Newsletter May 2019

Dear Ones,

           We want to start by thanking each one of you, our partners, friends and supporters. We have had an awesome month with a lot of emphasis on reaching out to the lost and especially needy people. However, the job is too big for just a few, so everyone was rallied to get behind the vision. The photos below are of a special event in Sir Lowry’s Pass. The event was themed ‘Miracle Night!’

'Miracle Night', Sir Lowry's Pass:

 A team of our local students are leading a time of worship.

In the photo below Coenrad  is sharing the vision for reaching out to others with the love of God

Here Shayne is sharing about receiving your miracle. Being expectant and knowing the love that God has for each of His children and His desire for all to come to Him and receive all the benefits of salvation not only in the life to come, but also here and now!



Bright Stars, Nomzamo:

This month the Weet-Bix, which the kids really like and look forward to, was also distributed to an additional two especially needy daycare centers in Sir Lowry's Pass that were brought to our attention: Tiny Tots and Tom’s Little Angels, as well as a kitchen and approx. 20 of our student families were helped!

Emily's Play School, Tiny Tots and Tom's Little Angels, Sir Lowry's Pass: 

This month 15 large boxes of Weet-Bix were distributed between 6 daycare centers and a soup kitchen in Sir Lowry’s Pass and Nomzamo.

We also want to thanks and acknowledge our fellow believers who have been contributing generously of used clothing, shoes, etc. Here we dropped some off to be sorted and distributed by Emily and her faithful staff, along with several boxes of personally hygiene supplies, etc. generously donated by Dis-Chem, also to be sorted and distributed!

Bright Stars, Nomzamo:

Mila's Angels, Sir Lowry's Pass:

 Joyce's Soup Kitchen, Sir Lowry's Pass:

Our Bible Students, SIr Lowry's Pass:


Once a month we collect and distribute 100 liters of milk. Much of what we do is repeated on a monthly basis, but when there was an unexpected break in the milk supply those on the receiving end really missed it and were all praying for it to start up again, which to everyone's relief it did. So although many of our tasks have almost become routine, they are very needed and much appreciated!

Mila's Angels, Sir Lowry's Pass:

Bright Stars, Nomzamo:


We thank Woolworth's for their faithful contribution over the years of food for the main soup kitchen in Sir Lowry's Pass.


Checkers is assisting Emily's Play School and from time to time Philip helps by collecting the food from the store.

Training Disciples Through Various Word Studies:

Bible School:

Philip runs the Bible School while I, Rita, usually teach the beginners in an adjoining class room.

Here I, Rita, taught the Bible School students on the Biblical principles of sowing and reaping.

Beginner students laying a strong foundation through Rooted, a basis course by Shayne Holesgrove.

The lady seen in the picture here was miraculously delivered of a bad backache after being prayed for. She runs a daycare center for approx. 50 children. As seen they also received a couple of boxes of Weet-Bix for the kids!

Gracelife Conference:

We had a special guest speaker from UK who came with his wife and daughter. He not only shared the Word at several services, but also at a Saturday conference geared to stirring everyone up to reach out to the lost!

Growth Track:

Once every tremester Gracelife runs a 4-week course for newcomers called Growth Track, which aims at helping new believers enter into discipleship. This month Philip and I were invited to teach at one of these sessions. Afterwards everyone were treated to a delicious lunch! 

Water Baptism:

Two of our young students were water baptized and later received a certificate to help them commemorate the day when they publicly acknowledged their faith and identified with being in Christ.