Our passion is to change the world through empowering people to develop a personal relationship with God, and in turn, to change their part of the world. We seek to provide a supportive and energizing environment for personal spiritual growth, for sharing the good news of God’s love and salvation, and for the application of Christian ethics and values to everyday life. To translate God’s love into action in a way that brings a touch of the divine to someone’s spirit, and leads people to the discovery of a personal relationship with Jesus.

Humanitarian Assistance: Enhancing the quality of life of the disadvantaged, displaced, and those without hope. We do this through not only ministering to them spiritually, but also seeking to meet their physical needs such as food, clothing, personal hygiene supplies.

Spiritual Development: Providing spiritual and emotional support to all in need. We provide assistance for people’s spiritual development through means such as Bible based teaching, personal counseling, support groups, and further encouragement in times of distress or hardship, especially through prayer. We are also engaged in a variety of educational and character-building programs for children.

Soup Kitchen
James 2:15 and 16 - If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, and one of you says to them, "depart in peace, be warmed and filled", but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit?

Being motivated by this call we first started working in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village by assisting the obviously needy kitchen in any way we could. We started getting meat soup bones, mince, boerewors, fruits and veggies, peanut butter, jam, rice, flour, millie meal, sugar, etc., etc. The kitchen is geared to assist the most needy and downtrodden of the village and although the number of people seeking the aid may vary it is approx. 350 people that depend upon it. We were also instrumental in starting a sandwich project for approx. 100 high school students attending the Gordon’s High School. These projects are still running and although it may appear as if they are well covered there are still many lacks and we would like to encourage you to be a part.

With Christmas fast approaching we are now faced with the challenge of bringing some Christmas cheer to this impoverished community. We would like to set before them a nice Christmas meal. For this we will need:

10 boxes of quarter leg chicken
30 kg mince
20 kg rice or 30 kg pasta
Red and green veggies
100 ltr. Juice
Desert, etc.

This year there are about 10 fulltime volunteers at the soup kitchen. These women work long hours for little or no pay. For Christmas we would like to be able to offer them a nice food hamper for them and their families. Almost anything would be welcome for this purpose. Some suggestions are:
I whole chicken per family
2-3 kg of either: rice, pasta or potatoes
Canned goods
Millie meal
Cooking oil
Fruits and veggies
Tea and coffee
Etc, etc.

Besides the volunteers there are approx. 15-20 sick and elderly that we would like to offer a hamper to as well, consisting of some of the same items as listed above.

If you would like to help you can either do so via donations (you can specify how you would want it used), or you can already start contributing with non perishable foods that we will set aside for this purpose. All donors will receive a special picture page of the event and distribution of the hampers. We will also highlight your name and business in our January newsletter, should you so desire.

Lathi-Tha is located in Sir Lowry’s Pass. We have assisted this Daycare for the past 2 years or so, from before they got registered. Besides helping with food and other necessities, we got a company to repaint the place inside and out.

Sunshine Kids: We only recently started helping this Day Care as well. As above we brought some food and daily necessities as well as toys. With time we will see how to get more involved.

Mila’s Angels is a day-care that opened fairly recently. When we first visited they were so poor that they had no furniture of any kind and barely managed to feed the children. With the Lord’s help we were able to get tables, and chairs as well as a nice big toy chest for them. We regularly assist with food and other necessities as well.

Emily’s Soup Kitchen is are among one of the largest day-care centres in the Sir Lowry's Pass Village. This was initially just a soup Kitchen for children, ensuring that they all would get one warm meal a day. It has since developed into a day-care and they are in the process of getting registered as well.

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