Amazing December News & HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021


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We are so very happy to announce that the Lord  to exceeded all of our hopes and expectations for this Christmas season.  Many were helped, touched and encouraged as a result. And we want to  THANK YOU  and acknowledge every one of you our partners, friends, supporters and loved ones.  We did this together and  together we are impacting and changing the world, making it a better place spreading His light! Following is a brief oversight of what was accomplished:
· On the 25th of December 100 food parcels were distributed, as well as a yummy snack.
· We had very feeding and uplifting church services throughout the month of December.
· And weekly Life-Group meetings with Bible studies were held. We now are at least 7 different people leading various groups.
· 52 Food vouchers of R 250 each to assist needy family during the holiday season.
· Daily Feeding Word was sent out daily Monday-Friday.
· Joyce’s soup kitchen fed + people a Christmas meal and we, you and us, assisted towards this with: chicken, rice, cabbages and carrots
· The Food Bank that we set up in Sir Lowry’s Pass was restocked
· Christmas sweets and treat were provided for + 200 children
· We held a funeral and were able to assist with a warm meal for + 50 people at the event. –Not Covid related!
· A bakkie load full of fresh pre-sliced bread, pizza bases, croutons and cereal was distributed sometimes twice, but always at least once a week.
· Various supplies were distributed such as: 100 liters of milk, shoes and clothing, children’s books, etc.
· And soup houses cooking meal predominantly for the children were helped as well!
It would not be possible for us to mention everything that we as a team managed to do this month, let alone the year that passed, to help assist and uplift someone in need. But suffice it to say that together we have been  a positive force for good and  we look forward to continuing our partnership in 2021!



 Emily delivered a powerful message on the love of God and His purpose for sending Jesus Christ. There were new people in the crowd and together everyone was led in a simple, but powerful prayers to receive the true Christmas gift, life everlasting! 2020 was challenging, but the Lord brought us all through victoriously! Praise the Lord!

The Sunday School children sang “We wish you a Merry Christmas” thus wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! 

Lucy and Juanita performing a beautiful spiritual dance as part of the Christmas surprise for everyone! Thank you!

Because of the lock-down it was decided to rather supply everyone attending our Christmas celebration with the ingredients needed for them to personally cook a warm meal at home, Every adult and child attending received a food parcel.

Seen here is the content of each food parcel!

A small snack, bun with chicken or cheese and ham, was prepared for everyone to enjoy together with a cup of tea or coffee.


We were aiming for 50 vouchers of R 250 each and are so happy to report that were able to get 52 vouchers.

 The sweets, chips and juice was provide for approximately 150 children depending on one of the soup houses.

The twice weekly assistance of food from Woolworths continues to be greatly appreciated by the soup kitchen!

 We also want to thank our milk contact which never missed a beat throughout 2020. May you be blessed !

We want to thank each and everyone of you who think of our ministry and assist with clothing, shoes, toys, etc.

 The Food Bank set up in Sir Lowry’s Pass was replenished as well to ensure that there would be help available.

We also received some beautiful children's books that were passed on for the children at Emily's Play School to enjoy.


A BIG THANK YOU to Gordon’s Bay Lion’s Club for their weekly contributing of sliced bread, pizza bases, cereal, croutons, rotis, etc. It has been a tremendous help for soup kitchens, soup houses, ECD (Early Childhood Development) centers, families, etc.


We salute the many dedicated women who are tirelessly carrying on providing at least one hot meal a day for the children in their neighborhoods. We are so proud of them and honored to be able to assist them in their tireless efforts!

Thanks to our faithful partners, supporters and Lion's Club GB we were able to assist the main soup kitchen in Sir Lowry's Pass with rice, chicken, cabbages and carrots needed  for the Christmas Feast at the kitchen. We were told that an estimated 2000 people came through that day for food.


Auntie B. and elderly member of our congregation has passed on to her great reward. She was faithful to the end!   PS: Her passing was NOT Covid related!


This is just a small glimpse of the Bible study groups/Life Groups presently operating in Sir Lowry’s Pass and Somerset West. Psalm 119 the longest Psalm in the Bible expresses how the Word of God is the key to everything in life! Drawing close to Him is our most important job, and the key to success and overcoming!
A friend of ours had been struggling with polyps and heart trouble. Recently he finally received the Lord, and we again prayed for his health. After his next check up we received the following report:
“For the first time (this friends of ours) Hs no polyps. Unbelievable!” And shortly thereafter: “Thanks to God (our friend’s) heart is OK again.”
We praise the Lord for His love and grace. “He is able to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by Him” (Hebrew 7:25)
T. was hospitalized with stomach infection and after being released was still in so much pain that  it was difficult for her to walk. We went to meet her and a few days after having prayed we received a good report that she was much better. Praise the Lord!
E. another friend of ours came down with Corona (her test was positive) and was battling to breathe.  We prayed for her over voicemail and only a few days later received a message back that she was already feeling so much better! Praise the Lord.
We prayed for a couple of people in France as well, both having come down with the Corona virus, and again the report we received back was that they were both healed. We are so thankful to the Lord and all that He has done and is doing to deliver us and others from the evil of the world!
· This is absolutely amazing, it brings freedom and sight. Thank you Jesus that we can keep our eyes on You... And the things of the earth will grow strangely dim... Thank You Jesus that You are the Answer today.. We look to You and your wonderful Grace..
· Such a freedom to know that we are free from the 10 commandments through rule keeping.. NOW WE ARE UNDER THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE HOLLY SPIRIT..
· We are so blessed to know that we are free from sin consciousness we have the mind of Christ. Thank u Holy Spirit for instructing us.
· Thank you Lord for the helper the  Holy spirit . l have the love of God, and the spirit of God, who keeps encouraging me to keep going .Praise God. Yes, we have the writer of all the rules, we have the author of everything who takes care of us. Wow! The Holy spirit with all of his love ,the love that He poured on the inside of me.  Good news!
· Amen it is very True  there's great harvest  that will come when  you honor your father and mother. Great harvest and Blessings wow! Honor your spiritual parents. Praise God. When the type of honor goes forth, wow, it's is going to be well with you. That 's a promise and a blessing Amen.  
· Wow what a wonderful reading this is today, thank you, this reading helps me to think more about my marriage. Thank you so much.
· Thank you  Jesus for supplying us with everything we need in this life ...and that we can help others experience your love through the love you pour on  us every day. Only You can do all things Lord!
· Amen and I will not fear because Jesus came to save us.
· Thank Jesus  for the cross, through your love for us we are called righteous  in this world, through your sacrifice we are called the sons and daughters of God. Thank YOU for being our Savior and for keeping us safe from fear and conde