October Newsletter 2018

Dear partners, friends and supporters, 

              Thank you so much for your participation and encouragement in our work. Together we are changing the world, our sphere of influence. As we continually build our lives upon the Word and will of God we are seeing the fruitfulness increase and many being brought to Him. Our labors are not in vain.  We are storing up rewards for eternity, the rewards of lives changed and reached for the Lord and of hearing His, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” If you are not yet partnering with us and would like to do so, please do not hesitate. “One can chase a thousand, but two can put ten thousand to flight!” our united efforts not only add to, but multiply our efforts.

3-Days Healing Crusade in Sir Lowry's Pass:

This month we had a 3-days combined effort with our church, Gracelife,  reaching out to the Sir Lowry’s Pass community!

1st Day:

The first night was a training/planning session for the next day. Our students and other members of the church were challenged to step out and lead a team reaching others with the message of the Good News.

At the end of the meeting everyone was treated by to hot pizza and a wonderful time of fellowship.

2nd Day:

The following day after a brief pep-talk everyone divided into teams and hit the streets to seek and save the lost.

Emily helped with the food preparation and that very same day Dis-Chem contacted us to donate two boxes of bread! Perfect timing! Praise the Lord!

Over 100 hot meals of chicken, rice and veggies, and bread were prepared and prepackaged for the evening.

In the evening we had full house. Here Herman stood up and shared testimonies of healing stirring up everyone’s faith and expectations.

 Many people were prayed for and deeply touched. People were being healed physically and emotionally. 

 And over our three day event we saw several pairs of legs grown out. God is good! The same yesterday, today and forever! Glory to God!

Seen are some of the people from Sir Lowry’s Pass leading the worship singing a capella! We usually do a lot of dancing as well, but this evening space was restricted! Haha!

Our precious team ready to minister to everyone’s needs and feed the hungry!

3rd Day:

On the third day, having started out 8 o’clock and hitting the streets, going to the HH Hospital to pray for the sick, etc. we met in the evening in the large hall of the Primary School in Sir Lowry’s Pass for a healing meeting and a powerful Word from various speakers. —Philip encouraging everyone to take advantage of the opportunity for prayer.


We are very grateful to the Lord and our good friends who generously donated a large TV screen. It is now, after some minor repairs, being used for our online Charis Bible College studies and is greatly appreciated by our students as it is so much more comfortable for viewing!

14 large boxes of Weet-Bix were distributed to ECD centers, soup kitchens and individual families as seen above.

We thank Dis-Chem for their support,  and our Gracelife family who is the main source of clothing distribution,  etc.

Each month we receive 100 liters of milk that we distribute between Sir Lowry’s Pass and Nomzamo.

Woolies assist us with food twice weekly. Here Philip is seen with one of the loads ready to be delivered.

Building Materials:

We want to thank the Lord, and our precious friends, who provided lots of wood for building materials…..

 tiles and cement....

fencing and security gates!

Bible Study Groups:

 We now have two new Bible study groups (Life Groups) going through the elementary course of our Christian beliefs 'Rooted'. (Seen here and in the photo below). We are running three groups that are going through Rooted, but the third group is ahead of the others and halfway through the course.

 This group that's being taught Rooted is mainly being taught by Emily (who by the way is doing an excellent job). I, Rita, am there with her to help and guide, if needed. This group consists mainly of the Sir Lowry's Pass committee members. 

We also run a leadership training course once a week for potential leaders, and further equipping of those that already are.

.Other Bible Study Groups:

We have s study group that meets every Thursday. This group has been through several of Andrew Wommack's study guides and are presently going through, How to Become a Water Walker!

Sharing the Word at Gracelife Church:

Last Sunday I, Rita, was invited to speak at the church about 'A Life on a Mission'. I spoke about having the eternal perspective and gave the life-story of Arthur Stace who became known as 'Mr. Eternity'.And brought out the various things that Jesus told those who wanted to follow Him. I ended with the parable about the man who built upon a rock and the man who built upon the sand. We have a short life-span of opportunity in which to affect all of eternity!

Bus Update:

We thank those of you who have contributed towards our bus. We are making progress towards the goal for which we are very thankful. Meanwhile we are keeping an eye on the market and are trusting the Lord that He will bring the right vehicle at the right time when we are ready. Thank you for your prayers and contributions.