Dear partners, friends, family and supporters,

    We trust you are all well, and rejoicing with us as restrictions slowly, but surely lessen more and more. We are especially happy to hear that the Western Cape is truly recovering having less and less Covid 19 cases, from what we heard only 5 last weekend. And the Lord has blessed tremendously as the dams are practically speaking full to the brim. A lot to be thankful for, plus so much more. We rejoice in the goodness of the Lord! 

    We were very excited this month to, after the long lock-down, be able to reopen Gracelife church in Sir Lowry’s Pass. We celebrated that along with the one year anniversary of the church plant, the ordination of our new campus Pastor, Emily, a local who has a real call on her life and an outgoing love and concern for other. We are so proud of her and happy to know that a lasting work will carry on long after we are gone (..although we are present don’t plan to go anywhere! Haha. There is still much for us to do, and not only in Sir Lowry’s Pass! 
    Emily being ordained into the ministry as campus pastor by a couple of elders, Pieter and        Christiaan.


    There was much to celebrate, and although refreshments were not yet allowed, the place        was made very festive with many balloons and dancing during the time of worship!


Emily ministering the Word. Her joyful disposition is always very contagious! A beautiful            woman of God. 
     Rita, welcoming everyone and sharing some interesting Word on praise and the importance      of it. 
      After the main teaching we now form smaller groups and have a more personal intimate         time of sharing and drawing out lessons together. Beautiful testimonies are being shared         and individuals prayed for.



The housing project in Sir Lowry's Pass was continued. Inside walls were put up and                 electricity installed! 

Thank you partners! With the Lord’s help, we were able to also provide this single mother         and her family with a brand new twin-tub laundry machine. She was elated saying, ‘This is      better than Christmas!’ 
     The electricity had not been fully installed in Chris Nissan Park as they needed an                     additional 50 m electrical wire, along with a few other supplies. But we are happy to report      that the job is now completed!
      We were able to assist in a collection for the fire ravaged area of Hout Bay with 10 brand          new blankets, along with several bags of donated clothing.


    A BIG THANK YOU to Helping Hand for assisting us with a bakkie full of freshly harvested      chard.
A BIG THANK YOU to Lion’s Club Gordon’s Bay for a generous amount of mayo-chicken         and mayo-egg.


This spread was greatly enjoyed by many along with the sliced bread (see the next page)         so generously donated by Gordon’s Bay Lion’s Club. We have already received requests         for more...Hahaha!


Again a BIG THANK YOU to Gordon’s Bay Lion’s Club for their generous supply of sliced         bread and pizza bases which is distributed to Soup House, Kitchens and individual families     all around! Thank you!!


     Above: Delivering to one of the Soup Houses. Below: Delivering to Joyce’s Soup Kitchen          Sir Lowry’s Pass!



    As seen here Emily is also instrumental in reaching some of the most needy of the                   community. Many parents are still not working and are therefore still finding it difficult to             provide for their families.



   100 liters of milk were distributed as well. Here are a few photos of the milk delivery in               various places. 


        Sadly there is still a big need for the Soup Houses in Sir Lowry’s Pass. Although the need         has lessened it might never be totally eliminated. Meanwhile, with your help, dear                    partners, we are making a difference.


   We are so thankful to Woolworth's for faithfully supporting the main soup kitchen in Sir       Lowry's Pass.


Since the lock-down we have a beautiful group of believers that we are now ministering to, many of them new to the faith. Most of these people live outside Sir Lowry’s Pass and we are praying for an open door to start Bible studies in person and to raise up leaders among them. For you to join us in prayer for this (specifically a place and time most suitable for all) will be much appreciated. We are looking forward to and trusting the Lord for a break-through in this area. Thank you! :)


· It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.

· Yes! Amen we will have whatsoever we ask in His name, but only if we believe and have faith  and say what the word says.

· Wow. "Operate at your own level." This s powerful! Thank you very much for this insight! Glory be to God! Faith that moves mountains!

· Glory be to God! The power of confession, we ought to confess positive ALL the time! Very true many people dilute their confession because of their negative words! Thank you very much and be blessed, such powerful teachings.

· As always a most powerful teaching. I pass it on to others.

· We cannot change our actions without changing our thinking.

· Correctly said. What comes out of the mouth is of paramount importance, because it either will be doing good or bad for you.

· Morning, wow, what a word, something to think of.

· For sure we need to change and accept Christ, and not change the situation.

· Thank you so much for all the teachings. We always read them at night with my kids.

· Thank you very much for the lesson. It is like you could see I struggled to sleep the last couple of days.

· Yes. Amen l will train myself to live the higher level living, though the word of the Lord will built me up.

· Amen...I strongly believe as the Word becomes a part of our lives it sets us free from fear and anxiety, and builds us up in bold Bible living. Awesome, thank you. I gladly receive the Word this morning.

· Thank you for this wonderful word. It is so good to know of the goodness of the Lord.

· Wowww!! AMEN! Thank you and Shalom! Yes l know who l am ,l am more than a conqueror  l was

· Yes, I know who I am. I am more than a conqueror. I was not born to be defeated, I am the branch of a living Vine, wow!

· Amen, very nice testimony, God is faithful to supply everything we need.

· Amen and amen!! Glory be to God!! The power of Confession! Yes! My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in Glory.

· This so powerful and true. We will not accept defeat. We are more than conquers through Christ who strengthens us.

· I walk in victory, I know who I am, we stick together in Jesus name, thanks, awesome!

· So blessed by the Word and explanation of Psalm 23. The Word really builds and refreshes us.

· The story of just ‘thank you’ is a great one. Many times it is difficult for someone, after being helped, even by man, to say, ‘Thank you!’ Good morning, thank you!