Force4Good Newsletter May 2012

Dear Ones,
    We would like to start by testifying of the goodness of the Lord. In spite of many odds He saw us through, and once again proved that He will not forget the poor or forsake His own. Praise the Lord!

A BIG THANK you to Rite Cuts for faithfully providing good nourishing soup bones, and meat. That never fails to be a big blessing and comfort to many.

One of our fellow missionary bases in town assisted us once again with chips—and pasta!

A BIG THANK YOU also goes to Premier Foods who again donated 200 loaves of bread to help the poor villagers (here the staff is showing their gratefulness).

We would also like to highlight Dis-Chem who likewise has assisted us for years now with some much needed persoanl hygiene products, cleaning supplies, etc. Here we also want to thank Kingfisher Guest House for their faithful monthly assistance!

Pasta, chips, and joyful smiles!!

To the far right is one of the oldest villagers (94 yrs.) who got a lift and afterwards was gently assisted to her house as we were on our rounds to distribute to food to the sick and elderly.

Here Philip is seen in one of the shacks praying for the sick.

Mila’s Angels” daycare happy to receive boxes of supplies.

Lathi-Tha Daycare, also in Sir Lowry’s Pass likewise received nappies and other needed items.

Our Life-Team weekly meeting with testimonies, training, and lots of uplifting fellowship.—People also visit us and/or bring people to these meeting that need prayer. All are welcome, including you and your friends, etc.

The youth group busy studying the “New Man” to learn their true identity after having received Christ. This group has made us proud of the way they have received the message and have turned around and reached out to others in their community!

Urgent needs in order to further our work:

Spacious station wagon, diesel, maximum 5 years old!  Our present station wagon Ford 1998 runs on fuel, which is now becoming quite costly, and it is in constant need or repairs. We believe it is now time for a good strong vehicle for the Lord’s Work.

Our vision is to “go into all the world”. To accomplish our mission well and to attract as many as possible we need a generator so we can go anywhere anytime and not be hindered for lack of electricity. We need an overhead projector as our vision is to show Christian movies, to attract the people, and to at the same time give the message in an attractive manner , after which we will minister.

A portable PA system as we know the Lord will draw many to hear the message. This will also be used for praise and worship, teaching, preaching, etc.

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