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Dear Ones,

       Before we get into the accomplishments of the month that passed, we want to let you know that our hearts go out to you with great thankfulness and appreciation for your selfless giving and determination to make a difference in the lives are those not able to help themselves. We understand that life has its own set of challenges for each of us, you, and this only makes us all the more appreciative of all you do and sacrifice to partner with us in bringing about much needed changes.
       We want you to know that your labors of love are not in vain. We are seeing amazing spiritual growth, lives changed and people finding new hope and courage as well as direction in how to turn their lives around.
       All these accomplishments are not the efforts of a selected few, but rather due to our combined efforts, each playing and essential and invaluable part! We THANK each and everyone. YOU are our heroes, and we are keeping you in our prayers!



The part of the Sir Lowry’s Pass family that were able to accept the invitation to Gracelife Church for some great teaching, yummy bowerwors rolls, delicious sweet and drinks,fun fellowship, jumping castle for the children, etc. in celebration of Heritage Day.

One of our five weekly Bible study groups. We are presently going through the Rooted (basis discipleship course) for the second time in a row to help those that missed classes here and there to be able to catch up in order to graduate. Some of our older students are also helping to teach individuals. 

Those that attended Rooted diligently and are waiting for the others to catch up are now having a foretaste of Bible school with Philip. In the new year we hope to start Bible school with test and certificate for those that would like to really learn and lay a strong foundation in their walk with the Lord.

Ewaldi teaching from Ephesians 6. 

We were also blessed by her homemade soup and home baked bread. Sanobiah on the far left and Romina on the far right were happy to help serve!

Philip teaching on our identity in Christ and helping the students memorize scriptures.

# 1

This house, belonging to an elderly single mother, was painted inside and out, with just they the bedrooms still to be done.

Also, some further roof repair was done and sheets were added to provide further protection

This is what the outside walls looked like before the work began.

Wayne busy painting the walls of the living room.


# 2

The plumbing of the brick house previously erected is presently being done and these pipes are part of the installation.

The plumber busy preparing to install the sink and shower.

Happy and thankful to no longer needing to catch the waste water under the sink and having to empty the heavy basin from there.


The first picture shows the small house that used to be, with no windows or proper ventilation. We got the house (in the second picture seen to the far right) which was attached to the already existing one. The floor in the new house was cemented (last month) and this month ceiling and some rhino board walls were put up. As seen the front of the old structure was also spruced up to make it look nice & uniform..

The walls before:

The walls no (soon to be painted):

We found there was a large window in the old structure, which had been completely covered behind the bed, in order to provide privacy. The floor in now being prepared for cementing (which Katy managed to get on her own!) This room will double as kitchen and living room.


Lita, one of our Bible students, with the help of her family, has started a small soup kitchen for the children in her immediate neighborhood. We are assisting her according to our ability and are proud of her initiative.


Tom’s Angels is a small Daycare Center in r Lowry’s Pass recently contacted us for help. We were able to assist them with various food items this far, but they are especially concerned about Christmas and being able to bless each of the children in some special way. They have between 20-30 little ones.

Weet-Bix, milk and ducks were received with great appreciation.


A BIG thank you to Leon and his family for their generous supply of ducks.  In the photo above: The pick-up. Below: Joyce’s Soup Kitchen   — Please join us in prayer for healing of the land of the bird flu and drought. Also please pray for those whose businesses are affected by either one. Thank U!

Some of the Bible students (above) receiving a couple of ducks each for them and their families. Below: Bright Stars Nomzamo. Altogether 6 ECD (Early Childhood development) centers, 2 kitchens and many individuals families were greatly blessed.


One kitchen and 6 ECD centers as well as many individual families were blessed with Weet-Bix.

Emily's Play School Sir Lowry's Pass:

Lathi-Tha Sir Lowry's Pass:

Joyce's Soup Kitchen Sir Lowry's Pass:

Mila's Angels Sir Lowry's Pass:

Sunshine Kids Sir Lowry's Pass:

In closing we want to let you know that we are keeping you in our prayers and to please not hesitate to send us any specific prayer requests that you would like us to pray for.