September 2018 News!

 Dear Ones,      

 We want to thank each of you our partners, friends and supporters for yet another month of networking to bring change and relief to some of the most needy and to help us build God's kingdom. We value your selflessness and love and concern in helping us reach out to others. You are in our prayers and we pray that the Lord will reward you fully!

 We have had an exciting month filled with lots of powerful training, both for our students and ourselves. As believers we are born to be overcomers, but we need to learn how to lay hold on all that has been provided for us and how to stay positive in an increasingly negative world. The Word of God is the power that upholds and holds everything together, so what better way to invest our time than to both be strengthened and help strengthen others with this awesome inner power! To help equip us all we were blessed to have dynamic guest speakers, Ashley and Carlie, from Charis Bible college, USA, spend some powerful sessions at Gracelife. And after each morning service we had extra training courses at Gracelife!

 All our Word students attended both meetings. Two buses were hired plus we had to fill the back of the bakkie with people to be able to accommodate all. + 50 people from Sir Lowry’s Pass, attended.

We, Philip and Rita along with 4 others, were honored to have the leadership lay hands on us for an impartation and stirring  of the gifts of God and extend an invitation for us to join  the eldership of the church! It is a new challenge and we pray to be a help and blessing and to live up to the faith and trust vested in us.

Sir Lowry's Pass Bible Students:

 We are making good and steady progress in the Bible School and most of our students are very faithful to attended even during times of heavy rain they would be there! We are proud of each of them!
Kufa helping us distribute duck liver to everyone present. A BIG THANK YOU to Leon and his family for their generous support!


 We thank Ter, for his faithful support over the years. Here are some supplies from Ter and other missionary friends divided and ready to be distributed, this time to various Early Development Centers in Sir Lowry’s Pass. + 300 children.

  Emily's Play School in Sir Lowry's Pass with approximately 8o children.
 Mila's Angles in Sir Lowry's Pass with approx. 50 children.

Hetta's Soup Kitchen for Children:

 Hetta one of our long time Bible students, is together with her daughters, running a soup kitchen for needy children. We are assisting with food and finances as much as possible, but would like to do more. And you, our dear partners are helping make it possible. 

More Supplies:

 Here Philip is off loading the last out of 14 boxes of Weet-Bix that were distributed between Nomzamo and Sir Lorwry's Pass!

We also distributed 100 liters of milk in Sir Lowry’s Pass and Nomzamo! We thank the Lord for His love, care and generous supply!

This is the most recent group we are presently teaching. They are working through a course, Rooted, laying a strong foundation for their faith and getting to know the true nature of God - and getting to know the Bible.


This is the most recent group we are presently teaching. They are working through a course, Rooted, laying a strong foundation for their faith and getting to know the true nature of God - and getting to know the Bible.
 This is one of our more advanced groups consisting of people that have been with us longer.

These are the students that are going through the online Charis Bible college course. Here they are after one of our sessions and after having just received some delicious duck liver for them and their families.

In Closing:

Some of you might remember that we some time back helped one of our students with some gardening tools in order to help her start growing her own veggies. Here is a little glimpse of her garden which is thriving thanks to all the good rain and care it is getting. She now grows spinach, onions, peas, tomatoes, etc.

ATTENTION EVERYONE: As mentioned in our last newsletter our ministry is in urgent need of a bus! In the picture below we made a grit with 120 squares each representing R 1000, meaning that we are setting the price we might have to spend to get a reliable bus at around R 120,000. Maybe we will be able to find something for less, but we will see. For every R 1000 we receive designated BUS we will fill in a square. As you might have noticed 15 squares have already been filled! We are very happy and grateful towards our sponsors who generously donated R 15,000 towards the bus!  - For those of you that are partnering with us we ask that you please do not redirect your regular gifts to the bus as we need to be able to keep all our present project running as usual, but you are very welcome to contribute towards the bus as well! We thank you in advance for prayerful consideration. We will keep you updated!