March News Letter 2018

Dear Ones,        
Thank you so much for your participation in and support  of our work. Together we are making a wonderful difference in the lives of many.
The Charis Bible School curriculum we teach consists of 39 modules, each consisting if 8-DVD and a test at the end. We are very happy to announce that our students have successfully completed the first module! A wonderful step that has built confidence and better knowledge and understanding of the Word of God.
We also thank everyone as we this moth were able to greatly improve our venue.  We especially thank our Gracelife church who provided us with enough chairs to comfortably seat everyone. We also got new cups and thermo flasks. If you compare with the photos in our last newsletter you will see the big difference it has made!


 Emily helping Philip translate as the test is gone over together after completion
 Rita on hospitality.The new thermo flasks, mugs, etc.are resulting in there now no longer being a long wait for hot water and everyone being served in a nice mug.
 Philip bringing roofing repair materials to Wayne who was able to repair the roof of the shack seen below, which was leaking in three places. It was done just in time before the Easter rain arrived. — This is the place of K. whom we have helped before. Her place has been so transformed it is almost unrecognizable! She also put in a lot of time and effort into it herself!

 A security gate was put up in the Wendy house purchased last month for the empowerment project mentioned then.

 The two ladies with the small boy (seen below) called us for urgent help as the shack they were staying in burned to the ground overnight along with all their belongings. Thankfully no one was hurt and we were able to assist them with some clothing immediately. We are looking into how to proceed from here.
 This month we equipped this family with some gardening tools. There is a small piece of herb garden that they have gotten permission to cultivate. They hope to soon be selling vegetables and to also start keeping chicken and selling eggs.
 Above: This month we were able to assist 5 especially needy families with a Food Hamper each of rice, oats,millie meal, sugar, lentils, dried fruit, etc. We would like to be able to bring it up to 10 on a monthly basis until some of these families get in a better position to provide for themselves.And to also thank Ter from Trumpet Tree for his assistance!
Below: Bringing Dis-Chem supplies and Food Hampers to Sir Lowry’s Pass.
Bright Stars, Nomzamo:

Sunshine Kids, Sir Lowry's Pass:
Mila's Angels, Sir Lowry's Pass:
 Emily's Play School, Sir Lowry's Pass:

 Lathi-Tha, Sir Lowry's Pass:

Every month approx. 100 liters of milk is distributed between various ECD centers and/or soup kitchens in Sir Lowry’s Pass and Nomzamo.

Emily's Play School, Sir Lowry's Pass:

 Sunshine Kids, Sir Lowry's Pass:

Mila's Angels, Sir Lowry's Pass:

Twice weekly Woolies is assisting Joyce’s Soup Kitchen in Sir Lowry’s Pass. This has now been an on-going donation for several years for which we are deeply grateful!

This is our Life Group in Sir Lowry’s Pass with whom we meet weekly. Presently we are studying together about the ‘Believer’s Authority’ something many believer’s are sadly not aware of. If you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are seeing many lives transformed thorough gaining knowledge of who God really is and their identity in Christ. The Gospel is truly Good News! Don’t miss out for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6

We thank Dis-Chem for also providing us with good bread that we were able to distribute to many families on Good Friday!


On Easter Sunday we got up bright and early to prepare 50 sandwiches for our Word students from Sir Lowry’s Pass to enjoy with us for the church picnic and egg hunt arranged right after the morning service
We want to thank our wonderful Gracelife family for all their labors  of love in providing a truly liberating Easter message, as well as a time of fun and fellowship with a nice picnic and fun Easter egg hunt.

And we thank our friends from the market for supplying us with the fresh bread rolls needed for the picnic.
And Dis-Chem for delicious chocolate and cookies enjoyed by all.

And we thank our friends from the market for supplying us with the fresh bread rolls needed for the picnic.