Dear Ones,         

We love and appreciate each one of you so very much! By the grace of the Lord  our team, which includes all of you our active participants, were again able to help, encourage and uplift the hearts & minds of the impoverished community in Sir Lowry’s Pass as we ministered to them both physically and spiritually.                

With the assistance of Shoprite we were able to put together 10 generous food hampers for needy families in the village. Some broke down in tears when we brought the food, telling us that we were truly God-sent as they had no food left in the house. We are truly grateful to have such a wonderful team!


Seen here are the supplies Shoprite contributed. We then went and supplemented it in order to be able to provide 10 equal sized food hampers.

 Dividing the sugar, rice, Millie Meal and Macaroni in 10 equal portions.

Here is a little glimpse of what each hamper contained.

Ready for distribution! Each family received a couple of bags each.

Seen here is one of the 10 families that received a food hamper.

Single mother of 3.

Family of 4.


Once a month all of our Bible students in Sir Lowry’s Pass get together with our Gracelife family from Somerset West! This event is always looked forward to very much. This month we taught on the issue not being a lack of faith, but rather the presence of unbelief!

Christiaan leading communion.

Everyone enjoying a nice time of fellowship

Inke and Marius serving hot soup, hot dog rolls, etc.


We thank Gary from “Sugar Crystal” who so generously donated a bakkie full of sugar lollipops. Besides being given to the children for a special treat they will also be used in place of sugar to sweeten to morning cereal. The lollipops were distributed to the kitchen and 6 ECD (Early Childhood Development) centers in Sir Lowry’s pass and one located in Nomzame.

Kg. 150 of Millie Meal, 20 liters cooking oil, tomato sauce, mustard, spices, etc.

A bakkiie full (14 boxes) of Weet-Bix was distributed the the main soup kitchen and 5 EDCs in Sir Lowry’s Pass and one located in Nomzamo.

Several loads of shoes and clothing was donated as well.

100 liters of milk, cleaning and personal hygiene supplies ready for distribution. And two large boxes (24 flats) of eggs (not shown here) were distributed as well.

Twice weekly Woolworth assist us with food supplies for Joyce's soup kitchen in Sir Lowery's Pass.

Emily's Play School receiving milk, personal hygiene, cleaning supplies, etc.

Mila's Angels - Sir Lowry's Pass!

Sunshine Kids - Sir Lowry's Pass!

Millie Meal etc. delivered to Emily's Play School from where it will be divided between several ECD (Early Childhood Development) centers.

 Bright Stars in Nomzamo received supplies also.


This month we provided the materials and man power to repair three leaky roofs in Sir Lowry’s Pass.

One of our upcoming projects is the repair walls like this one.

The picture here, and the one below, is just a small glimpse of the living standard many of the residents in Sir Lowry’s Pass have to live under. Many times, if not most, it will be easier to tear down the old in  order and put up a brand new structure. However, finding a suitable place to do so has presented a challenge. When investing we want to ensure that the structure is placed somewhere where the people will not be evicted them later on. 


Here Philip is teaching one of our Monday night group about ‘”Effortless Change”.

Rita teaching the second group about their Identity in Christ.

Our Tuesday night group (also learning about their identity in Christ, but further along than the Monday night group) busy taking notes.

Thursday night we study a basis course on Discipleship called Rooted, developed by Shayne Holesgrove. The group seen here will soon graduate (celebrate with a fun fellowship at which time certificates for 100% attendance will be handed out.).

One Wednesday nights our groups meet together for a time of united fellowship at which time an inspiring and uplifting message is shared.