February news 2020,. Making the Word a better place!!

Dear Ones, This has been one of our most exciting months in a long time. A new training program was started called DMM (Disciple Making Ministry). It basically consists of forming small groups referred to as “Discovery Groups”. It encourages initiative in the ministry by asking everyone to share truths from the Word of God with others, that they themselves have discovered in their Discovery groups. That raises up leaders a lot faster which in turn raise up other leaders a lot faster. Another benefit to this kind of modus operandi is that it is a lot more satisfying for the individual as everyone gets a chance to lead. And the more we share and pour out the more we retain personally and so the more we learn and grow. It is very exciting, but as mentioned we are still in the beginning stages of learning how to effectively operate in this way with a decentralized and non positional leadership structure. So more about that as we learn ourselves!
If you would like to know more you are welcome to contact us we would love to hear from you!


As seen in the picture above we usually start out in a larger group, after which we divide into small groups. Then we read through a small passage of Bible verses together and discuss and share within our groups what we learned/what stood out from us in that passage. It helps us to draw out truth and to be attentive, as well as encourages everyone to speak up and to contribute in a safe environment,

We usually dive into four to five groups depending on how many are present. We are also using this model on Sundays and again, after a time of Worship and Word we divide into smaller groups. We are then all encouraged to share what we are most thankful for for the week that passed. What stood out to us from the passage read. How it relates to our relationship with God. How it relate to our relationship with our neighbor. Who we can share this Word with this week? Etc. These are some of the main questions posed in order to draw everyone out and to help us realize how to implement what we learn. How to  become doers of the Word and not hearers only! And It helps us retain what we are learning.


More of our local people are also being challenged to take a lead publicly. In the picture above, Hetta, one of our faithful disciples over the years, is welcoming everyone and leading us into a time of worship.
As seen people are coming up front to testify of the Lord’s goodness -- His healing power, the supernatural supply of their needs, or finding a job, etc. Together we are all learning to draw more on His grace and to have the courage to step out and share what the Lord is doing in us, for us, and through us.

In the photos above different ones are testifying, welcoming, etc. And in the photo here Emily shared a very heart touching message about our call to carry out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20)

Seen here is our core Sunday School team making some needed announcements. We are very thankful for their dedication and hard work. The children are learning, growing, and eager to attend Sunday School


As part of fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) we had three water baptisms last Sunday. Baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost! Praise the Lord!


100 liters of milk were distributed in various ECD centers. Seen here are “Bright Stars” in Nomzamo!

We are very thankful to Woolworths who this month assisted us very generously and went above and beyond our expectations. People were helped generously and were given food to take home as well!

One day at the market I, Rita, met a lady who could hardly walk. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that her knee had made a “cracking” noise that morning and that it had hurt since then. I offered to pray for her and afterwards asked her to do what she was not able to do before. She was hesitant saying something to the effect of, Well, with time it will get better. I asked her to please try walking now, and as she did a big smile broke out over her face as she realized that her knee was already much better! Praise the Lord for His goodness!

Philip prayed for a lady with a painful stiffness in her fingers due to arthritis — also while at the market. She was instantly healed and kept coming back to Philip to thank him and to let him know how much she appreciated it.

A friend that often comes to see us at the market had a very painful wrist. Philip prayed for it and the pain was gone immediately. Praise the Lord!

Another friend, who had been due for a knee transplant three years ago, and whom Philip had prayed for then and whom we hardly seen since because she lives quite far from us, when we recently visited her, told us that she had never had a problem with that knee ever since and that when she had returned to the doctor he had told her that there was no need to operate.
When visiting this lady this time, she was suffering from a painful stiff neck. Philip prayed against it and she was instantly better.

Her friend was suffering from a condition that made her legs very painful and made it difficult for her to walk and stand up or sit down. When I met her she was sitting down so I took the time to first lead her to the Lord. After that I prayed for her healing and asked her to try to stand up and walk. When she did she got very excited as her legs did not hurt and she spun around with her arms in the air a couple of times saying, “I’m better! I’m Better!” Praise the Lord!

Philip also prayed for a lady who was suffering from severe lower back pain, and the pain left’ But the following week as he went to follow up on her she told him the following. The pain had come back and she had been in bed for three days due to the pain. But while there she felt like the Lord was doing an operation on her back as something unusual was happening to it. On the third day she got up and all the pain was gone. And when Philip saw her again she was still pain free.

Testimonies like these (and many others that we do not have time and space to share here) are a big part of what keeps us inspired and fully persuaded that God is able to do above and beyond what we can ask or think.

Through our time in the Word the Lord also showed us that unless we are doers of the Word we will never truly know Him. But stepping out by faith, risking those small steps, are what builds us up and encourages us that He can truly be trusted to keep Him Word. Praise the Lord!


With much love and appreciation to each of you our precious friends, partners and supporters!

Philip and Rita

If you want to support our mission , you can contact us at: force4ggood.ministries@gmail.com