Christmas Appeal 2018

We, Philip and Rita, are born again Christians. We have been doing missionary work most of our lives in many countries around the world. We believe in preaching the Gospel in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, as well as being a practical sample of the Lord’s love and care, by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and healing the sick. Isaiah 58:6-7; Matthew 25: 35-40. We invite you to be part of this exciting work by partnering with us!


Part of our joy at this season is help ensure that everyone’s hearts and spirits are lifted and encouraged. We would like to prepare a feast for the less fortunate. For that we would need the following:

10 kg mince 
20kg Chicken quarter legs50 kg potatoes
12 heads of cabbage
15 kg carrots
20 kg onions
20 kg rice
20 kg pasta
5 liter tomato sauce
5 kg mayonnaise
5 liters cooking oil
40 liters juice

PS: You can help by either providing some of the above items or finances towards it. Thank you!


Assisting needy single mothers and struggling families with Food Hampers has over the years become a Christmas tradition for us! People are now looking forward to it as it helps tie them over during the holiday season.
We would like to assist either with a voucher for Shoprite or Checkers, or an actual food hamper. Please feel free to contribute either way. We are aiming at providing to the value of + R 300.
We hope to provide + 30 vouchers/ food hampers. If the Lord should lay it on your heart to contribute in this way please know that the happy family/families on the receiving end will be extremely thankful.
Or if you prefer to donate funds towards this you may do so to the following account specifying that the funds are for the Food Hamper Gift Cards and how many gift cards you would like to donate. Thank you so much:. Please use the account listed below. You may also contribute without specifying and we will then channel the funds as needed.

Christmas is especially an exciting event for the children, which they anticipate with lots of hope and excitement. For this reason we like to contribute towards meeting some of these expectations. For the past many years we have sought to help ECD centers (Early Childhood Development centers).
We are aiming to help provide special treats for the groups to enjoy on the day of their Christmas celebration. + 350 cj
Some suggestions are:
And/or the like!


We are active all year round finding ways to help and ease the plight of the underprivileged.
Some of the ways we go about this is:
· Helping to improve living conditions
· Bringing supplies: food, clothing, etc.
· Educational materials for ECD centers.
· Preaching the Gospel and establishing new believers in the faith.
· Teaching underprivileged for free the Charis online Bible school
· Running 6 weekly Life Groups besides the weekly Bible school
 How to HELP?
Please contact us for more information. TY!