Notable News November 2021!


Dear Ones,         

We want to thank you for partnering with our ministry. As a team, we do it better, and it never ceases to amaze us what can get accomplished when we all work together for the good of others. Thank you so much for your selflessness, and steadfastness even when times get tough. Thank you!
Christmas is here! In a united effort with the Lion’s Club Gordon’s Bay (who sponsored gifts, and sweets) we had a Christmas celebration for the little ones at Tom’s Little Angels. This was only the second time they received gifts at Christmas (the first time was some years back when we were able to help them receive the famous shoe boxes from ‘Santa’s Shoeboxes). We sang and danced and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We told them the story of ‘Baby Jesus’ and showed them pictures from a younger children’s picture Bible. In the end, all the adults at the daycare signed up for our daily devotionals and have already let us know they appreciate receiving the Word like this on a daily basis.


Delicious hot dogs were served which the children thoroughly enjoyed! As well as juice!

And beautifully decorated and delicious cupcakes!

And the gift bags were all homemade with lots of love. As mentioned this was the second time only that they received gifts for Christmas. They are real ‘African’ little ones and practiced the art of carrying the bags on their heads. It seemed to just come naturally that that is what you do! :)


We are very happy to report that shortly after our Christmas Appeal went out we were contacted by some friends who bought a brand new freezer for the Bright Stars Soup Kitchen project. And it will be a blessing all around.

As you might remember we are aiming at 100 vouchers at R 250 each. This far we have 20! :)
Here is a brief update on where we are at this far in regards to the Christmas appeal. The things still needed are:
· A 40-liter cooking pot for the ‘Angels Kitchen’ in Sir Lowry’s Pass.
· 80 more food vouchers (if we are to hit our target and be able to make a real difference for those depending on kitchens that will be closing during the holidays. We will not be able to help all, but at least some.
· Sausages, ice-cream, lollipops and other sweets for the big children’s event for approximately 150 children (We were initially told 200, but they do not expect quite that many after all) which we mentioned in the appeal. The other needs mentioned will be provided by other donors.
· When writing the appeal we had forgotten to mention that the kitchen ‘Bright Stars’ in Nomzamo also had requested a 50-liter cooking pot. We are happy to say that the Lions Club in Gordon’s Bay has offered to sponsor that for them.
· NOTE: Just as we were writing this, new requests came in as we were told no one else had stepped forward to assist: Goodie bags, (etc.) for 60 children at Emily’s Play school, and chips and juice for 30 children at Mila’s Angels, as well as chips and juice for 150 children that receive food on a daily basis from Mila’s Angels Soup Kitchen.


We received a very generous donation of over fifty beautiful hardcover Bibles.  We aim to give these little by little over time as we find people that we trust will use them and who do not already have Bibles. We brought a box full to our church in Sir Lowry’s Pass to have on hand there. Some were handed our there already to some ladies that attend our church regularly and did not have Bibles. Others were handed out to some of our Bible students in Nomzamo that we meet with every Monday morning from 7-7:30 am. Many (if not most) of the people we have ministered to on the streets of Nomzamo do not have Bibles, and so, as we get to know them better, etc., we look forward to being able to present them with their very own Bible.


42 homes in Nomzamo burned to the ground. The Lions Club was approached to assist the victims. Via Checkers/Shoprite we received a donation of 3 bales of blankets—approx. 70 blankets. Philip and I helped collect the blankets from Cape Town. Later it was arranged for a pastor and his team to manage the distribution in order to ensure the blankets went to the fire victims. As seen below someone also donated hygiene products etc. which were distributed along with the blankets. Please keep these poor families in your prayers that they can be provided with new housing, etc. soonest possible. Thank you!


Another big donation received (again via Lions) were 230 kg of Instant Millie Meal. Philip and I collected it and distributed it all among our projects (ECD Centers, and a Soup House that serves breakfast) in Sir Lowry’s Pass and Nomzamo. It was reported back that the children loved it and were eager for seconds. The teachers also expressed their appreciation as it is instant and easy and quick to prepare. Again we are so thankful for the miraculous supply. Below: Some of the children in one of the poorest daycare centers enjoying a healthy filling breakfast



Seen here are Joyce and Cathleen with this month’s shopping for the project we run there for the HIV/AIDS Victims. Thank you everyone for helping to make our support possible.

This month we not only received lots of bread and pizza bases, but also lots of ready-made meals. The meals were all brought to Joyce’s kitchen where they cater for families (as opposed to just individual meals) .

 Besides that, the Woolies donation is also much appreciated. Joyce has now been given regular donations as well from a new Woolworths recently opened in Strand. We are so thankful to see how the Lord, as the need increases, miraculously increase the supply as well. The Lord treasures people above all else. Praise the Lord!


This month we again received Weet-Bix which was distributed among various Daycare centers.

Some of the happy recipients at  Sunshine Kids in Sir Lowry’s Pass.

And the Lord provided milk as well (100 liters) which was likewise distributed,

We are the main supporters of the ‘Bright Stars’ kitchen. Seen here is this month’s bulk shopping.

It was ‘all hands on deck as we delivered a full load of bread and pizza bases to ‘Bright Stars’ kitchen in Nomzamo.

 We also thank our friends from ‘Helping Hand’ for assisting us with some fresh veggies and bread….and we brought fresh full-cream milk as well!

Approximately 300 people depend on this kitchen to provide them with a hot meal daily. The kitchen will be closed for about 3 weeks as most of the staff is from the Eastern Cape and look forward to visit there during the holidays.

The weekly bread and pizza donations are being greatly appreciated by numerous people who depend on the loving-kindness of others.


We also thank those of you who have helped with shoes, and clothing, etc. Here is Ingrid, whose house burned down just a few months back, with two brand new quilts and matching pillowcases, etc. And again below, some very nice shoes and clothing were delivered.

Here is Charles, with his brand new glasses (and sight restored). He is the fourth person to receive a pair of glasses completely free of charge thanks to  Lions and Bright Sight! How can one possibly express proper thanks for the gift of sight?

We again thank Helping Hand for their assistance with the supplies seen here.

Here is one of our weekly bread/pizza bases delivery to the Angels’ Kitchen in Sir Lowry’s Pass!

Angels’ Kitchen feeds a hot meal daily to approximately 60-70 children, and approximately 20 stop by in the morning for porridge before going to school.

This is a newly started kitchen in Sir Lowry’s Pass. They do not yet have a name. This is a sad indicator that the need has not lessened. Let’s all be praying for a breakthrough so that people can start generating income and get back on their feet again.

The bread and pizza bases are feeding countless people. We are so thankful to see it donated to the neediest.



We are thankful to be actively involved in our church as elders both in the kids’ ministry and otherwise.

 The church was beautifully decorated for Thanksgiving! Here we are praying for those that had their birthdays during the week that passed!

Here the children had a lesson on the free gift of salvation. They were offered the gift, but had to accomplish an impossible task to get it. The solution was that the gift was brought to them—unearned and undeserved! FREE!

All the children that have been regularly attending Kids’ Church were treated to a special trip to Spur in Somerset Mall. A fantastic time was had by all. Most of them fell asleep in the bus on the way home! :)

Above: Philip teaching our Life Group Monday morning. Below: Rita praying for everyone including the children.

Our Life-Group in Sir Lowry’s Pass.

At the beginning of this month I, Rita, graduated from the second year of Charis Bible college. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to our dear friend C. who helped sponsor my tuition fee, and to my precious husband who made a lot of sacrifices to make it possible for me to put in the needed time and effort. It was an experience I will never forget, and I am forever changed. My relationship with the Lord has gotten so much deeper and richer now that I have been helped to understand Him and His ways on a deeper level. If you are considering undertaking this study I can highly recommend it. The second year also included a 10 days mission trip. There were different choices of where to go. I went to Knysna and still have friends from there that I am ministering to. I am blessed to be His! 

In closing, we again want to praise and thank the Lord, and all of you who have invested in our lives, invested in our ministry, etc. On our own, we could never have even been able to do all that we as a team are accomplishing. THANK YOU! We are keeping you in our prayers and trusting the Lord to continue to keep, bless, provide and guide.

With love and prayers,

Philip and Rita



      And if you are new to our work and would like to partner with us on a monthly basis we invite you to please contact us for further details. We look forward to hearing from you.
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