Outstanding News October 2022


Dear partners, family, friends, supporters and loved ones,          
We are excited to be sharing with you what you are  part of accomplishing. Thank you for your generosity that helps make it possible for us to carry out the mission. You are a very essential and needed part of it and we would not be able to do this alone!


Seen in the photo here is a powerful team that met up on a Saturday to reach out to the community of Sir Lowry’s Pass.

A lot of seeds were sown and many souls were led to the Lord. We let our light shine and many found their way “home.” Praise God!
This group of 5 young men, when told “Jesus loves you,” laughed and kept going. However I decided to run after them to give them a proper witness, although they tried to act cool about it. But as they left (they actually stopped to listen after all,)  one of the young men turned around and gave me a thumbs up! Sometimes it pays to pursue and not be easily put off. Praise the Lord!

 This month I taught on the first part of Romans 10:9-10, which outlines the core beliefs of the Christian faith! First hat “Jesus is Lord”. So we went through the Gospel of Mark and looked at all the places where Mark shows Jesus doing many of the things that the Old Testament shows that only God can do!

Philip taught on Word-based faith and the importance of the promises of God backing up what we desire from God. Without the Word it is impossible to have faith!

We are blessed to always start the service with a wonderful time of worship! Praise the Lord!

Our missionary friends, “Helping Hand,” assisted us with approximate kg 200 of soup bones (beef)! They were fresh and were distributed to  seven different kitchens who received them with gratefulness. We were also very thankful as the people needing help has increased, and they are depending on the kitchens to provide nourishing meals to sustain them as for most of them it is their only meal for the day!The bones were distributed to 7 different places running feeding schemes!


We are very thankful to SA Harvester for their very generous help. This month we collected twice (at the beginning and again at the end of the month!) With increased prices and more mouths to feed this is a very greatly appreciated help!


Somewhere between 8-900 sacks of pizza-bases and bread were distributed to  at least a dozen different places. We are very thankful to the generous donors. When the children see us  we often hear them excitedly yelling “pizza, pizza,” and they are not the only ones rejoicing! :)


100 liters of milk distributed among 4 ECD centers and one kitchen, which feeds the children before they go to school! Praise the Lord!

Bright Stars Kitchen, Nomzamo:

We shopped some basis stables for two kitchens: Bright Stars in Nomzamo and Angels’ Kitchen in Sir Lowry’s Pass. We want to thank each and everyone of you who are enabling us to do so! We are making an important difference to many!
Angles' Kitchen, Sir Lowry's Pass:


The donations from Woolworths are designated to Joyce’s Soup Kitchen in Sir Lowry’s Pass. The kitchen is now receiving from their stores six times a week and once a month from the warehouse of FoodShare, which is now overseeing all the charity donations from Woolworths and other stores as well!


We have a beautiful team of ladies who are dedicated to teaching and training the little ones "in the way which they should go." Here we are touching base, addressing any issues (of which we had basically none, praise the Lord), and making plans for the children’s Christmas celebration!


Philip and Steven followed up on a couple of people who received the Lord the day we had a united outreach in Sir Lowry’s Pass. They did not have Bibles and thanks to the generous donation of Bibles from our friends we were able to bring them a Bible each. We are excited about the ones being reached and eager to reach the many more who have not yet heard. Thank you for partnering with us in doing so!


We are also carrying on our LifeGroups and encouraging all our participants to reach out to others with the love of God!
Meanwhile our What’s-up ministry is also  expanding and many are commenting on how the Word is helping them and that they are learning a lot! Praise the Lord!
In closing we again want to thank each of you, our partners and supporters, as without your help the ministry would not be possible.

With much love and appreciation,

Philip and Rita

Antonios Michalitsis, FNB, Branch: 200912 Account no. : 62633037082
Rita Olsen, Nedbank, Branch Code: 114145  Account no.: 1043639810
PayPal: force4good.ministries@gmail.com

            For those of you that are abroad and would like to contribute, please be aware that besides PayPal, there is also the SEPA option as we have an account in Europe:
Rita Olsen
Danske Bank
Branch: 1551
Account: 3719943470
IBAN DK28 3000 3719 9434 70

If you are new to our work and want to partner with us monthly, we invite you to contact us for further details. We look forward to hearing from you.