Dear Ones, A BIG heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who help us change lives, feed, clothed, improve living conditions and so much more. We thank you and admire you for your selflessness and sticking to it. The photos on this page were taken during our monthly united get-together between our flock in Sir Lowry’s  Pass and our friends from Somerset West. We sand & shared awesome testimonies of what God had done

Darren and May (front) also shared some very uplifting insight on the wonderful, never failing love of God. One of the highlights was when a woman with a baby in arms wondered in from the street. Before the evening was over she ended up receiving Jesus as her Lord and Savior while weeping and crying in our arms. She want to join our weekly Bible studies and we look forward to seeing her grow and forever changed by His love!

We also celebrated 4 birthdays. As is evidenced here the Lord set before us a wonderful spread and we all feasted on His love and goodness while enjoying a fun and heartwarming time of fellowship together. We were also blessed the children in the street with a package of crackers and some soup stock to bring home.


Distribution of food, cleaning and personal hygiene supplies to several ECD (Early Childhood Developments) in Sir Lowry’s Pass.  :)




Joyce’s Soup Kitchen in Sir Lowry’s Pass, received a generous amount of butternut from a soup kitchen located in Stellenbosch. When possible we try to share supplies and are blessed to be able to assist each other this way!

More supplies such as eggs, adult nappies, cleaning agents Weet-Bix and a monthly shopping from a restaurant in Stellenbosch that has been assisting us for years. We are very grateful for all that you do!

We also thank our precious friends from the market who for weeks on end have been blessing us with freshly baked bread, muffins, croissants, etc, etc. Jessica seen here helps to distribute it to different families


We also want to thank Gert who also has been part of our work for years and again blessed us with some much appreciated poles which were brought and unloaded at the soup kitchen!

One of our first projects with the poles was to secure the fencing of a single mother who lives in a backyard.

We are happy to announce that we due to help of all of you were able to assist this family of four to buy larger living quarters. The husband, wife and two children have been sharing a one-room shack for years, but as the children are growing older it was getting more and more cramped. They will now soon be relocating to a place with two bedrooms and inside toilet facilities. Thank you!

As mentioned in our previous newsletter we were looking forward to be able to help Katy, who is suffering from asthma, move to better living quarters. As seen in the photo below she now has proper light and ventilation and a lot more space than previously.

We look forward to also helping L., who is one of our faithful Bible students, seen here standing on her own small plot of land. She does not have her own place to stay so has been/is living with someone else. It is however urgent for her to move as there are some strong negative influences there that she is trying to break away from, and getting out of the situation would be a very helpful first step. As seen the rubble will need to be removed & a small house set up!


The Bible study group here, is diligently learning about their new identity in Christ. We are studying thought the I AM course. Here Ewaldi is taking a turn teaching. She did an amazing job by incorporating what we could hear going on in the street behind us as live illustrations of the points being shared! Thank you Ewaldi

With this group we often cover a lot less than anticipated as there is a lot of interaction and testimonies which always serves to uplift and inspire the whole group!

This is a glimpse of one of our weekly Bible students groups. This group is going through a basic course laying a good foundation to build on as disciples of the Lord. Besides the groups shown here we also have two other study groups every Monday evening!


       We would like to close by sharing a few testimonies of what the did for some of our students from Sir Lowry’s Pass.

While at the market, a man whom Philip had previously ministered to approached him and began thanking him as he was now completely healed. It turns out that he had had cancer, but was now, only a few weeks later, declared whole! Glory to God!

An elderly lady from Sir Lowry's Pass  a few months back asked Philip to come and pray for her husband who was suffering from prostate cancer. She later testified that he is now completely healed and that she had kept reminding so say that he was healed by the stripes of Jesus.

Rita prayed for a lady of a different religion while at the market. She was in pain and had not been able to sleep properly because of it. There were also family issued that troubled her. A few weeks later she came back testifying that she from the time of the prayer had been completely free of pain and had slept well at night. The family issues had also been resolved according to her request, and we had the opportunity to lead her to Christ.

M. had been looking for work for several weeks. Yesterday someone called her to come work—one day a week. While she was busy working a friend of the lady she worked for called and she got a job with her as well. She then returned home to find that someone had left a message for here there for a third job. She now has work three days a week and was overjoyed.

Sh. A young single mother was also looking for work. We heard of a place where she applied, but sad to say did not get. We told her to keep looking and she now has a full-time job working in a store! Wow!

Sa. (not as in above) told us that she is so excited about all the Bible studies she is participating in. She told us, “I'm getting really good at it now and know a lot and I suddenly find myself talking to everybody about what I have learned! ”Wow, bubbling over with the Good News, spreading it far and wide.

San. Who is among some of our most faithful students, told us that she also just got a job. She ten told us that she told the lady about Gracelife church that she attends and about the teachings of the pastor being available online. She says that now, every time she goes to work, the lady tell her to not disturb her for one hour while she listens to the videos and studies the devotionals!

E. Shared how she came home at night and was not feeling well, but how she resisted the sickness and woke up completely well the next morning!

These are just a few of the many testimonies we have heard. We are also hearing of our students reaching out to others, leading them to the Lord, laying their hands on the sick and seeing them recover, etc.

We are seeing a people that before were bound, depressed and seeming hopeless, being raised up, believing the goodness of the Lord and reaching out and receiving. Some of them are like completely different people with the light of the Lord shining through them, and when we hear them speak they speak with conviction and boldness about the things of the Lord. Not only are they changing, but they are also changing the world around them. We are now challenging many of them to step out to teach and are watching them flourish as they do. (2Tim. 2:15)

This is just a small glimpse of what the Lord is doing and each of you who are enabling this ministry to carry on are part of that reason that such precious fruit is being born.

We want to end by THANKING EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU! You guys are wonderful and we could never begin to accomplish the task at hand without you!

May you never forget that you are deeply loved, highly favored and forever blessed by our sweet and precious Lord and Savior!

If you would like to help promote our work please pass this news and an invitation to others to partner with us on as we have a whole village to minister to! And this is only the beginning! :)