November News 2020


Dear Ones,        

    It is with deep gratitude we write to each and everyone of you, our donors, anonymous and otherwise, who help make the ministry possible. We believe you are storing up blessings in heaven and here, and that you will reap which you have sown, love, concern and selflessness. May you never be weary in well doing (Galatians 6:9). THANK YOU!

    We are entering the countdown to 2020, a year none of us will soon forget. But through it all the Lord showed that He is mighty to deliver and and unhindered and unlimited by earthly circumstances.


Philip shopping to help assist Joyce’s Soup Kitchen in Sir Lowry’s Pass, which included buying sweet treats to help fill the little buckets (seen below), which the children in Chris Nissan Park made with great anticipation for Christmas. We also brought muffin mix enough for 120 muffins for a Thanksgiving event.




This month we had a beautiful baby dedication which included a preparatory training course for the parents. Philip had the privileged of ministering the Word during the month and I was able to assist with a demonstration of Spirit, Soul and Body. Understanding this concept is key to a successful Christian life.



Studying the Word is becoming increasingly important I  order to combat the darkness of the world. Ps 119:30 ‘The entrance of thy Words giveth light, it giveth understanding unto the simple.” (KJV).



We are very grateful to Lion’s Club Gordon’s Bay, for their unwavering support of our ministry, which this month not only included bread and pizza bases but also clothing, towels and ready-made soup! Thank U!



Above: A generous food shopping for Joyce’s soup kitchen to help fill the large new pot. And the twice weekly support from Woolies, is always a big blessing and support. Together we are making a difference!



We thank Helping Hand for reaching out a helping hand to our ministry whenever possible. Here we are getting loaded up with freshly harvested Swiss chard which was distributed several places in SLP!


We are very grateful for the 14 boxes of Weet-Bix, likewise distributed in Sir Lowr’s Pass, and Nomzamo. This was the first pick-up since the lock-down started and very very much appreciated!



We also collected 100 liters of milk distributed to various ECD Centers in Sir L:owry’s Pass & Nomzamo.




14 sacks and 3 large boxes of crystal sugar sticks were distributed to Nomzamo and Sir Lowry’s Pass. We thank our generous donor for the consistent support of our ministry—to the great delight of many!




We thank the Soup House mothers for tirelessly sticking to the enormous task of ensuring that all the little ones get at least one warm filling meal a day. We appreciate them and affectionately refer to them as “our angels of the street”. Their labors of love and presence is greatly appreciated by many! And once again many thanks to Lions Gordon's Bay for providing the bread to go with the soup!




· Thank you so much for this message. I was feeling so down this morning ,feeling guilty of something that happened at work yesterday ,thinking what God might be thinking of me ...But these scriptures have drawn me back to his love again and not in my condemnation thoughts ....Now I'm looking forward to God's abundance of love ...Thank you Jesus for the love that flows in my heart through you.


· I love the saying.. In delving, you develop your intellect, you develop your spirit, and you develop yourself in the work, and after a while, you come to appreciate Him. Love how you always said that the word says that you must study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman rightly dividing the word of truth.


· True, Yes, Amen! The man of God is masterful; he is a conqueror. Beloved, let us love one another : for love is of God: and  every one that loves is  born of God! Wow l have become a partaker of  the nature of the Creator. l am tied up with Omnipotence, wow! Thank you Lord!


· Amen and amen!! Wow this s powerful and revelations from the Almighty!! Thank you for these powerful words.


· So true what more can we ask, He gave us all the tools to do the work. Lord help us to be bold and unselfish, let us go out and share Your love.

· Amen yes He  died for us: we live for Him. He  died for them ; we live for them. Now we are to become one with Him to carry out His dream for the world, true . We really  have a throne life and throne ability to represent him . Wow powerful word!

· Thank you for your beautiful messages. So uplifting and an eye opener, and a new way of seeing things....These messages are the air we need to breathe.

· Thank you Jesus that You suffered our pains and carried our diseases, and with Your stripes we are healed. Thank You Jesus that Your pain and sufferings is actual truths instead of just a healing theory. By Your stripes we are healed Now.....

· Wow, wow this s absolutely powerful !! I enjoyed reading every script, and gained some knowledge especially the way people speak, oh my word! The more we change our words, the more things will start to move, and we can either heal or destroy with our words! Christ died for us, died for us so that we can have life in abundance! Christ in us the hope of glory! If God is for us who can be against us? We are winners and by His Stripes we were healed... Thank you very much for the powerful words and I appreciate it...


One of our students asked prayer for her back. Both her leg and arm ended up growing out before she left. And she was elated as all pain was gone!

We received a late message asking for prayer for someone’s grandson who had suffered from a high fever and tonsillitis for a whole week. The following morning we received a message thanking us for our prayers as the boy had woken up fever free and much better! Praise the Lord!