Amazing August News 2022


Dear partners, friends, supporters, and all,                 
First of all we would like to say that we greatly appreciate you and the vital part you play in our ministry. Together we are building the kingdom of God on earth and showing a tangible example of His love and care. Thank you so much for your commitment and dedication. Many lives are being touched through the ministry. People are coming to know the Lord and growing stronger in their relationship with Him through the teaching and daily Word ministered to them. Some are also receiving healing in their bodies, or other answers to prayer such as finding a job, etc. We are excited by all that the Lord is doing through our combined efforts. Thank you for being a vital part of our combined efforts!


 On Tuesday the 8th we had a beautiful Women’s celebration in Sir Lowry’s Pass. It was hosted by Emily and co-hosted by me, Rita. There were several ladies from the village testifying beautifully of how coming to know the Lord through His Word and a more intimate walk with Him has changed their lives forever, and brought about amazing transformations. There were also some who stood up and sang beautiful heart moving songs for us.

Amazing cakes and goodies were provided as well., and a team of precious ladies worked hard to serve everyone!

However the highlight was when our guest speaker, Daleen Boysen, blessed us all with a good word about the power of a transformed heart, seeing ourselves the way God sees us and walking in our new identity.


Long back we were encouraged to contact S.A. Harvester for assistance with out feeding schemes. However nothing seemed to come of it. But then, through a miraculous round about way, they contacted us (via Lions) and we received a big “once off”, but potentially semi regularly. –We hope &pray!

Supplies from S. A. Harvester being delivered to ‘Bright Stars’ kitchen in Nomzamo.

Supplies from S. A. Harvester being delivered to ‘Angels’ Kitchen’ in Sir Lowry’s Pass!

This month I taught about the flow of the H.S. (see John 7:38-39) staying within it’s banks of love (God is love) and truth (Jesus is the Word and He said He is truth (John 14:6).

Philip taught on: Our Helper and Comforter and illustrated Spirit, Soul and Body (1 Thessalonians 5:23).

We also had some fantastic Word studies on the book of Colosians. We divided into groups and with our teams dug deeper to mine all the wisdom and to see how how Paul established the deity of Jesus!

We want to thank all the precious ladies who invested their time and effort to knit beautiful beanies for the children.  These beanies were distributed via the Lions’ Club in several poor communities, one of them being Sir Lowry’s Pass.

We also want to thank Wendy our precious Gracelife family friend who for years in a row has assisted us with hand knitted jerseys and beanies. Which also were distributed in Sir Lowry’s Pass. Thank you!


Our regular contribution of bread and pizza bases  has become a regular stable for many of the kitchens in Sir Lowry’s Pass—every one looks forward to the delivery and sometime when we pass through the village we hear the children excitedly yelling, “Pizza, pizza!” We are very thankful for this much appreciated contribution and the big difference it has/is making!

Bright Stars -- Nomzamo!

Joyce's Kitchen --Sir Lowry's Pass!


This kitchen is now feeding in two areas, one of them being a remote area by the railway tracks! They started out relatively small but are now catering to over 100 people daily,

Here is a brief glimpse from several of the kitchens in Sir Lowry’s Pass that are receiving pizza bases,such as: Elsie's Kitchen, Mila's Angels' Kitchen, the Lighthouse Kitchen, Sunshine Kids', Jessica's Angels' Kitchen, Hetta's (where we previously had a 'Food Bank") and lately Filea (who also runs a feeding scheme) has been assisted as well, and Rachel's Kitchen.--And as seen above Bright Stars in Nomzamo and Joyce's Kitchen in Sir Lowry's Pass.


100 liters collected and distributed! Praise the Lord for this big blessing to many!

 Our weekly slot of collecting, sorting, weighing and delivering from Woolies to Joyce’s Kitchen!

We thankfully always have many hands on deck to unload!


We are presently having three different b=Bible study group; ONE IN nomzamo, another in Gordon’s Bay and one in our home. Seen below is our study group in Nomzamo. One more lady was present but sat around the corner in order to receive the children as they arrived. At the end we often pray and sing with them. At times they also sing the ‘Our Father’ prayer for us in Xhosa!

We trust that you have been inspired by what the Lord is doing in the ministry.
Also please know that you are in our prayers. If you have any specific prayer request or would like to receive our daily devotionals please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

With much love and appreciation,

Philip and Rita

Antonios Michalitsis, FNB, Branch: 200912 Account no. : 62633037082
Rita Olsen, Nedbank, Branch Code: 114145  Account no.: 1043639810

            For those of you that are abroad and would like to contribute, please be aware that besides PayPal, there is also the SEPA option as we have an account in Europe:
Rita Olsen
Danske Bank
Branch: 1551
Account: 3719943470
IBAN DK28 3000 3719 9434 70

If you are new to our work and want to partner with us monthly, we invite you to contact us for further details. We look forward to hearing from you.