2018 Vision and Goals


                                                                                                              Date: 19th of February 2018
Dear Ones,

            We want to send a warm THANK YOU for being part of and enabling our work for the Lord to keep going for as many years as it has. We feel like we are still only just getting started as we continually see so much more to be done. But looking back we are very thankful for all that we as a team have been able to accomplish, a miracle that you are part of!!! THANK YOU!

            As you most likely all will agree our greatest accomplishments will always be those that will last throughout eternity. Therefore we consider our teaching the Word of God, and now teaching Bible School, which will lay a good strong solid foundation of faith and cause the roots to grow deep, enabling people to stand strong during life’s storms, our most important mission. But we will still continue to minister to all of the human needs in as much as we are able, and having a wonderful team, like you give us great hope of greater things to come.

            We are writing you to share with you some of our hopes and aspirations for the new year as you are an invaluable part of the work and we would like you to uphold it all in your prayers. Thank you!

# 1. Improve the venue we teach at. For this we need 50 strong study adult plastic chairs.

#2. 50 ceramic cups and improved hospitality.

# 3. Monthly food vouchers to a value of R 3-500 each (depending on the size of the family)  for the most impoverished families some of which are too old to work, sick, unemployed, etc. while still having big families in their care (+ 10 families to start with).

# 4. Empowerment projects to help people stir up and do what they can by realizing the potential in each of them and helping them find something to put their hand to.

# 5. To help equip those with a vision to get started in small businesses, etc. (We are at the moment helping two such people).

#6. To continue to provide shelter/housing for those that are without.

# 7. To help improve the living conditions where our help is needed.

# 8. To establish contacts that can help by donating the following: food, meat, fruit and vegetables, bread, eggs, etc. etc.
Some of our previous contacts are no longer in a position to help due to the economic situation, but we are trusting God to eventually re-establish those contacts and to help us find new ones that can fill the gap.

#9. Continue to help the ECD centres with some of their many needs, esp. food and clothing, shoes, etc.

#10. Make a plan to help students more when the new school year starts as it is always a big struggle for them to get all their supplies, school uniforms, shoes, etc.

# 11. To continue to assist the soup kitchen as they feed approximately 1-200 people a day.

#12. To continue to help and encourage people to attend the church, various seminars and conferences, etc. In order that they may be spiritually fed, built up and better equipped for life.

          ...And to leave ourselves open to what else the Lord may want to work through us. The above is a brief summary of our present vision and initiatives. But we are not limited to this.

            Thank you once again for your continued help and support as we together change the world and have already had a tremendous impact on the community of Sir Lowry’s Pass.

            If you are not yet a part have not yet helped in some way, but would like to get involved please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

With much love, prayers and appreciation,

Philip and Rita