Victorious & Amazing June News!

Dear Friends,Partners and family
             We are so happy to be able to share with you once again about the wonderful things the Lord is doing and the faithful ways in which He manifests His love and care for all of us and for the poor. A BIG THANK YOU to Lion’s Club Gordon’s Bay, who this month blessed us with approximately 60 sacs of pre-sliced bread and approx. 130 sack of pizza bases. This was collected and distributed regularly throughout the month. We are able to assist: Joyce’s Soup Kitchen in Sir Lowry’s Pass, the newly opened soup kitchen in Lwandle, approx. 6-7 Soup Houses (the smaller home kitchens geared for the children) —as well as to many individual families in need. We want to thank our precious helpers in the village and all of those who cook and distribute food in their communities, without whom it would not be possible. Love is the most important thing and will abide forever regardless of what happens. (1 Cor. 13:13).


Hetta's Soup House for children:

This family runs s Soup House for children, and also assist  all their needy neighbor in their immediate vicinity. They have been faithfully serving others for years.

Jessica's Soup House for children:

More Soup Houses for the children, and their needy neighbors. They all share as & far much as possible.and Jessica also shares with her sister who likewise runs a Soup House for the children of her neighborhood!

Mila's Soup House for children:

Janetta's Soup House for children:


The photos here are all from food delivery to Joyce’s Soup Kitchen. Twice weekly the kitchen is receiving food from  Woolworth’s. —On the photos below the generous bread donation from the Lion’s in Gordon’s Bay is being delivered —twice.


We seek to assist the newly opened soup kitchen in Lwandle as much as possible. Shown here are three different deliveries this month!


We praise the Lord for His goodness and for each and everyone of you our partners. The shopping seen here was done for the people of Sir Lowry’s Pass that are still struggling to make ends meet!

The shopping seen here was done for people living outside Sir Lowry’s Pass in places such as Zola, Nissan Park, etc.

The generous donation if bread also made its way to individual families via the food parcels!


We want to thank our Gracelife family for contributing these boxes of very nice clothing, etc for the Sir Lowry’s Pass village!

Here Philip is delivering two large sacks of shoes, two large sacks of clothing, two pressure cookers, etc. All donated by friends and friendly neighbors.

We also want to thank those of you who responded to our plea for help towards blankets, and you our faithful supporters, As seen here we were able to buy some nice warm winter blankets (several of which have already been distributed). We are now prepared to distribute the rest as the requests come in.

We also like to thank our missionary friends who donated 5 sacks of pumpkin, 25 liters of cooking oil, barbecue sauce, 5 liter tomato sauce, 120 cups plus 7 kg yogurt, several large bunches of fresh greens and herbs, 2 sacks of bread, toilet paper, etc.

Again this month 100 liters of milk were distributed among the Soup Houses and needy families.



According to Matthew 4:4 "man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that comes from the mouth of God." On all the weekdays we send our feeding Word based teachings and the following are a few of the many reactions we have reveived in response to the Word:


· Awesome word.. Thank you Rita. Such a blessing to know your authority and we are in control of what God's power does.
· True Yes Amen! Powerful, wow! If I don't trust in the Lord, I can't accomplish the things He planned for me. l must put my trust in my Lord.
· What a good lesson for me to learn, cause my church are falling apart and it breaks my heart, but on my own strength I can do nothing I must trust God to fix it and heal what's broken.
· Amen!! We can do all things thru Christ!! This s powerful! BE blessed.
· True, don't quit, just focus on Jesus, put your eyes on him .Thank you for your encouragement.
· Hallelujah!! I like 1st Samuel 30:1-6 gives us hope to strengthen ourselves in the Lord!! Thank you very much this is powerful!
· Thank you for the eye opener of the word of God. So true. God bless you!
· Wow powerful. I read it this morning.... But I think I wasn't properly awake, because I just read it again and am going to explain what I understand of it to my daughters. One is 7yrs and one is 14yrs. I will tell you how that pans out. What a great word. l will give praise to the Lord  every day of my life and Thanksgiving not matter what l will praise my Lord! Thank you for the word be blessed.
· Hallelujah!! Doubt is a weapon that can lead into missing blessings!! So profound!! Thank u and have a blessed day!!
· Wow!! So true and most profound!
· Amen and amen !! I have learned a lot from doubt to faith and hope. This will strengthen me as well!! This is powerful, thank u very much.
· Thank you.. remarkable teaching.
· Yes, the Gospel saves us as believers from hell, but it also brings such an awesome revelation of God's offer of Grace, for those who don’t believe hell is a reality. That’s why we have to go into all the world and tell people about Gods Grace.
· Hallelujah what an eye opener this morning. God is good.
· Thank you so for the empowering word.


We would like to end here by sending much love and appreciation to each of you our loved ones, partners and supporters, without which none of this would be possible. You are inour prayers and we pray that you may all the mightily blessed and prospered!

With love and appreciation,

Philip and Rita