Amazing August 2020 Acount!

Dear Ones,           

                  We welcome you to OUR amazing account for the month of August. We are sure we speak for everyone when we express our joy and relief as the lock-down restrictions are slowly but surely being lifted, and many are returning to work. We still have a ways to go before people will be back on their feet, but through it all the Lord has shown His love and faithfulness as well as readiness to care for His own (1 Timothy 5:8). Towards the end of the month, when all other means (such as government assistance in various forms, etc.) has been depleted, we step in to help with food parcels for the the most needy. John 10:10 promises abundant life to those that receive Him and abide in Him, -- it is not His will that any should suffer.  And through our united efforts many are being helped! Thank you!



A BIG THANK YOU to Lion’s Club Gordon’s Bay for assisting us regularly with lots of sliced bread, pizza bases and from time to time rotis and croutons...all greatly appreciated and enjoyed by many!

On behalf of the Soup Houses (which as mentioned are mainly geared for the children, although not only), we also want to applaud all the ladies that work tirelessly to care for the children. Here one of the weekly donations of sliced bread, pizza bases, croutons, and rotis is being delivered. All greatly enjoyed and appreciated.

We did a big shopping to help Mila’s Soup House (one of the few still in full operation-- others are now cooking about twice weekly). Below, the children are being blessed with delicious Christmas cake, and yummy ginger cookies. They greatly appreciate these occasional treats.



Here electrical supplies, and roofing materials (cloth and paint), are being delivered. This ECD center (although in operation for years) has never had electricity. This is hardly a luxury and we are thankful to be able to assist!

 The photo above shows the children’s bathroom the way we first found it. Now stalls and curtains have been put up, as well as light. And please note the signs indicating boys/girls! Very cute :)! 

 And they were blessed with a nice gas stove, their only means of cooking. Also a first ever!


There are three equal sized pots to the one seen here that must be filled on a daily basis. By the help of all of  you, we are able to make regular contributions towards this. 

Bread and pizza bases, fresh produce, rice, samp, beans, soya, etc were brought this month. A BIG thank you to all our faithful sponsors who help make it possible.


In the photo above the supplies are being brought for cementing the floor, as seen below.

Here Philip is busy  checking what will be needed to put some inside walls up as well. The plan is to eventually bring in electricity and provide the needed lighting. The door seen here was put in this month!


We THANK Woolworth who has been supporting Joyce’s Soup Kitchen in Sir Lowry’s Pass for years. We receive a contribution twice weekly. THANK YOU!




· Every word spoken in this passage blesses us and really teaches us how to steward our finances.. It is profitable for me. And especially to honor God and apply practical principles.. Both spiritual and practical together.. Exiting, but needs to put in practice.

· Yes Amen l do like this part. God wants us to prosper more than we do. If we will  honor God with our finances and apply practical principles, He will take better care of us accidentally, then you ever could on purpose. True if you honor Him He will take care of us. Strong Word!

· Morning, saints, May God keep us humble, not to go with the stream, but to go against the stream..

· Amen and amen!! Wow what a revelation!! True, we choose what we want, whether to be happy or sad, but as for me I will rejoice in the Lord.

· We need to deal with what's on the inside.

· Such an awesome truth. We can never truly satisfy self. When we die to self  and place God and others ahead of self we find happiness.

· Yes, Amen you can't harvest if you didn't put a seed in the ground. Just as a seed has to  remain in the ground over time to germinate, so the  word of God has to abide in us.

· I so much agree and got such a revelation about the seed that needs to be planted in our heart. Then to wait for the growth cycle. I feel so relieved and assured that  the word of God shall come to pass in my life.

· I pray the Lord, let my heart be filled with good soil, so the word, be like a tree, who bears good fruit, the fruit of the Spirit.

· I love what it's saying... It does not necessarily have anything to do with the size of the seed.. That says a lot. Plant what you have. SPEAK IT!.. AWSOME!

· True! Amen, you plant faith by speaking words that  are based on  the authority of God 's word. The seed cannot be planted in your heart unless you speak  words. Yes speak it out, if you speak them they abide in to our heart! Wow!

· Amen and amen!! Wow this s powerful!! Faith is the tool we must use to possess the promised land!!

· It is very good to know my words work for me, faithful words. Thank you Jesus for that word!

· Wow this s powerful, and also, I have heard people saying, 'God is tempting Me', how ignorant!! That's a deep revelation!

· Sure its all about faith and believing. Faith makes us move mountains.

· I Like the subject...What You Allow, God Will Allow. God Loves us so much. He gives US the Holy Spirit to guide us every day. Awesome word!

· Wow, what a word! Sometimes we get out of God's way, and we say, 'God did this'. Wow, no God is good always!  The word says, 'Now the just shall live by faith', yes if we put our faith first we shall live!  Amen!

· This word had me meditating on it.

· Thank you for the word of God, it make me strong.

· I thank God for these teachings that are powerful and educating!

· True! If you follow the devil, fear becomes your daily bread, but if you are in the ways and doings of Jesus, faith overcomes fear.

· This s a deep revelation. So powerful and strengthening.

· This is powerful, wow! Thank you for blessing me with these devotions. I'm starting my day with some revelations now a days!