Newsletter January 2019

Dear Ones,  

We are happy to announce that the Lord is busy raising up leaders from our midst. From the end of December till the middle of January, we had a couple of Sunday church meetings at Emily’s Play School in Sir Lowry’s Pass. It was lots of fun and a good time was had by all. One of our upcoming leaders, Emily, is seen here making announcements and sharing some Word with the congregation. After that Philip taught on the subject of Prayer, using a video from Charis Bible College. This was in follow up of a video The “War Room” (which we recommend you see if you haven’t already). We had two Friday evening movie showings during the holidays, the other one being the ‘King’s Castle” about how a young man’s faith leads him out of crime into a better life. On the last picture, which was the second Sunday, I, Rita, taught about how our consciousness was awakened and at the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (Based on the ‘Who Told You that You Were Naked” book by Andrew Wommack). Which produced our sin-consciousness and how we now can be free from the subsequent condemnation through Christ and knowing Him and all that He has delivered us from.


Sunday Church Services in Sir Lowry's Pass:

Bible Study Group Restarted:

Bible School:

Towards the middle of the month we started up the Bible School and our various study groups again. Here is Philip teaching the Bible School students. At the same time I Rita am using one of the classrooms to bring a group Zimbabweans (4) through the Rooted course, laying a good strong general foundation!

Study Group at Emily's:

Emily as the main teacher, and I, teaching (above and below) Rooted to this relatively new group. Some of the youngsters joined late and Emily now has separate classes with them to help them catch up.

Study Group at Hetta's:

This group (above and below) is being taught by Philip each Wednesday, while I, Rita, am teaching another group at Mila's (sorry, but no pictures of them this month) that is also going thought Rooted. The group Philip is teaching is more advanced and have lately been concentrating on healing and building their faith for that.

Study Group at Jessica's:

This group (above and below) has gone through several subjects such as their Identity in Christ, Effortless change, the Believer’s Authority, etc. and are presently studying on “How to Become a Water Walker”, - stepping out by faith trusting and believing God. Courses by Andrew Wommack And Shayne Holesgrove.


We are very thankful to our friends and Gracelife family who donated many useful items, as well as clothing to be distributed to the village. We are also thankful for our volunteers In Sir Lowry’s Pass that help divide, pass out, and keep track of whose turn it is to be preferred next when supplies come in.

We also thank Dis-Chem which has assisted us in reaching out to the needy for many years. THANK YOU!


 Top and bottom: Some of our precious volunteers busy at work sorting, dividing and rightly distributing!

Some of our happy student receiving bags of blessings. Thank you so much to everyone that helped!

We thank Ter, from Trumpet Tree, for the supplies that were a big boost for everyone to receive in January which tends to be a challenging month, and to our dear friends Collin and Jenifer who donated the meat.

 Milk Distribution:

The company that has been assisting us with milk for years changed hands. This resulted in us not receiving any milk for several weeks, while we reapplied and prayed for everything to get worked out. We are happy to say that to everyone’s relief we were approved again and are aging able to assist especially the daycare centers with milk on a regular basis.

Emily's Play School, Sir Lowry's Pass:

Emily’s Play School happy to receive millie meal, sugar, cooking oil, meat and milk.

 Bright Stars, Nomzamo:

Bright Stars in Nomzamo receiving rice, oats, cooking oil, meat and milk!

Mila's Angels, Sir Lowry's Pass:

Mila’s Angels receiving samp, oats, cooking oil, meat and milk.

Sunshine Kids, Sir Lowry's Pass:

Sunshine Kids receiving meat. milk, cooking oil and rice!


We thank Woolies for their faithful support of the main kitchen in Sir Lowry’s Pass. They have assisted for years for which we are very grateful. The waste varies and is sometimes more, sometimes less!


In recent times we have had two busloads of people from Sir Lowry’s Pass coming to Gracelife church  on a Sunday as seen here, (the white bus in the background and the blue in the front). Emily (seen in the center top) has been on the hospitality team for while now and helps greet people at the door as they arrive.

We also want to give an update on how it is going with our goal towards getting a van. We believe we are about halfway there towards it (with what we have been able to raise and what reserves we had set aside}. Please pray with us that the Lord will lead and guide us to a good vehicle, not just any old vehicle, but one that we’ll be strong and able to do the job as well as look presentable, We are not set on a certain brand name, but trust that the Lord will make it clear to us when the right one becomes available—preferably no with too many kms on it. We appreciate your contributions and prayers towards this great need and look forward to it soon being met.

In closing we send much love and appreciation to each and everyone of you,

Philip and Rita