Weekly news

Weekly News!
(3rd—10th of June 2013)

           Monday: Our new-found friends, Jannie and Irene, a couple from Namibia arrived in order to join us in our missionary work for one week. Many thanks to Kingfisher Hallow Guesthouse for accommodating them and making their stay here very comfortable!

Tuesday AM: The four of us went together to Sir Lowry’s Pass to bring some supplies to the soup kitchen and each of the 4 day-care centres that we work with.
Tuesday PM: We, Philip and I, went to Cape Town to pick up soup bones and other supplies…...In the evening the four of us joined back together for the evening meal and some Word studies.

Wednesday: The four of us got back together around 9 to continue our Word studies. After that we again went to Sir Lowry’s Pass, with more supplies and to follow up on the previous days work.
In the afternoon we went together to pray for the sick at the HH hospital. Many were touched and miraculously healed. A young woman in the emergency ward was with an oxygen mask fighting for every breath struggling to breathe, and shaking with pain. After repeated prayer she was free of pain, and removed her mask, which she had been clinging to for dear life, and asked us to please help her with her bus fare home!!! Ha! Praise the Lord! There were many others healed as well.

Thursday AM: Irene and I spend the morning sorting and organizing some beautiful hand knitted baby blankets, jerseys, hats, mittens and sock that were donated for us to distribute. We will bring most, if not all of this to the HH hospital where many young, and teenage mothers from the townships give both and often are in dire need to clothing for their babies.  After sorting and organizing the baby clothes we, Irene and Rita, prepared art kits for our Hope for Kids program in Sir Lowry’s Pass. There were scissors, glue, coloured pencils, pencils, sharpeners, etc. to be divided.
Thursday evening we had our weekly Life-team meeting, where we were about 10 of us sharing testimonies and studying and discussing together. “Iron sharpeneth iron”, and we always enjoy these times.

Friday AM: Philip and I went to pray for the sick at the Sir Lowry’s Pass clinic after which we met up with Jannie and Irene and some of our other Life-team members at the soup kitchen. There we again prayed for the needy and arranged for the Hope for Kids program.
Friday afternoon was the ‘Hope for Kids’ program. This time we had a very manageable group of about 50 children show up and the second part of the program was accomplished.

Saturday: An unexpected day of rest was prepared for us. Due to the rainy weather we stayed home during the day. In the afternoon Jannie and Irene joined us, and we continue our Word studies, plus Irene cooked a delicious meal of lasagne for all of us, ummmm!

Sunday: Philip and I did fundraising at the market. Jannie and Irene  came later on and when the market was over we all went to the Gracelife church together. Afterwards we returned for a bite to eat and a short time of fellowship.