Dear friends, partners and all,      

We are very grateful for your prayers, partnership and support, which are propelling us forward to make an undeniable difference! Thank you so much for your wonderful teamwork.

Graduation Party Sir Lowry's Pass:

This month brought with it a big victory as a great milestone was reached in the lives of many of our students, as they completed a basic discipleship course. We are very proud of some of our older students who completed the course ahead of the others and then turned around and helped those that had gaps to catch up. The Lord is definitely raising up strong and caring leaders in the community and their lives will never be the same again. Once you have drunk deeply of the fountain of life nothing else will ever satisfy. 

We had approximately 70 people in attendance and approx. 20 graduates. One of our students missed her graduation, but will be carrying on participating in the new teachings ahead of us. There are many new developments which we will be telling you about shortly and as they materialize! Stay tuned! It’s exciting!

Area Fellowship:

At the beginning of the month we had a guest speaker, Christiaan, who gave a tremendous talk on work ethics and your attitude at the work place and towards your boss, all based of the Word and Christian values. We were inspired to later hear testimonies from some of the participants of how they had applied some of the counsel given and how it had been a real source of strength to them.

At these events we not only serve a warm delicious meal to the participants, but also ensure that the children and people in the street get at least a sandwich and are not left comfortless.

We also had a farewell/send off and prayer for Romina an intern from Albania with Gracelife ministries, who stayed in South Africa for six months. During this time she completed Bible School and participated in many ministry related activities. We were fortunate to have her stay with us for brief periods of time. Romina had a real heart for the Sir Lowry’s Pass ministry and she will be missed. She will be a pillar to the work in Albania due to all the training she received while in South Africa.

Unexpected Miracle of Supply:

We received an unexpected invitation (among several other charities) to come and help ourselves to any furniture we could use from a storeroom that needed to be emptied.
We were able to fill a large truck, two bakkies and a trailer with good wooden furniture.
All the furniture that we, Force4Good received, was distributed in the Sir Lowry’s Pass village. We are very thankful to the generous donor for including us in this. THANK YOU!

And the Blessings Kept Flowing:

Some of the supplies distributed to the soup kitchen and the ECD (Early Childhood Development) centers this month include: 19 boxes of ducks, 18 large boxes of Weet-Bix with 24 packs in each, 160 liters of milk, 30 kg of rice, 2 very large sacks of baby clothes, approximately 6 sacks of adult clothing and shoes, a computer and two screens, etc. and the furniture mentioned previously. We are very thankful to the Lord for His faithful supply! In the first picture is a kitchen for children in Sir Lowry’s Pass that we have recently started to help as well when we are able to do so.

A Friendly Reminder of Our Christmas Appeal:

We want to thank each of you for your interest and participation in our work. Christmas is usually the busiest time of year for us. This year however we have been invited for a family reunion with our daughters, son-in-law and granddaughters in the States, something we are looking forward to very much. If you would like to partner with us in this trip it will be much appreciated. Thanks!
We will be gone from the middle of December till the middle of January 2018. But before our departure we  are making sure that everyone’s expectations will be met. This of course will not be possible without your help. We are also happy to say that the work will carry on as some of our amazing friends have volunteered to help and to continue  to minister to the people in our absence. What a wonderful network you all are!
  The Christmas meal at the Soup Kitchen:

We thank Leon’s Duck Farm for providing all the duck needed for the meal. We still need the following ( or vouchers towards it) by the first week of December as we will be away after that) 
10 kg mince, 50 kg potatoes, 12 heads of cabbage, 15 kg carrots, 20 kg onions. 20 kg rice, 20 kg pasta, 5 liter tomato sauce, 5 kg mayonnaise, 5 liters cooking oil, 40 liters juice.

 Kids at the Christmas Event:

We usually estimate that approximately 300 children attend the Christmas event at the soup kitchen. For this occasion we like to hand out Goodie Bags. We would like contributions towards these in order to make them as uniform as possible …latest by the end of November.
 Food Hampers:

The kitchen is closed during the public holidays, which for the neediest families/individuals presents a big problem. This gave birth to our initiative to provide food hampers to help people have food in the house and be able to enjoy the festive season. This year we, due to our absence, aim to provide each family with a gift card of R 300 for Shoprite. You can help make this possible by either buying a R 300 Gift Card personally or contributing financially by the end of November.
 Christmas for the Children:

Christmas is especially an exciting event for the children, which they anticipate with lots of hope and excitement. For this reason we like to contribute towards meeting some of these expectations. For the past many years we have sought to help ECD centers (Early Childhood Development centers). This year we have 7 centers anticipating our assistance, approximately 400 children. We are aiming to help provide special treats for the groups to enjoy on the day of their Christmas celebration. Some suggestions are: Juice, Cookies, Chips, Sweets, Cake, Chocolate, And/or the like!

 Invitation to Partnership:
We are active all year round responding to the needs of the underprivileged. Some of what this entails for us are:
 Improving Living Conditions:

Bringing Supplies: Food, Clothing, etc:

Providing Educational Materials:

Sharing the Love of God and Establishing New Believers in the Faith:

We want to end here by thanking those of you that have already started to respond to our plea! May you and all of our wonderful helpers be mightily blessed!