have found that just a little bit of love, and some targeted prayer changes things drastically. We want to thank those of you who have joined our prayer ministry here. As you know the need is great, and we would not be able to have the same impact without our dedicated and committed prayer partners. (Sorry that we do not include too many photos or even speak too much about this as we do not want to make anyone uncomfortable coming to us). # 10 Emily’s soup kitchen (which is in reality a day-care centre) likewise received a full set of character building videos, as did the main soup kitchen for use for their kids activities. In the photo some of the staff at Emily’s soup kitchen is seen as they received supplies and some needed chairs for the day-care centre. # 11: A happy family reunion in January, as our daughter, son-in-law and 3 grand daughters visited, and stayed with us for 10 days. It was a wonderful time to start the new year and we miss them already! :) 
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