Newsletter February 2019

Dear friends,

           Thank you so much for your partnership and support. We are very thankful for all that the Lord is doing through us as a team.

          This month we are happy to report that six new souls were led to the Lord and started attending our Bible study groups. 


The picture above and here feature our weekly Bible School students busy at work. 

While Philip runs the Bible School, I Rita am teaching Rooted (the basics) to a group of people in the adjoining classroom. The two young people in the front just very recently received the Lord and joined our group.


The study group shown here and below are studying principles of faith (How to Become a Water Walker) every Thursday. On Wednesdays we run two other groups (one each in two different locations -- sorry we have no pictures this month).

Here is another group studying Rooted at Emily's house. We meet with this group every Thursday afternoon before the evening study group seen above.


 We want to thank Dis-Chem for their support.

 Mila’s Angels ECD Sir Lowry’s Pass, as they happily receive the much needed supplies.

 100 liters of milk — on the way  to being distributed in Sir Lowry’s Pass and Nomzamo!

20 loaves of fresh bread from the market being divided between our approximately 40 students after church  Sunday!

We were asked to help provide the chicken needed for a meal of approx. 60 people for a crime prevention workshop in Sir Lowry's Pass. It was attended by social development, the crime prevention unit Somerset West, the police and the magistrate court. The aim was to address the youth and to also offer them forms to fill out for job applications.


This month we were blessed to learn about how the finished work of Christ has given us an advantage we could have never secured for ourselves!

We also attended a Business Leaders’ Conference co-hosted by Pieter Weenik and Gavin Cox. We all went home with some good Food for Thought!

Due to the local Woordsfes our church is meeting in a tent on the lawn for the next couple of week. We are now needing two buses every Sunday to transport the people from Sir Lowry’s Pass.


· During the past few weeks six new people were led to the Lord and have attended our Bible study groups. As in the days of Acts the Lord is adding daily such as should be saved! (Acts 2:47).
· H. had developed a cataract in her eyes and was struggling to see and read. Philip prayed for her and when he saw her the following weeks she testified how her eyes have been steadily improving and that she is now able to read again without any problem.
· Philip noticed a mother walking along holding her daughter’s back (she was about 7 or 8 years old), as the daughter was struggling to walk and needed support. Immediately after they prayed the daughter was back to normal and walked completely unaided!
· M. was suffering from back pain due to a surgery he had some years ago. He came to Philip for prayer and while they prayed he felt heat in his body and testified that the discomfort was gone.
· During a service at the church Philip had a word of knowledge that someone had chest pains. About fiv e people stepped forward for prayer and one of them also received prayer against a spirit of fear!
· E. arrived early in the morning at the market feeling completely exhausted, not sure if she would be able to make it through the day. Philip prayed for her, and she immediately felt better. She later testified that she had gone through the whole day at full strength. Praise the Lord!
· During another service Philip got two different words of knowledge that he did not get the opportunity to give out load. So he went into the congregation asking the Lord to lead him to the people he had received the word for. It turned out to be a couple who both were struggling with different things in their bodies. The wife had suffered a neck injury due to an accident. This caused her to feel dizzy, lose her balance and be in pain. When Philip shared what the Lord had shown him she began crying, After prayer the pain immediately left her. Philip also felt led to twirl her around and she did not get dizzy or lose her balance!
· For the husband Philip had had a word about a hip pain, which also turned out to be right on. After prayer he likewise felt much better!

We praise the Lord that we are healed by His stripes and that He is the same yesterday, today and forever — still healing! Thank you JESUS!