July 2020 News Letter. Amazing and incredible month. Love always wins

Dear partners, friends and supporter,     

We stand in awe at all that the Lord accomplished though you and us together this month.  Although the news are many and the letter long, we hope and want to encourage you to please take the time to go over it all, and rejoice with us at all that the Lord is doing through our united efforts. Thank you! May the Lord bless you! — Miraculous supply is evident as we look back at all that has transpired this month, and that along with your sacrificial giving, has impacted many lives. One lady said that she could never turn her back on God after all that He has done for her. Another lady repeatedly said, “I’m so happy. I’m so happy.” These reactions, and seeing and knowing the conditions these poor people live under, make us think of Isaiah 42:3 “ A bruised reed shall He not break,…….”, and the following comment: “Think again of that reed: something that has been crushed, or hurt by unkindness, a life that is somehow bent and bruised and shattered, without strength or beauty. There is nothing attractive about a reed, and there is certainly nothing very pleasant about the circumstances in which it lives! Usually it grows in a smelly, unsavory swamp.”  We, you and us together, are the Lord’s hands and feet in gently re-strengthening and encouraging these bruised lives. God bless you, and we thank you for your much appreciated partnership. We are honored to work hand in hand with you!


The Lord provided half a ton of delicious vanilla ice-cream in perfect timing for celebrating Mandela Day. The ice-cream was distributed in Sir Lowry’s Pass, Chris Nissen Park, and Temperance Town to Soup kitchens, Soup Houses (for kids), ECDs, & individual families, and most, if not all, served in celebration of Mandela Day!

Donated was also a large box of delicious ginger cookies that were served with the ice-cream!

We also want to THANK the Lion’s club who generously donated 10 beautiful jerseys specifically designated for some of the most needy children. The jerseys were all distributed on Mandela Day in Sir Lowry’s  Pass village. (Two of the children are not present in this photo).


Earlier on  during the month we sent out a special appeal for the ECD center “Twinkle Little Star” in Chris  Nissen Park.  We are happy to report that the roof has been fixed as roof sheets were replaced.

A gutter box was put up inside to prevent leaking during rainy days!

 Many of the wooden trusses had to be replaced first and thankfully we had a team of volunteers helping out.

Thanks to your support and partnership we were also able to put up brand new fencing all the way around the ECD center. As you may remember from our appeal the old one was trampled and most of the poles were gone.

We were impressed by the eagerness and prompt action of the volunteers  who immediately went to work and didn’t expect anything in return. Not having to pay wages all the way around made it possible for us to do more.

We brought the principle of the ECD with us for her to be able to personally choose the floor vinyl!

The floor of the children’s bathroom was very  uneven making it easy for the children to trip. It has now been cemented and evened out.


Here we are buying some needed supplies in order to help a family living in Zola with a young son stay dry indoors.

Below is the repaired roof! All the bricks are purposefully left there to prevent the roof from lifting during stormy weather. All the work was done by the father of the family himself. Sad to say it is not uncommon for people to live under such dire conditions. But together we can help!

This family also had a big gap in the wall (see above), water came in from under the walls, and the roof was leaking as well. The inside floor was cemented as well as the base of the outside wall to prevent water coming in from under the walls. The wall itself was repaired with a roof sheet, and so was the roof. Our hopes and prayers are that they will stay dry from now on.


Notice the tree stump in  the ground in the middle of where the floor of the room was. It has now been removed to prepare for cementing.

We were asked to help repair the roof of a shack, as one room was so leaky it was unlivable and would short the electricity when it rained. It was so bad that  we decided to rather tear down the old and put up a new framework, etc. New trusses and roof sheets were put up, a new window, as well as walls. This is the new room this far. The project is ongoing.

The shopping above was made for food parcels to be distributed to individual families in Sir Lowry’s Pass!

We had a special plea for help, from a family outside of Sir Lowry's Pass with 5 boys, struggling to put food on the table. Here we are shopping a nice supply of some of the basics to help ensure no one will go hungry at least for awhile!

Food for one of the many Soup Houses (geared mainly for the children) in Sir Lowry’s Pass!


Shopping some fresh produce for the soup kitchen in Lwandle. There are hundred of people depending on this kitchen—still— and for the foreseeable future until the lock-down is over--at least!


The Sir Lowry’s Pass  soup kitchen is assisted twice weekly by Wordsworth.


A BIG shout out to Lion’s Club Gordon’s Bay who has been assisting us weekly (sometimes twice weekly or more) with delicious pizza bases and pre-sliced bread, bringing much joy and relief to many needy families and children! There has been such an abundance of this fresh bread that several soup kitchens and soup houses have benefited as well on a regular basis.

Joyce’s soup kitchen, Sir Lowry’s Pass!

Chris Nissen Park soup kitchen!

Eileen’s soup kitchen (primarily for the children) Riemvasmaak.

All the milk was distributed to the children’s soup houses and individual families.


The soup houses for the children in Sir Lowry’s Pass are a big blessing in helping to ensure that the little ones do not go to bed hungry. We  are assisting as many of them as we can to the best of our ability. The pre-sliced bread and the pizza bases have been/are a tremendous boost and help in filling  the empty tummies. We are so very grateful to Lion’s Club for their generosity and for including Force4Good as their distributors. We are sharing this blessing with Sir Lowry’s Pass, Chris Nissen Park and Lwandle.


With the prospect of the ECD centers possibly reopening soon many preparations are being done. One of the big needs for Emily’s Play school and her family was a nice big laundry  machine to help handle all the needed washing. We are so very thankful to have been able to assist with that as well.

We also bought a brand new bunk bed with mattresses and donated three blankets to this family, as we heard the elderly mother of the family was sleeping on the floor, and that they were cold at night as there was a shortage of blankets. We are so thankful to you, our supporters, making all this possible! (This is the same family whose shack is presently under repair),

· Amen! Greater is He that is in you ,than he that is in the world, so l resist the devil, he will flee from me!
· Amen this is powerful !! Thank you for inspiring me with such wonderful messages! Be blessed!
· What a powerful revelation to serve God in humbleness and to be able to hear and know the truth that sets us free. Then faith that comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God..... Awesome truth.
· Thank you Jesus. What a word in this season. I liked the compassion part where he got over it and believed God... Love it.. I was like that looking for sympathy and empathy.  Praise the Lord for getting over it... Love the part that l can prevent my heart from being troubled also.. And how God gives us supernatural power to overcome...The last part is so powerful.. Following God's plan for your life... Results in getting  resistance and helps us to keep our heart from being troubled.. God is with us and helps us when we focus on Him... Call on Him and lean not on our own understanding..
· Good morning everyone, we are so thankful that the Holy Spirit lives in us, amen, so we are more than a conquer, Hallelujah!
· I believe. I was just think this morning that we are so blessed to be in a Christ land part of  Gracelife where people pray for us, and I will never stop believing things are going to get better in this world.
· Wow powerful word! He  who does not love does not know God, for God is love. He gave us his only begotten son into the world. Beloved if God so loved us , we also ought to love one another. True. Amen. Help me Lord to love.
· Amen, there is no way you can claim to love God, yet you hate your neighbor. Show  love to those around you first. Good morning.
· Awesome teaching and l love the part of forgiving someone if he/she has repented we should forgive them. It is the most powerful weapon of all in ending strife  and restoring relationships. Thanking God for such a great teaching .
· Very educative, in most cases we become victims of standards set by other people instead of creating our own goals. Furthermore, there is nothing which keeps a marriage stronger than forgiveness. If you forgive one another you always find yourself in a stronger position than before. Good morning.
· Wow, these words makes me cry this morning. Its like God knew that you have to sent this reading to me. Thank you so very much. God bless you always.
· Thank you for the good messages that take me through the week, it's so blessed.
· Wow what a wonderful word, in everything God will make a way, He well rise you up. Thank you so much.
· Wow, what a amazing story. I read this and it looks that I see myself in this story, especially the decision part. Wow, God bless!
· Wow again, powerful message. May I share it please?
· Morning, I would love to rule my own destiny, and of course with the grace of God alongside. As 4 seeking advice of those ahead, it's the best because there are so many ways God communicates with you. These people will be your light from God.
· Amen! Good morning obviously Iwould not want to be one person sitting on other people's destiny. So will also forward this message to my friends and relatives.
· Good topic today, and I would like to ask if you have more on anger management cause most of the kids at work got an anger problem and outburst. If you have any thing for me on teachings for them, feel free to send it through.
· For sure anger needs to be dealt with, if you let it go unchecked, even for a second, it will make you do something you will regret for the rest of your life.

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